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  1. Ralex


    +/- Support It would be an amazing idea if it didn't lag the server as it did and cause constant crashes. Not to mention they are extremely hard to destroy if a minge takes it or a gm wants to put up a struggle in an event
  2. Major + Support!!! Staff handbook also says more than 1x above conduct is a permanent ban for racism
  3. You state you didn't know you were banned, is that implying lack of activity or general awareness? Also replying to your own application is an instant denial Above
  4. +Support, Personally I don't really like the colors on the store right now and that's really the only reason I haven't bought any. I also suggest different variations (Like maybe a curve scythe type instead of only straight and saw)
  5. unfortunately it was a year ago so I deleted the footage I had of it
  6. I also want to state that last year phoenix said that he didn't have a brother but his "brother" responded to this app, sounds like an alt
  7. - Support Failed to follow Format
  8. Ralex

    ban appeal

    guys hes already been unbanned
  9. did you even read it? he said he doesnt have experience
  10. Shock could use it to get into locked doors, engineers could use it to repair fortifications, and SF could use it to repair ships