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  1. +support btw I don’t think u need a poll for a bug report
  2. I don’t know if you’re allowed to apply but if you can you have my full +support. -Hardworking trooper for rancor -Serious role-player -Good at his job -Always has to have a X Good Luck •Captain Jesse
  3. +/- support app looks weird you removed the spacing, but the app is very big so you did put some effort in. In game I have seen you work very hard and you don’t minge it would be nice to have you as a GM but please if you see this fix up your app
  4. +Support Before i left this trooper puts some serious work into his life.
  5. Harder Tryouts like back in the day. I want the 3 day period of sims back in arc tryouts because I have seen a lot of minges now join because the tryouts are easy
  6. Um is this even a question? Huge +support -Does so much work for the 212th -Deserves this rank so much -Only active person in 212th Good Luck -Captain Jesse
  7. For now I can’t give a full answer so +/- support till I get his side of the story contact smt so they can get him to look at this post
  8. +support all they really need to do is change the name but I don’t know which rank of SMT can, but either way it should be done
  9. Also 41st never had pilots because they were recon and still are. They only had snipers and barc speeders pilots is something they don’t need