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  1. + Support Melee with its low odds of actually landing a hit needs some sort of balance to allow more opportunities to actually do damage. Guns do have mobility penalties but melee does as well for some reason. I could understand a FOOLBAR would slow you down, but a hatchet and or knife/fists shouldn't make you move any slower if anything faster due to your intent to get up close.
  2. - Support No proof of warns Brand new to community and forums Lack of " luster " Under minimum word count Should put more time into the community, forums, and the app its self
  3. +/- Support I feel you are capable of being a good staff member however you are newer to the community. I would wait another few weeks and put a bit more time into the app its self but good luck!!!
  4. What you want to see? - A new crafting and component system to replace mining and also fix the salary issue. Many players after mining was removed have no way of making any actual in game money. Before you could mine platinum and sell it to the ore buyer for money however now that its gone the only way is to wait for salaries. Many salaries are way to low to provide any usable income. The only jobs that actively use the money they have is D class. Buying weapons from armory obviously. Not many others ( MTF, Gensec ) use the money they have due to them spawning with all the weapons they need. The components that go along with the crafting table could be randomly spawned around the large empty areas of d block and also add a use for the showers. Certain components could only spawn in showers say like Shower heads, pipes, nails. The cafeteria could spawn blades, knife handles, zip ties. Then the large areas around d block could spawn basic things like duct tape, glue. This could include guns however the components would be very rare like springs, metal scrap, cloth.. A few weapons the could be craftable are the cleaver, Molotov, Knife, F U B A R, Fire axe, Machete, Spade, glock, P250, raging bull scoped. Now this may sound broken if the components are not spawned right. The gun components would have to be the rarest obviously, like a 5% drop chance. On top of this new crafting table a component buyer and or dealer should be available next to the table. Like the ore buyer you could sell your components for money. This would let players have another reason to be active to farm components for money. This would of course require some sort of inventory system sorta like on star wars RP when you get the different sabers and crystals. I can link a inventory system to this post as well if needed. Max of like 5 compents could be dropped at any given time so there arent piles of them clogging up the server. And once one is picked up another is spawned somewhere else. Why should we add it? - Give the players of the server some other way of making money either then trying to sneak in AFK on SCP jobs. This would also stop people from asking mining to be brought back as its a whole new system. What are the advantages of having this? - Improve quality of life on the server over all. Increases d class happiness. D class would be focused on gathering components instead of constantly charging the elevator. The system isnt high quality or dense so it wouldn't cause mass lag or drop peoples frames. The UI for it is very simple and easy to manage and is customizable. Who is it mainly for? - D class but gives all players a outlet for making money other then AFKing. Links to any content - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1793133869&searchtext=
  5. Rarely these days are gen sec outnumbered and if you are you call for MTF support. From my experience 1 MTF = 3 gen sec in terms of fire power and armor/HP so no the gun argument is not invalid. A gun can mow down 10 people if you can land your shots. Now if you miss them and he gets up in your face well now you have a issue.
  6. - Support D class CCs dont spawn with heavy weaponry, literally only a light SMG and pistol is allowed. We also dont constantly riot, we host D class RP mini games. Like gambling and fight clubs. Even so, D class CCs are not the source of riots, its PLAYER CHOICE to riot. I have received 0 complaints from gen sec about hating riots. Gen sec love riots its their JOB to stop them. Research has plenty of d class willing to be tested on however the vast majority dont want to wait in line for 30+ minutes waiting for one. Maybe if JRs had a bit more freedom with testing it would encourage more of it. Molotov is literally more for RP then damage, The sniper does the least amount of DMG in its class and has a single round mag, and the SMG is the Glock 18 which is just a auto pistol with insane recoil. On top of this, there are extremely powerful gen sec and MTF CCs constantly in or around d block which can almost 1 shot us not to mention other d class.
  7. oh no prob then that one is fine didnt know they had differences
  8. Server : SCPRP Job : Reznov Klushkie Replacing NERFED Fubar with tfa_nmrih_molotov Steam ID that paid : STEAM_0:1:90540687 In my opinion the Molotov fits into RP in a way due to it being craft able in some prisons with any flammable liquid and a rag
  9. Server : SCPRP Job : Reznov Klushkie Steam IDs that paid : STEAM_0:1:90540687 ( $10 ) STEAM_1:0:228049800 ( $10 ) Replacing normal keypad cracker with Pro Keypad cracker
  10. Server : SCPRP Job : Reznov Klushkie Questions : 1. Is it possible to receive the Pro keypad cracker? If so how much does it cost. 2. Is there a limit to the amount of armor we can have? If not can we purchase more.
  11. Your In-game: Union Commander Reznov Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:90540687 The players name in-game: Carpenter The players steam ID : I have no way of getting it at this time of posting but can edit it in later. What did the player do: Gunned down multiple d class for the reason of having physguns out.At the time of the shooting there was no hands up protocol or lockdown of any kind on d block. It started off by me showing some d class how to better avoid gunfire and i used the physgun line as a example. He started by commanding us to disperse. Once we said we werent going to disperse and didnt have to he started saying to stop with the physguns. I asked what rule we were breaking by using them and got no response. He continued to ask us to stop using physguns which caused multiple d class to take them out, he then gunned us down. Not only did this happen but also player diss. When I asked why do we have to put them away he responded with " no reason your just to ignorant to understand " which was quite rude. A few moments after all of the D class with physguns are dead the Gen sec SGT next to him called us " bunch of retards ". I then say thats player diss and hatefull conduct carpernter responds with " get over it, drop it, drop it" as if not only him self but the ones around him were breaking server rules. There were multiple witness to this as you can see. Many D class and Gen sec. Using physguns is FailRP in many instances but the situation did not call for a mass shooting. Carpenter could have easily explained the rules to those who were breaking them if any. Evidence : Video shot is from Leader Zonas POV. The recording started halfway through the shooting so some of it is missed. https://imgur.com/a/yHKCCWk What do you believe should happen to the admin: Some form of talking to, he seemed upset prior to this so idk I just dislike this kind of toxic behavior especially when its from a previous SMT. Any extra information: During this and after the events he said to report him multiple times as if he was not worried of receiving any consequence. The reason this even started was becuase a single person ( my self ) was joking around about teaching d class how to avoid gunfire when its already common sense. If some how this isnt MRDM then still the player diss. I know if I called any person especially staff a disrespectful name or descriptor I would be on the forums in minutes granted this wasnt in the video sadly notice he didnt deny it in his response.
  12. paid the $20 : STEAM_0:1:90540687