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  1. Name (as it is on the roster): Brandon FTO Rank: FTO How Active Are You?: Moving activity to only WEEKENDS. Any Concerns?: N/A.
  2. Name: Brandon Rank: Junior Field Medic (Senior Medic) Branch (Medical, Technician, Janitorial): Medical Length (MM/DD/ - MM/DD): 06/30 - 07/08 Reason (If private that's fine): Private
  3. I was in a sit for having 1 way props in my base. I replied "that's gay" and got immediately warned for "server diss." If I can get warned for sharing my opinion, then others can too, no matter their status. +Support
  5. What you want to see? - Chess/checker boards in Research Bunks. Why should we add it? - Junior Researchers are required to stay in bunks during DEFCON 3. Because it is almost always DEFCON 3, they get bored sitting in bunks for extended periods of time. What are the advantages of having this? - It gives Researchers waiting in bunks during DEFCONS 3 & 2 something to do. Who is it mainly for? - Researchers Links to any content - We already have the addon on the server.
  6. Name: Dr. Brandon Rank: Junior Researcher Clearance Level: 2 List of Personnel involved in testing: | 1 Executive Researcher | 2 Junior Researchers | 1 Security Officer | Level D personnel involved: 3 SCP: 173 Errors and/or safety hazards: Failed thorough inspection & strip of all D-Class before testing. 2 D-Class were seen holding blunt weapons (One holding an aluminum baseball bat and the other a plumber's wrench), attacking SCP-173. Luckily, SCP-173 sustained minimal damage, with bits of concrete & chipped paint on the floor. Question: Would the viewing of SCP-173 using a third-party visual aid inhibit its ability to move? Background Research: Unbroken direct eyesight of SCP-173 results in its inability to move. However, once direct eyesight is broken, SCP-173's movements become rampant. It is recommended that at least 3 people should keep direct eye contact with SCP-173 in the event of contact. Hypothesis: If the D-Class looked through a camcorder and uses it to maintain eye contact with SCP-173, then SCP-173 should not move. Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): All 3 D-Class were instructed to hold a camcorder to their eye and to close the other. They were to view SCP-173 at all times for 5 minutes. After inserting the D-Class into 173's containment chamber, they began to encircle it wielding blunt weapons. They start to beat 173 for 5-10 seconds before stopping. "Locker-room talk" ensued for around a minute before they began to talk inappropriately to SCP-173. [Video & Audio Log of Experiment via Security Footage] (20:06:39) D-2397: Keep looking at it -- You're gonna get us killed. (20:06:43) D-1273: OHH [DATA EXPUNGED]! RUNNN! SCP-173 begins chasing D-2397 & D-1273 around the containment chamber, with D-3478 avoiding confrontation and maintaining eye contact. D-2397 & D-1273 continue to cry for help before getting their neck snapped by 173.* (20:07:01) D-3478: LET ME OUT! The containment doors are opened and D-3478 is removed from the test. [END Log] The remaining D-Class was given a Class-B amnestic and returned to D-Block via Security escort. Analysis and Conclusion: The camcorder acted as an extension of the human eye, with direct eye contact preventing SCP-173 's ability to rapidly move. The breaking of eye-contact with SCP-173, however, still resulted in it moving. We now understand that the use of visual aids can be used to disable SCP-173 ability to move, as long as the eye was focused on 173. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: Yes.
  7. +Support Finally I have something to do when I die to 3 wrenches a Diamond+ D-Class.
  8. Found one that's smaller but it's a bit on the red side.
  9. What you want to see? - A new sniper model for GenSec. Why should we add it? - I look like a trainee and people confuse snipers for trainees as soon as they are seen running out of bunks. What are the advantages of having this? - You don't look like a trainee. Who is it mainly for? - GenSec snipers. Links to any content -
  10. Having a Google Form Quiz makes it easier to hand out quizzes rather than verbal & pm's. I feel this removes the disruptions and speeds up the training process.
  11. Having a video would be so much easier to give to trainees, avoiding much of the confusion to the SCPs & D-Class killing trainers/trainees during tours. Then after the videos we can just give them the quiz.
  12. -Support Enforcing this is really hard to do and those on the other side of the door can just claim they just came by without noticing. You would pretty much have to remove the sound of keypad cracking entirely or find another addon that has silent keypad crackers.
  13. -Support Security shouldn't be playing chess on the job anyway. Another thing to add is not a lot of people play chess in the first place, so it would just be another entity to slightly lag the server.
  14. A bunch of signs would just clutter the area in D Block more, taking away the RP experience. Even just having it on the wall just makes it look ugly. This is why we go for the verbal approach rather than a 2dtextscreen full of rules.