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  1. This Picture was taken few days ago. It shows that I was able to get on the MRP, which I wasn't supposed to be able to because of the blacklist which is considered as a Network Ban. (Sorry about the picture orientation, that's the best I could do due to a problem not allowing me to upload stuff)
  2. I just re-read your first Message, Voxis, I never knew about the ban, until recently until I tried joining for the first time. And I would think it is possbile to just ban SteamIDs, this account is as old as 2015, but before buying the game(after the ban like I said), I used to play other games, which were free, like TF2 and Unturned, Garry's mod is the first Game I buy, besides If Blaziken were instructed to ban someone, he probably received the player to ban as SteamID, for example, the Console command ulx banid <SteamID> <Time> <Reason>, allows for you to ban a steamID, so it is quite possible for me to get SteamID banned using ULX.
  3. Idk if this can provide extra proof but according to a SteamID tracker, it shows proof that I used a similar name to General Marco1011 in the following pictures, it does not show my GeneralMarco1011 name, but it shows that I used the Marco1011 name multiple times starting in 2017 in December, same with General Ironside which appears also multiple times in the picture, GeneralMarco1011 couldn't be included due to the space limit in steam Names, GeneralMarco1011 and Marco1011 both have Marco1011. (I am really sorry for the Server Tag appearing the logs, I just really need the picture for proof)
  4. I just checked, and have proof, that the game was bought 6 months AFTER the Ban. And the logs of the ban list year 1969 as one of the Ban dates, which is very much illogical.
  5. You must fill out this form in order to be considered for a unban. Steam Name: General Ironside Ingame Name: None/First Join SteamID: STEAM_0:1:122083571 Ban Length: Permanent Admin that Banned you: Blaziken(On forums, N/A in-game) Reason for Ban: Blacklisted(2 years ago) Dispute: this account did not have the game for 2 years ago at the time when the account was banned , the game was brought after the ban, then, I did not join any server during the first few months after game purchase because I was mainly getting familiar with the game in singleplayer, so that's months after the ban that I wouldn't have possibly joined any server for the first time, Besides, I was not aware of the ban, because it is my first time joining the PoliceRP server. Thus this ban is really weird due to I was not around at all near the server until today(April 14), the only GamingLight server that I ever got on was the MRP around 5-6 months ago during last summer,around 1.5 years after the PRP ban, no ban on there(according the forums). If I may add, if it was actually a blacklist like it was listed on forums, I should have been also banned from the MRP, which is not the case. Gyazo