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  1. +/- + Could a good support member + Staff on 2 servers + Has been with us and understand the way people act ~~~~~~~~~ - Gets aggravated easily - Sometimes can be unpatient
  2. What do you want to see? - Ninth Sister to get an Official Scale chart / update Ninth Sister to also get a Tie Advanced or any a ship in general she can spawn Why should we add it? - Ninth Sister normally gets scaled to 1.1 or 1.15 but there is controversy over what she should actually be. I have been told by a GM she should be 1.3 but that is ginormous. I would like to see an actual scale chart on how big she should be. I have searched some stuff up and found Ninth Sister is a Dowutin and Dowutin's are averagely 10' while storm troopers are 5'11 - 6'1. This is a picture of a Dowutin, named Grummgar. He is 10' and is next to a normal person so you can see the size Comparison. I would also like to see Ninth Sister being able to spawn a Ship, as there is no Tie/Reaper attack lander we cannot have her Official vehicle she uses in lore. What are the advantages of having this? - Roleplay, Make sure I look big but not big enough where i have to crouch into everything. The ship will also help for Flying when needed Who is it mainly for? - Size Chart for Ninth Sister and GM's so we have an official Scale The Ship is just for Ninth Sister I believe Ninth should be scaled to 1.25 actually, Storm-troopers are basically half her size and at 1.3 they are half her size. 1.25 would be more realistic. Either way during events or fighting she can be scaled back to 1 Links to any content -
  3. Fireman wasted over 400$ for me o.0 even on the 1942 i had stuff
  4. Blitz

    character deaths

    FInd redacted information change your name to oogway, dislike the name get PK'ed again and puts the nname to the original xd
  5. Blitz

    Shock hype thread

    This was made when i was the VCMDR
  6. + support I have over 350 i think xd -Active -Knows his shit -great person I think he should start as overseer but that is not my decision GOOD LUCK MATE
  7. Bye fella hope to see you somtimes
  8. As the prior manager of PRP he is allowed to, also because he is Head Admin on another server doesnt mean he isnt allowed to do his jbo
  9. + support. I dont play on SCP much but i get told about whats happening. I was told they accepted a TMOD with little to no time on this server and he is doing this same exact thing if this is not him. I understand i wasnt the best mod on SCP but i knew not to fly in the middle of DBLOCK
  10. - Support If you didnt say the N word i would be more supportive
  11. + Major Support This man has proven time after time on how much he has matured over the last couple months and would make a great staff member. Great app Has 15 warns but that just shows how much he matured I LOVE THIS MAJOR SUPPORT I also have 15 warning i respect you so much because of what you have done, you have grown majorly from those 15 warnings.
  12. + Support Enable Faction PVP (If their Factions are enemied) + Support for everything but map reset
  13. Me too, I remember always getting yelled at for coming onto the bridge as a Shock VCMDR ;(