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  1. +Support as CT Commander Kells I agree with sprite and this should be added.
  2. Accepted! Speak to BXO+ for OCT
  3. Name:Ralex Rank:MAJ How active are you: Weekends (LOA Today) If you are on LOA or inactive. Why: Birthday LOA Do you want to stay in Shock : Duh thats why I havnt left
  4. +/- Support + Good troopers + Active + Would be a good gm - Little effort on why he wants and should be trusted to be a GM - Does not know much lore +/- Would need training with ULX - Senior Gamemaster Ralex
  5. What Is Your Name In Game: Red. What Is Your Rank In Game: SSGT. (Got permission From CT Commander Kells) What Squad Are You In: AS. Why Do You Want This Rank?: So Then i can lead And Teach Fellow CT’s And Climb higher in the Rankings. Why Do You Deserve This Rank?: So then if anything bad happens i can be there with my Small Ct Squadron And Then I can Train CT’s if I am asked to or if i want to And to attempt to reach higher. How Many Strikes Do You Have?: 1 Do You Know All The Guidelines on the SOP And are willing to give PT When Needed: Yes Of Course To Get More Troops In The Base. Extra:N/A (Allowed by CT BCO Ralex/Kells)
  6. Huge - Support The commanders are the head of their battalion and should make decisions like such themselves and should not have it made for them
  7. Only reason I - Support is because I have Literally never seen you on unless you changed your name
  8. I apologize for the misunderstanding
  9. @Die.com Actually that used to be true now it is semi-serious rp since SMT changed the name (Without telling anyone)
  10. + Support Active Good Leader Ex Sassy Teen (Saesee Tiin) - CT Commander Kells / Shock R2L MAJ Ralex 1066
  11. Ralex

    Rudy / Kajra Gm App

    +/- Support + Good guy + Dedicated - Still kind of new so im about 50/50 on this.
  12. I hope to see you come back some day. GL won't be the same without you. I fear we are losing people more than we are getting them. But we'll always welcome you back if you should decide to return. - Ralex / CT Commander Kells
  13. Huge + Support It would be a lot more immersive however I suggest finding the addon before posting the suggestion / Since you already posted it then find it and edit your post