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  1. Where to begin with me writing this...... Resnov is the most OP CC next to CI CC im ok with it because they spawn on surface and is CI but a d class the should not have a rifle, TEC 9 , And a Fubar not to mention Armor along with health they are Way too OP for gensec to handle no matter what for any non high command they are a 1 shot kill with it and high command is a 2 shot kill and when multiple are using it it is Unfair for MTF as well We cant counter it because of his health Resnov is the Most Pay to win class on the server at this point they are literally overkilling MTF making us have to do gensec Job 24/7 MTF and Gensec are sick of the class Just please let it see a nerf/ spawn some where else it is almost classified as a heavy weapon to spawn on surface it is too OP
  2. 096 rules for mtf and everyone else need to be updated no one really knows 096's rules shouldent it be if a person attempts to bag 096 that if they fail the role then 096 enters rage for 15 sec then kills that person then is baggable again because if you play 096 it is extremley unfair for them they never get to kill anyone
  3. when playing as a nu7 sniper i get 150 HP and 125 Armor and then i run into a Custom d class job with a sledge hammer or a tec 9 the sledge hammer 2 shots me and the tec 9 literally destroys my armor and health it takes about 15 bullets to kill me and they both takes around a full mag of awp rounds to kill idc if they have their weapons but i should be able to 2 or 3 shot them like a normal d class the AWP is a sniper rifle which in real life would pierce metal and it makes me mad when a d class survives 6 shots and just walks it off like it nothing the AWP needs a buff or the Custom class for D class need to not exsist or need a nerf it makes it SUPER unfair for mtf and Gensec to have to go against these odds they literally are a 1 shot for sledge hammers and the d class are now in constant riots which make are jobs even harder because we have to deal with d block as well as scp and CI and it really makes are experience ruined and Literally all of research is dead also because of this no one can do anything because research cant get d class cause all they do it shoot them and then CI there is so many of them in raids it makes it almost impossible to kill them especially the command classes they come in with shotguns just a few shots and 3 mtf can be killed then Sometimes scp's dont understand rules and d class get real mingy about the rules it ruins this game i do not believe this is the server or the administrations fault though they need money but they also need to fix some of the stuff that is happening on the server
  4. Name: Lil Rank: CPL Why should you retain your current rank? (SGT+ must answer this): im on most of the time Any Concerns?:N/A
  5. Lore Name:Lil Rank:JR Clearance Level:2 List of personnel involved in testing:D-class 8214 Level D personnel involved: 1 SCP: 066 Hypothesis: When Repeating the name Eric does it ever do more internal bleeding Scp-066 Seemed to do more internal bleeding to the subject after he repeated the word Eric 3 times after that testing was stopped due to test subject damage and was taken to the med bay and transferred to D-block. and will Eric react to attempting to cut it Scp-066 did not react to any other name besides Eric and does not seem to care much for violence noting that guards were shooting past it when dismissed. until D-class 8214 started to cut it then moved away and produced a loud song until the D-class was escorted out. Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): Unable to get photos Errors and/or safety hazards: None unless you say the word Eric Conclusion: test successful no Facility staff were injured during testing.