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  1. Class-D ("Disposable Class") personnel are expendable individuals used for testing SCPs, notably Keter-class objects. They are unwillingly recruited by the SCP Foundation worldwide and are usually death row inmates. In times of duress, the Foundation will recruit individuals from civilian sources or inmates incarcerated of lesser crimes. Civilians can also 'sign up' to be part of the Class-D program at the Foundation. Class-D personnel are primarily used as test subjects for studying and investigating SCPs. This usually involves risking the life of the Class-D for the sake of ensuring research. The "entire point" of Class-D is to be used for tests. Never do you see riots or hear of riots in games or the lore. We are semi-serious, yes, however, it is your mindset that everyone in Class-D has. Your entire existence as a Class-D is to be used for testing. If we had our server set up like an actual site, you couldn't even get out of your cell without an escort. Be grateful for the privileges you have and understand that those privileges ruined other departments.
  2. I wrote everything I have to say on the following document, I hope you have a good read... I love you guy so much and honestly, thank you. Everything written in there is from the heart so...I hope you enjoy. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cgP12ZxJdXwJHhm3LvTLr4db1EkqSSUEplHMzEf10Mg/edit?usp=sharing
  3. FAILURE TO RESPOND TO THIS ROLECALL RESULTS IN A COMPLETE REMOVAL FROM RESEARCH AND A TWO DAY BLACKLIST! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS POST USING THE FORMAT IF YOU ARE IN THE RESEARCH DEPARTMENT Role-call will end on 6/25/2019. Failure to respond will result in immediate removal from the department. FORMAT Name (In-Game/Discord): Rank (In-Game): SteamID: THIS ROLECALL ENDS SUNDAY MORNING, BE WARNED
  4. Research Command Applications _______________________________________________________ Available Positions FOR LOW COMMAND ONLY: DHoR (Deputy Head of Research): Assists the HoR in the day-to-day operations of the Research Department and the Development Sub-Department within the Science division of the Foundation. The DHoR is trained by the HoR and the DoRS to replace the HoR when the HoR is either promoted, resigns, or is [Redacted]. Foundation Doctor: Medium-Command position, this is the next step to getting into High Command. More mobility, more free will, and access into EZ, you are known for your research. You are able to pick any Lore-Based Foundation Doctor that is on the wiki (Has to be approved and isn't taken by another FD). FOR EVERYONE ELSE (Except JRs): Safe-Class Supervisor: Entry position into Low Command, you oversee all the safe-class SCPs within the Foundation and approve test for Junior Researchers should you believe they are prepared to do their own tests. Development Supervisor: New Position considered equal to Keter-Class Manager, however you cannot authorize tests. Oversee and work with Researchers and the DHoR/HoR on developing new containment devices, protocols, medical devices, and life-saving technology. You will oversee Development Group 935. Command Application (DO NOT REPLY UNDER THIS THREAD) _______________________________________________________ Name: Rank: SteamID: How Active are you on Research?: When did you join Research?: The position being applied for: Why do you want this position?: What skills do you have in leadership?: What are some tests you have completed in the past?: What can you bring to Research Command/Research High Command that others cannot?: What is something you would change if you were a member of Research Command/Research High Command?: If anyone, who would recommend you to be in Research Command?:
  5. As the Research Department is growing, it is time we had an official update once again! Firstly, a new job to be added for *specialization* that puts Research on-par with MTF and GENSEC! Job Name: Hazardous Material Specialist Job Model: models/aperturehz/aphaztechs/u4labtech_01.mdl, models/hazmatcitizens/p_hazmatmale09.mdl Job Description: Specially trained researchers who are well known for their studies into highly dangerous substances and materials, the Hazardous Material Specialist works in the most extreme of hazard environments, from studying SCP-008 to even the transport of some SCPs who are known to be rather toxic to the human body! Job Weapons: weapon_extinguisher_infinite (Or the other extinguisher), tfa_csgo_p250 Job Salary: $125 Job HP: 200 Job Armor: 75 Three Slots Oh, and an update for the Research High Command job to make us more like our counterparts! Job Name: Research High Command Job Model(s): models/player/blackmesa_scientific_female.mdl models/aperturehz/aphaztechs/u4labtech_01.mdl models/player/scpsci_male_07.mdl Job Description: Staying the Same as Current! Job Weapons: tfa_csgo_fiveseven, weapon_m9, weapon_cuff_elastic, dradio, cross_arms_swep, cross_arms_infront_swep Job Salary: $175 Job HP: 175 Job Armor: 175 Need I not forget a model to be added for Foundation Doctors alongside their current models! Model Information - models/player/blackmesa_scientific_female.mdl There were female doctors in lore people! I just want to have more availability for what doctors we have is all! Next, some much-needed weapon updates for the Research Department so we can defend ourselves when Class-D are rioting and there is no chance to grab an actual weapon! P2000 - tfa_csgo_p2000 For the following jobs - Researcher Senior Researcher Five-Seven - tfa_csgo_fiveseven For the following jobs - Research Command Foundation Doctor Often times when a Researcher attempts to grab a weapon for themselves, they are met with a torrent of Class-D trying to force their way into the armory. We are left defenseless when we are unable to purchase weapons so it is only logical that we are able to spawn with weapons I hope you will consider these changes and accept them as many within Research desire them and great support is present within the department given our desire to grow. With these changes, it is believed that we shall be able to compare ourselves with the likes of GENSEC and MTF officially with more to offer to prospective roleplayers.
