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  1. This is great,you put quite a bit of thought into this.I had a question does that mean the doctor also has access to revert NWZ and would we be able to manufacture this?
  2. Rank:JR Clearance: 1 Personnel : maxorite2000(JR),Doctor Carter(Doctor/Med Staff) D-Class #: 0 SCPs : 999 , 912(preferably injured) 2 Questions: 1.Can 999 be used as an anesthetic for SCP during potential operations 2.How does 912 "Heal/Repair" himself? Hypothesis: 999 has a calming affect on SCP,so believe this affect can be utilized for SCPs,specifically 912 to peek more into how 912's "body"I believe 912 can swap-out damaged parts with new pieces in the armory. Background Researcher: N/A Observation: 912 Analysis: I gave 912 Pen and paper to hear from him personally, he does not fully understand his healing ability either. "I just wake up the next Day,and everything is fixed, The medics also heal me like normal Personnel" 912 wrote. I theorized that his body transforms the treatments given into the materials needed for his armor and rapidly too if he is fully healed when he rests and wakes up(May require surveillance during rest).X-Ray scans picked up no anomalous activity after applying medicine to the wounded 912.When asked to attempt to swap his damaged glove/hand for fixed replicas(he preferred attempting the removal himself) He could not ,due to "Feeling he was dislocating his hand from it's socket" so he feels his body is akin to a human's. 999 Analysis:When 912 was asked to put his hand on 999 and the other on a hot plate, Despite feeling calm he could not keep his hand on the hot-plate,debunking my 1st question as a potent anesthetic. Do results line with hypothesis: 1.No it can only calm the SCPs,he can't be used as an effective Pain-Killer,Med staff can only use him as a therapy pet/secondary medic at this moment 2.Yes 912 Regenerates with rest and benefits from medicine like humans. Process of regeneration is still unknown. Extra notes: *** To improve tests with intelligent SCPS give them a medium to communicate,makes them more cooperative due to feeling they have more choice and tend to give more insight of their being.
  3. Rank:Junior Researcher Clearance Level: 1 Personnel: Maxorite,Security Officer # of D-Class:3 SCP: 1048 Safety Hazards: ---1048 may screech,Spacious room/fast exits advised/ ---D-Class may pressure him to release them form their locks so an SO and Personal weapon is highly advised Question:Is 1048 susceptible to peer pressure? Background research:1048 tends to be friendly to foundation,D-Class,and SCP alike,so he believes in bonds and social behavior despite limited ability to communicate,I wanted to examine if these same traits can be influenced like pressure from your fellows promoting.Results could lead to giving 1048 an ear-piece to activate his screaming on demand being a viable idea. Observation:This test lasted some time(~5 minutes) and peer pressure was deemed ineffective.Whoever 1048 screamed when the D-Class Disliked the shows that it watched.Whilst hearing the conversation it did seem that 1048 became more sensitive as the conversation progressed(the topics within the conversation tended to be around shows,many of which 1048 has not watched.) Analysis/Conclusion:Social Isolation only scares 1048,it doesn't convince it to change but "run away" in groups it does not belong. Does hypothesis match conclusion?:Absolutely Debunked,1048 responds to scary social situations as others previously tested,screaming its' troubles away
  4. Name:Maxorite Rank:Recruit(RCT) Call Sign:N/A Steam name:Maxorite2000 Discord ID Name:Maxorite#9084
  5. Rank:Junior Researcher Clearance Level: 1 List of Personnel:Maxorite2000 # of D-Class involved: 3( can be done with zero,at least 1 must be used to analyze behavior) SCP : 912 Errors/Safety Hazards:1.(RP specific)I will only use badges of foundation staff that are not at work at the moment and perhaps 912 can only detect active members accurately. 2.(dependent on rolls) Question: How accurate is 912 able to differentiate Real foundation ID from Fake?(This test will involve 10 attempts). Background Research:On rare occasions,D-class have attempted to exit D-block by Fabricating ID and badges under the guise of being "Undercover" in an attempt to exit the facility.SCP-912 has only been allowed to arrest or Subdue what he deems as "Criminals". This test will see if 912 could be used as a quasi ID scanner by testing his accuracy in deciding whether the badges i tell the D-Class are genuine. Hypothesis: Due to the nature of 912 only arresting and subduing non-foundation personnel,I believe he will only have below average(<40%),due to not participating in the more "Mentally Invested" activities of the foundation such as verifying ID. Observation:912 had no trouble discerning between the deep fakes(rolls of 70 and above, even a 90),but had average success seeing real badges,and very-below average accuracy with crude fakes(25 and below),getting visually aggravated when he guessed those incorrect. Analysis/Conclusion:His overall success was 60%, not terribly accurate but can easily label well-made forgeries,even if the crude ones get past him. Does Hypothesis align with conclusion?:No,I underestimated 912's overall ability,however he is generally better finding flaws in deep fakes than the average SO.This also brings a major warning,make sure SO's check the crude IDs as 912 sees them as real most of the time.
  6. Lore Name: Maxorite Rank:JR List of Personnel: Maxorite, SO escort Level D personnel involved:D-1343,Johnie Ronnie SCP: 173 Safety Hazard:Euclid Class,requires full eye contact when handling SCP of 3 or more individuals Question: Does 173 Have a pulse and if it does,does it change after it "moves"? Hypothesis:Despite the SCP appearing to be a statue it can move and think,so we must check for a pulse for a sign of organs/circulation system or potential point of exertion upon "moving". Observation: The D-class were handed stethoscopes to check for a pulse in 173,at first a faint noise was detected but after leaving 173 with the D-class for 30 seconds in the CC, checking 173's pulse resulted in a Crunching noise heard within the statue's body. Analysis/Conclusion:Despite there being no pulse within 173,we learned that it creates crunching noise when it begins to eye its' potential prey. Does Conclusion align with hypothesis?:No,my hypothesis was proven false, but we did learn of some inner workings within 173 prepares when it readies to attack.