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  1. +support -On daily (I might be wrong on this one haven't been on much since, well, y'know the story.) -Was in GENSEC Command for a while before resigning, therefore he has discipline. -Membership w/ the server dates back a while. -Pretty good app Get that admin rank, lad.
  2. I think that they could replace Temporary Euclid Containment with this SCP and make that safari-type room the NEW Temp. Containment. While it would be another case like 079, it COULD also be used for some event ideas on ET. If they add this SCP, there will have to be some ground rules for it. They will state said rules in the MOTD. For the rules there could be a disclaimer that states it is Admin run and therefore will not actually work some of the time. (Also that D-Class will not be allowed to level up their keycards, so they can't get into Alpha Warhead Detonation room.)
  3. +MAJOR Support Also I see that you edited the suggestion and added branch rules, so I'm gonna do my take on a few suggestions for said rules. 1. You cannot upgrade your keycard without O5 permissions. Personally, I think this should be downgraded to High Command within the Research branch. 3. You are not allowed to put other SCP's inside 914 unless granted permissions by O5. I think this one should be downgraded to between HCMD - DORS.
  4. Answering for my boi George last minute Name: George Rank: SGT Why should you retain your current rank? (SGT+ must answer this): I try to be as active as possible and guide SO's so they can be good security Any Concerns?: No Also answering for my boi Koda Name: Koda Rank: JFTO and SGT Why should you retain your current rank? (SGT+ must answer this): I am loyal and active to GENSEC, I typically 6 hours+ a day on this server and am up in late til the early mornings, where few security is active. I have been told to have good leadership skills and discipline. Any Concerns?: Not at the moment
  5. Basically, I was surfing the GMod Servers and was like, wait, do they have an SCP multiplayer server? Then I was like, "Bro, cool they do." So I clicked on the top one and got RDMd like three times as a D-Class.
  6. I think you should add this to suggestions in the discord
  7. Doing this for my boi Husky. Name: Husky Rank: MSGT Why should you retain your current rank? (SGT+ must answer this): Because I'm a good commander and trainer and the only trainer on at night. Any Concerns?: Nah
  8. Name: Canned Bread Rank: WO Why should you retain your current rank? I think that I should retain my current rank because I am active almost everyday, and I try my hardest to keep D-Block in control. Any Concerns? I would like it if Security could listen the first time so I would have to say the same thing eight times.
  9. Name: Canned Bread Rank: Sergeant First Class Any concerns? Not anything I can think of at the moment.