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  1. SCP_Foundation_Research_Report__682-OHSHIT_-_Google_Docs.pdf
  2. Continued the series of tests looking into the nature of SCP-049-2. Today, it was to determine what all SCP-049-2 was affected by and what should they be classified as. SCP Foundation Research Report #049-2-Alpha-Omega - Google Docs.pdf
  3. As it shows, this report is typically only supposed to be reviewed by supervisors and above but...I cannot stop you from looking at it. SCP Foundation Research Report #682-OMEGA - Google Docs.pdf
  4. [As I finish this, I am inclined that before my promotion, I was given explicit permission by HoR Toxic to do this application as a Researcher. Corner has, since then, promoted me to senior researcher.] <Level Clearance 3 Required to Proceed> <Level Clearance 3 Required to Proceed> <Validating Clearance... .> <Clearance Validated> <Welcome, Authorized User> SCP Foundation HCZ Supervisor Application Secure. Contain. Protect. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Case File: HCZ Supervisor Application Full Name: Johannes Reinhardt Oppenheimer Current Position: Senior Researcher Clearance: Level Clearance 2 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 05/11/2019 Location: Site 05, Location Unknown Application Status: Submitted to Head of Research for evaluation ---------------------------------------------------------------- [Formal Endorsements]: Director of Containment Blackbeard Head of Security Rangiatea MTF A1 COL Daedran Head of Research Toxic (Possibly) HCZ Manager Corner (Possibly) Head of Research and Development Chief Deputy Site Director Dogz (Possibly) Time within the Research Department: 5 Days (05/08/2019 was my first day) Research Reports Produced: SCP Report #8943AAF SCP Report #8942BZJ SCP Testing Report #4839A SCP Testing Report #27822ALL SCP Foundation Research Report #4829-ENDGAME Research Position being applied for: HCZ Supervisor Why should you be in Research Command (What can you bring to the table that the rest of command cannot)?: While I fully understand that I do not have the time like many other applicants that have applied before me, I believe the one thing I bring above all is a true experience, an experience that has been gained before joining the server. Firstly, an observation on my published reports will demonstrate an advanced desire for perfection, as should any command member have when drafting reports that are crucial to the organization. Secondly, as I informed many others within the Research department, my experience as a supervisor at a summer camp in 1943 also details my experience when dealing with containment and documentation. But I suppose the greatest thing I truly bring to the table more than anything is a sense of passion for research, a drive to study and document even the most obscure of testing results, no matter how strange or uncomfortable they make myself or fellow Foundation employees feel. Yes, I understand that there is the mentality of quantity over quality within some of the minds of those who are in research...yet I believe in true quality because the quality is how we succeed and I bring true quality to the table. I may not have the documented time as Wundt and Dylann or the connections like Black Jesus, but the truth is that it is because of my recent appearance that I am a perfect choice. I am fresh, I bring new ideas to the table, I believe in the independence of research (to a degree), and I am not one to back down from a challenge presented to me. That is why I am more appropriate for this position because I bring qualities that many other researchers have yet to demonstrate. What will you do to make research more active and more professional?: Well, if my previous response was not clearer, my first declaration would be to ensure that tests and documentation were more professionalized so that overall, research is conducted in a more professional and greater manner. I would also suggest a handful of other items to be considered as well. I would make promotions be based upon accomplishment, also allowing JUNIOR-Researchers being able to be paired with more senior researchers to access HCZ and witness tests with more dangerous SCPs if command allows such. I would increase drives so that activity remains vital, with either awards being presented to researchers who do exceptional or even discover new stances for us to conduct greater research towards. I would also organize research into to underlying divisions, one that conducts tests on SCPs and documents results of said tests and others who conduct testing on collected tissue samples, liquids, and secretions within a contained field. I would also not allow any half-assed reports, as I believe that continuing to do so allows for laziness to infect the ranks of Research. We are men of science and academia, not third graders who just learned how to write an essay. Finally, I would not tolerate any forms of disrespect, either towards research or any other foundation personnel. [If you wish to read it, or review the reports linked in it, I have added a PDF version to make it seem more like a true application and a google link so you can see the reports linked] https://docs.google.com/document/d/14ALJgnewLasUI25qunNaH38tH9gg-UXCeiUXutmyW6E/edit?usp=sharing J.R. Oppenheimer SCP Foundation HCZ Supervisor Application - Google Docs.pdf
  5. This report will hopefully detail the accounts of what is found within the altered reality of SCP-106 and what occurs to an individual that is trapped within. Advised that this is not repeated due to nature of SCP-106 and the loss of subjects involved. SCP Foundation Research Report #4829-ENDGAME - Google Docs.pdf
  6. Another PDF version presented, you can find this also on discord. Certain circumstances did lead to heavy redactions, particularly of certain responses from SCP-035 as it included targetting towards foundation staff or other explicit content. This test was done to understand the true nature of SCP-035 and overall was not a very...good decision to make afterward. SCP Testing Report #27822ALL - Google Docs.pdf
  7. This test and the conducted study was rather different, as the report will demonstrate and show to you upon further inspection. I do apologize as this report is outside normal when it comes to various other reports conducted and tests partaken in as well. Just warning on this one, there is some rather graphic material regarding tissue samples and images...if you are squeamish, I recommend you do not look into this report. SCP_Testing_Report__4839A_-_Google_Docs.pdf
  8. Once again, unable to actually post due to the differences in Google Docs and the forums so here is a link for everyone to look at and review my log. SCP Report #8943AAF - Google Docs.pdf
  9. Research Log and Template - Google Docs.pdf Unfortunately, it would not let me post the entire document without it being corrupted and messed up here on the forums. So I included a PDF version for you to review and also a version on the discord as well.
