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  1. Hi. SM Tristan 1C27 here. Today i'll be talking about some pet peeves of mine. 1. Please talk clearly on the radio. No one can hear you if we can hear your CPU fans, your TV in the background, a baby crying and such. Please move to a quiet place or close your door. 2. Don't tell your life story over the radio. An example is if an officer doing a PT for you is asking what the criminal did, instead of saying "Oh so I was patroling and then the guy came up to my car etc etc", just say "Take him in for assault of an officer". The officer doing the prisoner transport only needs to know what crime he committed, not how he did it. 3. Give accurate descriptions of vehicles. Saying "He drove off in a pink car" isn't helpful. You can instead say: "He drove off on outskirts, heading towards state base from whitehouse in a pink sedan" You don't need to know every car in the game, just know what an SVU, Sedan, Sports car, etc are. It'll be a lot more helpful. Also tell us where the car was last seen. "He drove off in a pink car" isn't helpful, as we don't know where in the city it is. 4. Take arguments to PM or team chat. 5. Don't call radio check every 5 minutes. 6. Don't talk over people on radio. We can't hear both of you on radio. Unless you're being viciously murdered don't talk over people. If there's a bank robbery or gen store robbery, say "break break, bank robbery in progress". Please don't spam radio with "10-4" or "10-2" aswell. 7. "SHOTS FIRED HELP" isn't helpful. Instead say "Shots fired at police @ outskirts yellow warehouse, 2 suspects" Tell us your location. Tell us what's happening. Tell us what we should expect. And hit your panic Thank you for reading.
  2. +1 SM Tristan 1C27 here. I'm not a man of words, but here's a story with extro. Extro helped out on minge patrol one night with me and this one thing stuck out So these guys were being assholes. Minging around, cop baiting, all of that. What did extro do? Start mowing them down? Sent a 1 hour recording to the super admins?. No. Extro invited them to a discussion and respectfully told them to stop. It was a 5 min convo. He maintained a soft tone and never heated up. Very professional. LT Material here.
  3. Howdy, I'm Tristan and here's my introduction So I used to be an active player months ago, I was very immature at the time. Then, something ticked inside me and said "You need to man up, being immature and disrespectful is getting you nowhere and is only hurting you". I then semi-quit police RP for a few months (Only getting on maybe once a week?) then came back around 1 week ago. Those days of disrespectful immaturity are behind me. Now i'm back on Police RP. I'm going to try to make amends with everyone I was a dick too and strive to be a nice player and officer with a good reputation on the server. My last warn was in November of 2018. And today I got promoted to Seargent Major in PD, It seems like i'm on the right path. Maybe even LT soon? Anyway. Thank you for reading. I will not be giving out my old username because I want those days behind me. SM Tristan 1C27 Going out.