  6. Eh, the issue with my response as it may agitate both sides. I will -1 for the time being. You could argue this, but I could equally argue that GENSEC had no choice because the riots were extreme yesterday, some of the worse we have seen and they were never-ending. What choice does GENSEC have when they are rushed constantly while Class-D have no NLR and are lead by a sledgehammer-wielding Russian, which by the way does 150 damage per hit and usually negates what armor you have. Lockdowns are what help GENSEC when they have no other options, you really cannot blame them with their weapons nerfed and Class-D given countless buffs in the forms of custom classes. Not to be that guy, but you really think Class-D will stop complaining? Like, seriously? Not to be harsh or rude in my criticisms, but in the words of Thomas Sowell, "It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong." Class-D will not suffer from this change despite them being the biggest cause. After all, it is the actions of Class-D with the constant riots, the ability to kill a GENSEC with two to three hits with a knife that result in these lockdowns. As I said, not to be harsh or rude, but why leave this decision in the hands of the aggressors who will only benefit and leave the rest of the roleplay community such as MTF, GENSEC, and especially Research to be hung up to die as rotting corpses as no one will play as them? I think my biggest criticism comes from this, the gamemode is called SCP-RP, otherwise, Secure. Contain. Protect. Roleplay, not bloody Breach Containments and Get Free EXP RP. Forcing cooldowns upon an already hurting branch of the Foundation because you "think" it will help them (spoiler alert, it will not, because you stripped them of their greatest power), you are doing a disservice to everyone who desires to RP seriously on the server. Do not get me wrong, some people in Class-D are serious, the rest, taken from another quote, this time from Sir Alec Guinness, "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy." Class-D are too minge-filled, too chaotic, too dangerous to be given this flaunt of disregard for roleplay. So once again, I do not support this. I give a -1 until either two things occur. 1) Class-D no longer riot as they do, leaving Research and GENSEC to die because of their imprudent behavior and lack of care for the purpose of the gamemode and thus, the server, or 2) Bring proof it is abused and then staff can handle it accordingly, because right now, this seems moreover an attempt to gain free EXP and complain about insecurities rather than you joining a different job on the server.
