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  1. I had over 2 years on prp on my other gmod account that i dont have anymore and scprp was aboyt 3 months of time IMPRP about 5 days?
  2. Would be 4 Protecting branches actually, Royal Guard, Nova, Shock, + the Death troopers and sometimes the IC
  3. ALL CREDIT TO THIS FORMAT GOES TO REAPER Personality: Quite loud, Nice, Greatfull Strengths: Fighting, Arresting Weaknesses: Having stupid Shock members. Fears: 2 - Not being able to protect the bridge Most memorable experience: Protecting the bridge from Ahsoka Tano and arresting her. Occupation: Commander of the Imperial Shock Security Backstory: Born on Hoth, a single child of a mother that was a rebel, i was taken from my family and i realized that the empire would save them if i went with them. My mother eventually died of Cancer. After that i joined shock and worked my way up the ranks and here i am. doing my job.
  4. -Support -Little work spent on this looks like it took 2 minutes Contact me at Frozty#5501 or on Teamspeak or in game.
  5. +Support -Prrvious Experience -was commander -3 should be longer but good looking
  6. I accidentally clicked no and submitted sorry
  7. +Support Question 6 is a lil wrong, I believe your supposed to mingle for like 60000 seconds Question Mark
  8. +Support - Experience - Trustable - Was head gm on cwrp
  9. What's your doscord so I can give u channel password
  10. ++Support -Knows What He's Doing -Prrvious Experience -All Around Good Guy
  11. Same I'm vcmdr shock and badaim might get col Gl