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  1. Rank: █████████████ Name: █████ Age: ██ Job Within the Foundation: █████████████████████████████████ and also ██████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ Height: ███ Interests: █████████████████████ and I like to ██████ young children. Anything else about you?: Well, ██████████████████████████████ and I really hate ███████. Really though, ██████. Finally, ███████████████SOS█████████!
  2. Accepted! One of our FTO's will be in contact with you soon!
  3. -Support I don't really see you on much
  4. Cya later man, it was a pleasure escorting with you.
  5. Anyone can reply Accepted! One of our FTO's will be in contact with you soon!
  6. -Support Isn't this just research commands job?
  7. +Support Corner is way more than qualified to assist in running this branch. I have seen him do a exceptional job at running branches or large groups of people before. I believe Corner 100% deserves this position. Only downside is that you don't use your mic, but even then, it just goes to show that you are capable of leading these groups and branches without even needing your mic.
  8. This is so sad, can I get 100 likes?
  9. ^Starr made it very difficult to work with him in high command. And since leaving A1, he has gone behind many of our backs to talk shit to get people to dislike us, even coming up with false claims and accusations. I also think there are better candidates for this position.