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    Name: Lil Status on Roster: PFC Reason For LOA(If Private then put as N/A): lots of stuff happening in my life RN Duration of LOA: Unkown i will be on some during the weeks but i dont know if i can be as active as i use to be
  2. Name: Lil Rank: CPL Why should you retain your current rank? (SGT+ must answer this): im on most of the time Any Concerns?:N/A
  3. Lore Name:Lil Rank:JR Clearance Level:2 List of personnel involved in testing:D-class 8214 Level D personnel involved: 1 SCP: 066 Hypothesis: When Repeating the name Eric does it ever do more internal bleeding Scp-066 Seemed to do more internal bleeding to the subject after he repeated the word Eric 3 times after that testing was stopped due to test subject damage and was taken to the med bay and transferred to D-block. and will Eric react to attempting to cut it Scp-066 did not react to any other name besides Eric and does not seem to care much for violence noting that guards were shooting past it when dismissed. until D-class 8214 started to cut it then moved away and produced a loud song until the D-class was escorted out. Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): Unable to get photos Errors and/or safety hazards: None unless you say the word Eric Conclusion: test successful no Facility staff were injured during testing.