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  1. If that is what is holding this up we can, but this all happened with us 3 together in the exact same sit with the same mods. We would pretty much be saying the same thing three times in three different threads. For instance we all got banned at 06/04/2019, 21:06:00 according to the ban list. I figured consolidating it into one incident would make it easier for everyone
  2. Hey guys, did I mess something up in formatting or leave something out? I'm only asking since we haven't really had any replies yet I've seen other newer threads getting replies. I understand that these things take time and I'm assuming this ones more complicated since its a whole family and from 4 months ago. I just want to make sure I didn't mess something up in the appeal; not trying to rush. And yes, this took place on June 4th, 2019. Thank you for reading.
  3. Steam Name: Lil Peep Ingame Name: Lil Peep Shackleford SteamID: STEAM_0:1:29734176 Ban Length: Permanent Admin that Banned you: Fame King Reason for Ban: "'Power Trip' / No Respect For SMT" Dispute: Mistakes were made, at the time we were a widely known and either loved or hated family. On the day of June 4th of this year my buddy and I who led the Shackleford family weren't in the greatest moods for some reason. However, we were in there grinding with printers as we always were. I always spawned every printer I was allowed to buy to make the most money (you can check my screenshots, shit got claustrophobic). On June 4th the mods decided to do a give away or something and without asking teleported the whole server to a location in the city. I had went to grab food after cooling off my printers and when I get back I'm in the city going shit wtf? I run back up to my house but not in time to catch the printers. Every single one blew up. I'm pretty sure its over 100k when you spawn them all. I was absolutely heated that this happened and I never got a say. So stupid me and some family members that had been inconvenienced started bitching in OOC. This is where it hit the fan. I think it was three mods that brought us to a sit while we were all still fuming; the mods started demanding that we disband the family. This hit personally since we were so known, words were exchanged and they banned us three. PapiFox and I both had no warns (I might have 1 I can't remember, I think it was only verbal), us and Cliff had never been banned. So we thought, well if its a few weeks it might be a good thing (we had been no-lifing). Nope.. Permanent. We held off so long because we agree we did deserve a ban, we were being assholes and we apologize. It would have been absolutely ridiculous if we even asked. But it would be nice to be able to play again now that we have done our time abd that it has been over four months. Since this was all 3 of us at once I'm going to add there info below, I'm assuming since this is one incident you would like it consolidated. Steam Name: I think this is a good name Ingame Name: Cliff Ordin Shackleford SteamID: STEAM_0:1:16426346 Ban Length: Perm Admin that Banned you: Snar King Reason for Ban: ""Salty Faggot" | "Fuck em" | "Refusing to disband family"" Dispute: As stated above, being an asshole, failing to disband family Steam Name: PapiFox Ingame Name: Fox Shackleford SteamID: STEAM_0:1:202871033 Ban Length: Perm Admin that Banned you: Fame King Reason for Ban: "NULL" Dispute: As above Thanks for reading, sorry for being pissed off assholes that day