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  1. -Support -Mingey A Lot -Very Disrespectful -Does Not Deserve Position At All!
  2. As Of 8/1/19 I am Officially leaving gaminglight. This is not out of anger like last time. this is not fake. this is real. I am leaving gaminglight as of today. I have lost my interest in gaminglight and no longer really care for it anymore. you can possibly see me on the rust server every once and awhile. And maybe even on one of the gaminglight gmod servers. but that will just be a visit. I will no longer be apart of gaminglight. i am just making this post so people can realize i left and am not just going inactive. I am sorry to all of the people that i caused harm to. And since i am leaving. There will be no fuck ups on my end no more. hopefully peace can be made again like it was before i joined. It was a fun ride but in the end, i lost interest. Now, I will like to mention some people that are epic gamers now. Epic Gamer Wall Igneous - cheetah gang. For real one of the best managers i have ever seen. Thanks for doing all the things you do for SCPRP. th3 - You really helped me. If you wouldn't have told me the things you told me than i would've for sure left gaminglight a long time ago. You helped me be better and helped me with the times when i was wanting to leave. Thank you. a lot. Rang/Spire - it will be sad no longer being your bell assistant. it was fun bing bonging the bell on the PA System until MTF Came to capture me. But for real though, you're a real good DOURS, DOUSR, However you say it. You're good site administration. You're also a good Super Admin. I can see you getting Head Admin One Day. And remember, bing bong bring it on. Carpenter - the only thing he is a carpenter for is putting bullets in people's heads. ngl. jk love u no homo Blackbeard - nerd. Infected - You were meant to get 05. There is no doubt. i am happy you have 05. I am not happy that you refuse to play rust with me. that makes you stinky. but i am still happy you got 05 stinky man. Everyone else - epic gamers End: It was a fun ride with gaminglight, but i lost my interest and satisfaction. I no longer am satisfied with gaminglight anymore. You can see me on the rust server sometimes. but that's it. I may come around to visit a little but i don't know. Anyways. It's been fun! I may come back one day but i don't know. Until than, This is bonk, Signing out.
  3. I could answer this in 2 seconds. It's two words. More Money.
  4. Name: BonkBoeink Rank: Private First Class Callsign: XX5 Activity: Leave Of Absence. Region (US/EU): US DiscordID#: BonkBoeink#3332 What do you like/what do you want to see happen in CI: I would like to see more activity.
  5. +Support -Fear Cannot Warn You For The RDM Part. You're not breaking MOTD Rules. You're just 'breaking' medical sop rules. Which they should not do. -You were in a pickle. You weren't trying to team with 682 and also had a RP Reason to follow the d class. Fear Probably got confused and decided to just warn you instead of actually putting time & effort on recognizing the sit. I see fear do this a lot. -Fear in general just isn't the most professional staff member in my opinion. He gets false warn appeals left & right, Doesn't really know how to do sits. And Uses His Powers Off Duty A LOT. Joke or not, it's still abuse. I do not see fear as that good of a staff member. I feel like fear Deserves A strike at this point.
  6. Name: BonkBoeink Rank: Private First Class Callsign: XX5 Date of LOA Leave/Return: 7/26/19 - 8/5/19 Reason (if private write N/A): I really am not enjoying gaminglight right now. I have been even thinking about leaving due to how much i do not enjoy it at this point. I need to take a break. Hopefully that will make my thoughts clear and better.
  7. BIG +SUPPORT! -Reznovs are too overpowered even if there is just one. the trend of having 2 -3 on a day is ridiculous. I hate having 3 reznovs rushing at once. and having to unload 6 -7 clips in them just to kill one.
  8. Bigger Salaries For D Class = Bigger guns for the d class when they escape from d block. In short, if they get quite a bit of money, then they can spend that all on weapons just fine. That's why i consider it a buff, which d class do not need ANY buffs Whatsoever.
  9. -Support Not enough evidence, i will consider changing this if i see more evidence. Other than that, i will not change my -support. PS: We don't use witnesses. You need solid proof. Not just a clip of a guy saying yeah he did it. Also, a demotion is not necessary. Maybe a strike if this was true. But a DEMOTION!?! No. Not necessary at all!