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  1. +/- Support for reasons above also Hotshot he got you lmaoo did you delete his message doe o.0
  2. If you can think back and try to get a more accurate time frame it will help zeeptin. I understand if you dont know
  3. +support, make sure they dont abuse the grenade though
  5. Yes accidentally grabbed wrong SteamID
  6. +Support, Im not sure how he also got banned as i banned the person who called him the N word.. Must have been a confusion please unban him. Im not sure how you got permad as i had banned the person. The correct person was permad before you were? was perma banned because he was the correct person yet you were still banned. As the person who handeled your sit the other staff who permad you may have been confuzed. Please unban him ThompsonYesterday at 12:48 PM STEAM_0:0:497379795 Needs extended to 1 week, "[Advert] ST PVT ALEC 4844: mario is a ni**** "
  7. +support saw his name in chat and accidentally grabbed his steam ID please remove it
  8. Blitz

    31st Funny haha

    pleas +spurt
  9. Blitz

    31st Funny haha

    What do you want to see? - the 31st to be renamed to the "420th Engineering Corp" to go along with the "69th Medical" Why should we add it? - Haha funny weeed mann What are the advantages of having this? - Funny name cool people stoners alike Who is it mainly for? - Stoners and the "420th Engineering Corp" Links to any content - "haha Funny"