  7. PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS POST USING THE FORMAT IF YOU ARE IN THE RESEARCH DEPARTMENT Role-call will end on 6/25/2019. Failure to respond will result in immediate removal from the department. FORMAT Name (In-Game/Discord): Rank (In-Game): SteamID: How active are you?: Concerns?:
  8. Staff Name: Rektify Your In-Game Name: Dr. Charles Anborough (Oppenheimer) Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:89031004 Admin In-Game Name: MTF A1 LCPL Rektify LC3 Admin Steam Name: Unknown at this time What warning did you receive?: Beating Class-D as SCP-912 (Not Threatening) Evidence of the Warn (Required): Why do you think this warn was false: While I understand that no one is perfect and I certainly do believe that I was in the wrong to a degree, I feel that this warn, that being my first ever warn either with !warn or verbally, was mishandled due to circumstances outside of my control as well as being on the basis that my actions replicate countless others who I have observed and they themselves have yet to be warned. It all started really when I began to play as SCP-912 as I had never done so...it was to my knowledge that SCP-912 was to assist GENSEC in keeping Class-D personnel contained and controlled. As I have never RPed as SCP-912, I modeled my actions after previous SCP-912 players as, once again, this was the first time I played as SCP-912. It was after three tests with some Junior Researchers that I found I was alone in defending D-Block. This is where the issues really begin. As I acted as previous people had done, I was greeted by three Class-D attempting to flee. One ran back after seeing me, the others getting past...I found I was unable to cuff either so I pulled out my stun stick and began to hit them. One died rather quickly, the second eventually pulling a knife and tried to fight. I returned, still no GENSEC present at D-Block, so I continued business as usual. A player named Ahir, who played as SCP-999 then began to act as staff, claiming I was RDMing Class-D and then began to combat heal a Class-D as I started to combat against another Class-D who ran into the security checkpoint. He had a knife out, however by the time I managed to end his escape attempt, he yelled that he put away his weapon and that I RDMed. I will point out here, no one was contacting staff so I believed I was doing what was required of me. After a few more issues regarding Class-D, I was brought into a staff with Rektify and Ahir after asking that staff handle Ahir acting as if he himself was staff. This was really where I felt consideration wasn't taken. I have never minged, nor have I gone out of my way to cause any mischief, and thus, I have never been warned. I supposed you could say that it is my fault as the player, yes, for failing to understand SCP-912 more, however, if I remain honest to myself and everyone else, I only mimicked behavior I believed acceptable. I suppose that, however, staff must do what is required of them and thus, rather than a verbal warning, I was given a full warning. My only desire was that it was taken into consideration that I had never gotten into any form of trouble before since I joined the server. Any extra information: I hold nothing of this against the staff nor the other players and I accept whatever consequences remain should this be denied. I only apologize for my imprudent behavior as SCP-912 by not reading more into the rules regarding the SCP and mimicking my behavior off others who I deemed to be appropriate rather than acting as my own individual.
  9. Dr. Anborough (Oppenheimer) here, once again Sheldon/Brandon, exceptional testing and creativity. Your attention to detail is perfect as well as the inclusion of audio logs adds to the authenticity. That being said, if no one disagrees, I believe that this is a Quality Test.
  10. This test is rather lacking in much of the needed information, such as background research on why the test was done, greater analysis, failure to provide an observation stimulus, and just overall, the test is lacking in what makes it even considered to be standard. This test, in my professional opinion, is SUB-STANDARD.
  11. Honestly, I am disgusted. Not by methodology nor by actions taken, but the fact you turned my collected tissue samples of SCP-049-2 into a bloody smoothie! Did you ask to borrow them? How did you get into cold storage without my credentials!? In all seriousness, a rather interesting test, unsure why you didn't look up the basic ingredients of alcoholic beverages and just list some in there. Other than a few grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes here or there, this test like always is well put together. That being said, I would give this test a Quality rating unless anyone else desires otherwise, simply due to the fact that not only did you force a Class-D to commit cannibalism, drink a smoothie of an SCP, but managed to also show another means of creating an instance of SCP-049-2 without having to use SCP-049 directly.....good work.
  12. I find the lack of Class-D that were of Hispanic, Asian, and Indian descent, however, I would believe that this test is a standard test. Had you included these other nationalities and your hypothesis aligned more, this would be a quality test.
  13. Jeg vil se deg i Valhalla, bror. I understand that while I have had a few issues as of late, I will never forget the fun we have shared with one another. The times we have discussed test after test, messed around together, and definitely not violating the rules set in place by the non-existent ethics committee (Not anymore!) will forever be remembered by myself and others that you have influenced. My only regret is that I wasn't able to do the one test I desired with you, but alas, we can never have everything, right?
  14. Ingame Name: HCZ Supervisor Oppenheimer (BadAim is being added to the job) Job Name: Ethics Committee Member Server: SCP-RP Players SteamID you want added to the job: STEAM_0:0:81238702 The person that Paid SteamID: STEAM_0:0:81238702
  15. As per technicality, any duplication instances of SCP-173 are to be reported to Site Command...not to be tested on. However, like your other reports, it seems that this test and report lack any major details that can be judged. It is also known that any duplication of SCP-173 will consist of the same materials, therefore this test really isn't even needed to have taken place...I am giving this test a substandard rating.