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  1. Server - SCPRP Job name - Reznov Klushkie Person that paid the $20 - STEAM_0:0:81238702 Person joining the job - STEAM_0:0:81238702
  2. Name of Custom Job: Reznov Klushkie Server: SCPRP Owner SteamID: STEAM_0:1:90540687 Original Custom Job Application Link (some of you might not be able to find this and that is ok but if you can we would like this) : Did you buy this class when the original owner went inactive?: No. Playermodel Link: Default Civ model
  3. SCP RP Job name - Reznov Kulshkie Person that wishes to join : STEAM_0:0:76404074 Person that pid the $20 : STEAM_0:1:90540687
  4. SCPRP Job : Reznov Kulshkie Steam ID that paid : STEAM_0:1:90540687 ( $60 ) Additions - Adding Keypad Cracker, tfa_nmrih_sledge , and Armor
  5. That was a amazing show of skill and organization by any and all D class who were present. If you were there you know what im talking about. We managed to not only display our might through riots and carnage, but we did it with dignity and respect for Gen sec and all foundation staff. We didn't simply continually run at gen sec for 2 hours straight. we formed a wall of freedom, killed a horde of zombies, and helped 5+ people experience escaping as a d class for the first time. Now there was the slight negative of the server crashing which was of course unintentional simply a result of 50+ people all attacking at once. I imagine we all can agree it was a spectacular time for all d class, MTF, gen sec, and even the research team that got involved. If anyone had any issues with the events that transpired please voice your opinion to me on what i can do to improve it. D class FOREVER!!!!
  6. I can assure there will be no plans or announcements of 5 hour long riots or even half of that, thats just ridiculous and annoying for everyone.
  7. I hate to be a nag but after a few restarts my CC now has the bat which is great but I still spawn on the surface and only with a deagle instead of the Tec 9? I dont know if a error occurred or what but LMK if there is anything i need to do. This is the Reznov Kulshkie job on SCP RP.
  8. We make sure not to violate any rules of the server if somehow advertising it goes against the rule due to it not being official then i shall wait to be informed
  9. What we accomplished tonight shows the strength and will power of this community. Not only did we ban together as one but we conquered impossible odds. We as D class, the few, the proud, managed not only to take control over the entire facility but cause TWO count em TWO Defcon 1 scenarios in the span of a single hour. We faced walls of heavy armor and multiple unmounted 300 round light machine guns AND STILL CAME OUT ON TOP. You all make me so proud and honored to be your commander and you continue to surpass my expectations daily! This is the unofficial D class only discord started as of today, its just starting out and will continue to be improved on as the days go on. We as a people will never show weakness in the eyes of death or defeat, we will continue to come back stronger and stronger every time we are smite down. WE ARE D CLASS!!!!!
  10. Name: Reznov Rank: PVT Call Sign: Un Assigned Steam name: BuckBe Discord ID Name: BuckBe
  11. just to confirm some questions, sense the changes to D boi CCs that can spawn in d block being they can have no primary weapon but instead a secondary and Melee do i still have to pay for weapon changes to the D class CC that was originally spawning in d block sense the spawn and guide lines for it were changed after it was already made and paid for? and if not I was hoping the tfa_csgo_tec9 would serve as the new secondary and the Machete for the melee. I plan on having the model changed after everything is sorted out as well. The jobs name is of course Reznov Klushkie. @Igneous Thank you for your time and assistance.