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  1. Steam Name: Maral Ingame Name: Maral SteamID:STEAM_0:0:161868119 Ban Length: Perma Banned Blacklisted Admin that Banned you: Fame / Rhenic Reason for Ban: Blacklisted Dispute: Before i get into my side i just want to address the fact that yes i am on an Alt Fourms account my main is banned and i understand that this is ban evading but all im asking if you at least give me a chance to state my side. Ok Now let my start for the the beginning so i used to be good friends with smoke but every since he got banned he did change and i have unfriend him on discord and left his discord. but about 3 days after smoke got banned i decided to apply for king this had nothing to do with smoke but at this time this is when he first got banned and was minging on alt accounts i promise i had nothing to do with him minging on alts and harassing gaminglight and i have never been on the server on an alt account and dont plan on it. but anyways i dont remember the discord messages word for word so if anyone has screenshots or saved them or if i miss again if they can post it in the comments. but i typed " Apply in the king discord to re apply. fame then said something along the lines of "maral are you still friends with smoke. and at the time i kinda was i played fortnite with him the day before i understand being friends with someone like smoke making me look bad and i wish i realize that before it was too late but i then reply with " yes i play fortnite with smoke and have his snapchat. fame then says " if your friends with smoke then you cant be in king. and me being dumb and showing no care i respond with ok which i do understand is rude and disrespectful and looking back on it i wish i would have showed more care because i really do care about the server and regret saying that fame then says " you being friends with smoke is disrespectful to smt( im not sure if that the exact words he used so sorry if i twisted your words) but the way i responds was not right and i should have showed alot more respect to fame so i am really sorry for that. i then reply with "look man im high right now and trying to enjoy it im not in the mood to fight." and yes i did smoke some weed at the time which i shouldnt have been on a gaminglight platform on any drug but that is no excuse for what i said and the way i acted i want to say sorry to the whole smt team and fame you guys have been nothing but fair to me and i didnt show and care or respect back. im not sure if i was banned for anything else but im pretty sure that was the reason i cant go back and time and change what i said but i do hope for a chance to hop back on the server one day but i do understand my actions have punishments so if i have to wait a bit to get unbanned i will i just hope for the chance to hop back on the teamspeak and chill with all the friends i made on the server. But thanks for taking the time to read my ban appeal -Maral