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  1. 1. What is your IGN? (in game name) : 212th EML LTC Wooley 1111 2. Why do you want to be a BXO of this branch?: Sadly I am sad to say a old BXO retired from his position as one of the BXO's of 212th, and I thought that since I'm one of highest officer ranks in the 212th in the battalion I should try to become the next BXO so after some talking with Cody he agreed I should try. And I have seen that 212th troops are slowly getting inactive so I'm going to A) bring them back or B) try to get some CT's to join so that way 212th doesn't share the fate certain other battalions shared. Also I have noticed certain officer's of the 212th minge from time to time so I will try to fix that bad behavior of theirs's to try to make sure they don't make the officer's of 212th and the 212th in general look bad. 5. What is the Main Purpose of a BXO for a branch? : The main purpose of a BXO is to help out the commander and to keep the officer's and troops in line while the commander is away or possibly on a LOA. It is also the BXO's job to make sure the battalion doesn't die or look bad in front of the other battalion's. BXO's are meant to be organizers both on the battlefield with the men to make sure they all don't die and on a desk to make sure the Roaster and ranks are not in a big mess. BXO's are as much as a "parent" to the battalion as the commander is, and I say "parent" cause we basically make sure our "children" ( The troops and officer's) go on a minge rampage or anything of the sort and if a troop or officer need's to be kicked out from the battalion the BXO is gona have to do it if the commander is not on, course they will feel bad for it or not depends on the type of troop the kicked out trooper was but it's all in the job line. 7. Why should we trust you to be a BXO? : I think you all should trust me to be a BXO because I have been on the server for 6 months. I am a LTC in the 212th and a also the Elite Medic Lead of the 212th so I must take my job very seriously not just to make the 212th look good but to make the medic's of all the battalion's look good. And besides me being a 212th and EML I have also been a actor in a few event's and I took my role very seriously, sometimes I would be a crazy in a sim being very serious on my role, or I would be a CIS prisoner that the troops must capture so I must be very serious and cooperative there. Over the time I have been on the server I have done a few accomplishments for example I help Lin (now the commander of the 41st) around the ship and explained to her the importance of each battalion, I have also trained and teached (yes I teached people who wanted to be medic's from other battalion's) to be the best medic's they can be so someday they can be the EML of their own battalion. 8. How Often can you be online? : I am pretty active all week and I spend I say around 4-6 hour's on the server each week day. 10. Do you have any warnings? (what for?) : I have 1 when I was a CT PV2 I accidently climbed onto the HQ building when I didn't know that was illegal so I got arrested and warned for that.