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  1. Bruh is this person Skarlet 2.0? +support boris it's time for your brexit also when i hear the name "boris" i think of the boris that used to be a moderator
  2. plus support this man did a non gamer move. this makes me, and other epic gamers, offended due to the lack of epic-gamerness
  3. No, nej, nada, nein, and nyet. This would make the server fortnite 2.0 if this was added. -Support
  4. People who have been on for too long get burnt out and just want to try new things. Most of these people that you've listed have been on the server for like a year or more.
  5. Okay ngl this trend is starting to get really annoying. It was kind of cool the first time, but now it's just straight up shit-posting.
  6. I was never saying they were impossible and aren't taking suggestions. I was just saying that they aren't easy.
  7. Ye you think D-Class is bad now, they were 1000000x worse back then when they were able to craft stuff like RPGs, spears, and Ak-47s very easily.
  8. D-Class are already bad enough. -Support Also, I believe that's a map prop. Unless if they were to open up the map in hammer and manually remove it, that's gonna stay.
  9. Black Ops is the best game of 2010 hands down.