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  2. +Support Great leader Great Friend Has been in the server for a while - Best of luck, Grizz
  3. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : Rancor ARF COL Grizz 0442 2. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? I would like to be commander because I feel that I have the skills and time for this server and I think that I have the correct qualities of being in charge of a squad and leading them into battle. I may talk a lot in game, but I can keep my priorities straight in the sense of battle and while we are on Defcon 5 sitting/patrolling at base. I also think that I can also stay on top of things my battalion and help out when help is needed. I have also been very active in this server and over time being an officer, I have grown my leadership qualities that makes it easier and better for me to take control of a battalion and help my fellow commanders. 5. What is the Main Purpose of a Commander for a Branch? The main purpose of being a commander of a branch is to take care of their squad and to keep track of their troops and keep them in tip top shape so they are the best they could be during down time and during battle. Another purpose of being a commander is taking it for the team which basically means if one of your squad members mess up, it's on you to fix them and take responsibility for their actions and having to keep the troopers ready and yourself ready at the same time. 7. Why should we trust you to be a commander? I should be trusted as a commander because I have the skills of being active everyday, having an awareness of my squad, and having the right solutions to the problems I may have in the future of being a commander. I am also a nice person that can listen well to what troopers have to say and I also have quick thinking so I can make hard decisions quickly and correctly for my squad to move on of what our mission/task, no matter the stress that is involved with the decision during the task. I have also been an officer for a good amount of time now so I have experience in this field. 8. How often can you be Online? I can be on everyday unless of family issues or I get a lot of school work. 10. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : None and I will make sure my record stays clean. (And I know I resigned from BXO for school but my schedule was messed up so I am in the easier classes so I will have less homework and I will be able to play with all of you nice people and I'll be able to take care of situations better because my mind will be more clear of stress. Thanks- Grizz)
  4. 1) in game name: 212th ARC COL Grizz 0442 2) Activity: Semi active but trying to become very active 3) Playtime: 1-2 times a week.
  5. Welp i guess this is goodbye, I have loved this server through the hard times and the good times, i just have to say that i am very thankful for the way everyone treated me with respect and made me feel welcome and at home. But family and school comes in the way of my computer, so i hope everyone does very well in the future and i hope this server stays well. I may come back time to time to visit but this is my Resignation from a 212th BXO. Everyone have fun and god bless.
  6. Always been my friend and one of my most favorite commanders good luck and god bless cain
  7. Grizz

    Grizz/Waxers LOA

    In-Game Name: 212th BXO Waxer 0442 GC SteamID: STEAM_1:1:158473390 Rank: BXO/Vice Commander Length of LOA (Time must be Specified): August 1st-15th Reason for LOA (if private that is fine):Going on family vacation
  8. You were always the best Dylan caring and taking care of 212th and being my best friend right away in this sever, good luck brother and god bless.
  9. Name: Grizz Numbers: 0442 Rank: COL Activity: Active