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  1. Name: Wolf Rank: Pvt Call Sign: XZ18 Steam Name: Nekoparafan Discord ID Name: Miku The Russian Bot#5607
  2. Thanks a lot grimgusty I am very appreciative of any recommendation given to me for any rank. Thank you very much.
  3. Thanks! I fixed it I didn't realize i needed to put in the prompts themselves.
  4. In-game name: Dieter Wolf (I usually just go by Wolf now I would be fully willing to change it for a more american name if needed or wanted) Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:96632002 How many active warns do you have: As far as I know I have no active warning or been warned in the past however, I have received verbal reminders about rules. Recommendations if any: I have no recommendations. Do you have any experience in high command: I don't posses experience in gaming light high command I did in one of the old 1942 servers that died. However, those frequently changed and weren't focused as heavily on combat so I'd say it was very limited experience and not something that would be relevant. On a scale on 1 to 10 how much do you know about WWII: I'd say my knowledge of WW2 is most likely an 9 as I couldn't name every battle or small thing that happened. However, I can list some of the major soviet counter attack operations. Information on the lead up to D-day any pieces of larger and medium level trivia for the majority of the major countries I could give you information about. However, things like executive order 9981 by FDR which desegregated the military I probably wouldn't have as much knowledge of. Why do you want to become a 101st Airborne Staff Officer ( 70 words or more): I would like to join the command staff of the 101st airborne as command roles have been extremely interesting to me ever since I started playing games like Men of War Assault Squad 2, Wargame Red Dragon, squad, Post Scriptium, the Company of Heroes Franchise, and that's without mentioning all the grant strategy games i like playing (games like Hearts Of Iron). I also tend to be pretty detail obsessed a good example here would be when i mod any game I generally work for hours using conflict software like tesedit and loot to make sure everything is running nice and smoothly, and I'm the same way with SOPs if I don't know the answer to something I usually comb back through my SOPs (unless I'm in the TS and someone higher ranking is on then i usually ask them) and if I can find an answer i usually ask an admin. As I expect the best of myself for the tasks I sign up for and work at I feel like with enough effort and time I could instill that same drive to be the best in the officers and my their virtue of their role model, and my own the Enlisted would work harder wanting to get to higher ranks working for NCO working to get to CO. This is what I truly hope I can do as a commander at any level, and that is why I hope I'm allowed to become a command. Why should we trust you with 101st Airborne Staff Officer (70 words or more): I would personally say that I'm a good reliable person especially for anything I put my mind to and leadership is most definitely one of those things for me as much as i love shooting and doing boots on the ground combat simulations. My skill is truly in looking at a map and going we can plan an attack like this it will split their forces and leave them vulnerable to an attack from the front and while the front is advancing we can prong 2 horns form the main force and have the set up 30. cal flanking machine gun positions, and as such leaving any counter attack they make become suppressed. Then while (playing into airborne history here) you land a squad of paratroopers behind their lines and start causing chaos which will slow if not even stop a retreat (that is wishful thinking however) then the 2 flaking teams and the front can advance right into the 101st wall causing a total encirclement resulting in a defeated enemy. Then you also have to consider the enemies sorties is it possible the enemy will have armored and mechanized support if so should we bring an M9 bazooka or do we have time for anti-tank mines as they are leave and forget. It's the little items like that in my opinion that can make all the differences in a commanding role which is do you have an understanding of the strategic battlefield "bigger picture" as in what is this push helping the army in accomplishing its goals, and then the smaller tactical (which is better to understand as a special forces commander i will admit) which is quick small actions how can this one platoon move to help this company in its advance in accomplishing both their own and the company they are helping objectives with disregard to how the larger picture come into play. I believe that with my experience with RTS games (tactical level) and Grand Strategy games (strategic level) my skill sets aren't out of the realm for being useful as a commanding officer on the 101st airborne. That is why I say I would be a trustworthy commander (Note: just wanted to mention my quick battle plan excluded things like air support and artillery as i wanted to avoid the passage being too long.) Are you able to think quickly and act in a moment's notice? Yes I would like to think that yes I am able to think and react quickly. As I used to frequently go airsofting and to this day play RTS and Grand Strategy Games (as I said previous this is a large part of the reason why I'm interested in command roles whether it be a 2nd LT or Supreme Commander of the Allied forces or anything in between). What do you believe 101st Airborne's main focus is (50 to 150 words): To me airborne's main job is to go in behind enemy lines and cause total chaos in preparation for an attack. This would include raiding, destroying hard-points, detonating infrastructure and vehicles, and laying traps for reinforcements. Then there's of course the special force side of it which is if high command needs an professional unit that they know can get they job done they call on the ranges or the 101st are they are professional, elite, selective, and well trained. This is what I believe the focus of the 101st is. Would you be willing to set aside your personal time to make sure your branch is the best branch: I'll be honest I'm about to get out of school on the 23rd of may and at most I'll have a summer job so I will have an unruly amount of free time to give to the server. So to answer you question yes I would be more than happy to set aside some of my personal time to improve the branch whether that be command only meetings, meetings with admins to hammer out rules for the new server, or do what would be an expected job of leading or assisting in leading weekly meetings, or just working on editing SOPs or rosters or anything of that nature, and I'd have no complaints because i really just use all my free time to game anyways I could use a change of pace for something more serious every once in a while. How much time do you have on Garry's Mod: I have 183 hours in Garry's Mod about 150 of which were spent on 1944 RP. Time Zone: I live in the central time zone What time are you available to join the server: At this very moment after school from about 3-9:30. However, after school ends that will change to all day when on the days I'm not working my summer job (I don't know the hours yet as I haven't been called in for an interview as i just recently started applying). Would you be willing to attend a team speak interview for the position: Yes I would be more than happy to do a TS interview for the position in fact I'll be honest i expected it from my experiences on the SCP-RP server.