  10. Playing a little more today, I also found another issue. 6. Arrogance - Not to point fingers (I most definitely am) but it seems that certain GENSECs like Corporal Boulder seem to hold and bend certain rules to their own applications. I watched him today gun down a D-Class who stepped on the green line...he counted down immediately and as the D-Class began to back off, he was gunned down without mercy or even basic care. While I understand the distance between D-Class and GENSEC is to remain that, distant, it is disgusting to see this blatant abuse. Now at the time, there were no NCOs or Officers nearby as they had been killed by Chaos...another issue that being many GENSEC act unruly and out of line when no command is present at any given time.
  11. Name: Frost Rank: LCPL Any Concerns?: I actually do have a handful, however, I am uncertain if they will be recognized due to my rank. I also apologize as some of my critiques are a bit biased as I did play, ironically, as an SS-Standartenfuhrer at a prison camp on a WWII roleplay server. Standartenfuhrer being equivalent to a Colonel. 1. A majority of the new SOs seem to have a complete and utter disregard for the chain of command. An incident yesterday displayed this where there were three to four LCPLs and about 10 SOs present. While we had an NCO and a lower-ranking officer online, both were away dealing with multiple HCZ breaches. The problem laid when only myself and another LCPL had to lead the SOs during a D-Block Riot in which a recorded 10 players broke NLR continuously. Suffice to say, both myself and my fellow LCPL were cuffed by the SOs, attacked during admin sits, and on multiple occasions had SOs attempting, on their own, to break into the HCZ without authorization...if you attempted to stop them, they shot you. 2. Security Checkpoints - Perhaps one of the biggest issues I personally have been dealing with is the operation of security checkpoints...it seems that when we do not have a more...*qualified* and *experienced* officer or NCO present, the security checkpoint at D-Block often goes into complete and utter shit-we-are-gonna-get-fucked mode because, for some reason, everyone acts as if there is no precedent on how to properly act and behave when operating said checkpoint. Also paired with this is how when you are ordered to do something, say guard the hallway, some SOs and LCPLs and other lower ranks have often been...discouraged...to do as ordered given that often times NCOs and Officers are not informed of their stationing beforehand. 3. Keycards - I cannot for the life of me understand why the LCPL keycard doesn't work at all. I understand recently that it is an issue regarding coding and I do hope it can be fixed as soon as possible. 4. Patrolling - Now I understand the rules, I understand why they are there...but I believe it would be more beneficial for GENSEC to have patrols within Lower Containment and guards stationed at the passages to High Containment when we have sufficient numbers present. It blows my mind how everyone is just placed at the D-Block and left there. In the event an SCP escapes or there is an escaped D-Class, it would be quicker and more efficient to alert these guards or these guards to alert fellow security than walking around a corner and being attacked by said D-Class of SCP. 5. Weapons Training - I cannot stress how many times I have been killed or seriously wounded by friendly fire. I would believe that in some part of the training, Trainees are required to demonstrate they not only know the basics of using weapons, they also know when and when not to fire. It honestly feels that half of GENSEC just holds down the trigger and prays they actually hit something...which upon observation is more likely the case. I understand not everyone is perfect, and my own bias may be getting in the way, but it seems moronic that an SO ends up killing a 1LT due to firing wildly into a horde of D-Classes. Now I am sure there are more things I would probably list, however, these are the things I believe should be addressed as soon as possible, if possible, as it would make RP on the server as GENSEC not only more enjoyable but also less *autistic*. Thank you for allowing this experience as well.