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  1. Well, I got perma-banned by rookieblue for my past racist, homophobic, and other very offensive stuff I've said in the past back in like March of 2019. And I'm just saying this now, I do not want to complain. The ban was deserved, I had it coming. I do think the ban should've been on the first day I came on the server but Rookieblue did a really good job, and I won't lie about that. I wasn't wanted or welcomed here, should've stayed gone the first week of coming on the server. I was a giant minge, wanted everything to be my way and I was very immature, and then left when nothing went my way. I came back and tried to change, but I just knew I didn't fit in with the server. That being said, the ban was definitely deserved and I honestly congratulate SMT for doing it. I was a minge, and I deserved to be wiped out of the server. It shows they get rid of mingey people which is what a lot of servers don't do. But aside from that whole thing, I wish you all the best. Whether you're just a user, an admin, an SMT member, or anything else. Hate me or not, still wish you the best man. Don't make the same mistakes I've made and you should be good. So lastly, this is my goodbye. No come backs as I am actually perma-banned. I will most likely never appeal it as I personally (and this is the only time I've actually realized this on a GMOD server) think the ban was justified 100%. I would also like to take a moment to apologize to everyone I have harmed. Either I insulted you indirectly or directly, made a really offense joke, or just did some sort of harm to you. If I managed to do any of that, I apologize for what I have done, and I really hope I don't manage to do any harm like I used to to people anymore. I am truly sorry. But anyways, Goodbye everyone, this is your favorite minge, signing out.
  2. Also, what evidence would I give? They had no evidence when they created the sit, yet they warned me... I don't have a hard-drive for every action I do.
  3. My previous warns were months ago, like almost a year ago. And my time was a timespan between around march through august. I have just now returned.
  4. Your In-game: BonkBoeink Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:167342737 The admin's name in-game: Evil The admin's steam name (If you know it): [GL] Evil What warning did you receive: ARDM Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): https://imgur.com/7yYa1QK Why do you think this warn was false: This warn was not completely false, but heres what happened. I was on my site protector job, and I saw an SO shoot a D-Class for not having their hands up, when he exclusively told him to put his hands up. So I thought that hands up procedure was still in place, so when a gman guy walked up to the fence, a SO was telling him to put his hands up. All I did was just watch and I waited 6 seconds, he didn't put his hands up, so I started shooting and killed him. Second time he comes around, he says something like "try to shoot me again" and my eyes were quite blurly so I thought he was past the line so I started shooting, I also still thought hands up was in procedure, so I kill him, then I get brought to an admin sit. And he is very instant and WANTS me warned (the gman guy not the admin), and I try explaining but he says because I have 5 weeks that means I should know the MOTD and know when its done. Yes, I know the MOTD, but I had no idea hands up was no longer in effect. It was a giant misunderstanding and mistake on my part, and I apologized numerous times for it, and I still do. I don't believe I should receive this warn, this should've just been a verbal warning as I have just today returned after like 12 months. And I have a lot of warns and do not want to get any more as I used to be a giant minge and I have matured since then and have tried to avoid that and pretend I never did that. But for me to be put into a sit and warned for a misunderstanding, I think is a little too extreme. Any extra information: I don't think evil should be punished if this does get accepted, just the warn removed.
  5. In-game Name: BonkBoeink SteamID: STEAM_0:1:167342737 DiscordID: BonkBoeink#3332 What division do you want to join (Military or R&D): Military How would you rank your knowledge of the lore? 6ish/7 Why should you be in Chaos Insurgency? (75 word minimum) I feel like I could contribute greatly towards the branch as I'm pretty good at hand-to-hand combat, and I believe in myself. I think that CI would also just be the branch I'm good at, and I just really love CI in lore and the branch on the server. I used to be apart of CI before leaving back in July, and it was a blast. I really loved CI and still do and I think I can contribute greatly towards CI. As I said, I am good at hand-to-hand combat, but I'm also pretty good at mind games. I know how to trick some Foundation Personnel, I personally think that if I re-join CI, I'd be a great member of the team! What is something that sets you apart from other applicants? I feel like I've listed more of what I could actually do then dragging the whole "yeah I'd like to join because yeah" kind of thing. How active can you be? Pretty active, usually on everyday. Do you have both Teamspeak and Discord: Yes sir.
  6. This dude is just a CSGO comp player idk what you're on about! jk. +Support obv.
  7. This is gonna be pretty long but oh boy do I get a lot of nostalgia of the older versions of SCPRP. You used to be able to craft RPGs as D-Class, and the mining material to craft RPGs weren't that hard to find. You just had to be a citizen on the surface with a lot of free time. This was very early on, however. This was around February - march last year. Oh, and research ranks? They went like this: Junior Researcher Researcher Senior Researcher Executive Researcher HCZ/LCZ Supervisor HCZ/LCZ Assistant Manager HCZ/LCZ Manager Foundation Doctor Deputy Head of Research Head of Research Yeah, you see how short that was? The ranks were very short back then. And, Gensec used to not have fences and defenses. It used to just be plain as far as I remember. Thus, D-Class could shoot a rocket at them, and then almost all gensec would die. Also, D-Class were op AS FUCK back then. I still remember a time where 3 D-Classes with RPGs just went up the elevator and completed annihilated gensec. And, SCP-173 used to be a thing back then. And his swep was changed a lot. Originally, his swep was garbage. Anything that was close to him, SCP or not, would count as looking at him. It was almost impossible to kill someone as SCP-173. Oh, and haha, utility used to not be a branch. They used to just be a job someone at like level 5 could hop on. I remember me and others minging on utility so much back then. I was fairly new to the server, though. The map used to be Site-19. Now, I was NOT around for this LMAO but a lot of people told me in the past that it used to be Site-19 for a bit so idk if this is true but I think it is? The HUD used to be the default DarkRP Hud, but then it was changed to some other hud, which then it was changed to this current day HUD. And the BLINKING SYSTEM. OH MY GOD I WANTED TO TEAR MY EYES OUT WHEN THIS SERVER HAD THAT. I HATED IT AND FOREVER DO! Imagine if every like 7 seconds your screen, the entirety of it, just does a weird fade in and out. It made me nauseous as fuck!!! And lastly, this is something I wasn't really around for but blatantly remember, there used to be a shit ton of MTF branches. I believe Lamba-5 and Beta-7 Maz Hatters were one of them. This was around January though so I don't believe I was really around for those. Now I could go on for hours on what it used to look like, but frankly, I don't have the time to list all of it. So I just put in the interesting ones, or at least, the ones that looked interesting to me. Most of the stuff I listed above were the timelines between February 2019 - June 2019. Yeah, SCPRP was kinda different......
  8. I remember back in mid 2019 when this server was fun. Yes, I was a minge, but it was still fun even when I wasn't trying to minge. All of the people I knew were the main reason why I stayed. They were just so nice and funny people. They were good friends to be around. I would say that they were the main reason I stayed, even though this was a time where I was hated by almost everyone. Then, the server started to get boring for me, and everyone I knew was leaving. So I left. I tried getting back in to this server a couple months ago. But I couldn't drag myself to do it. It just has changed too much for me to actually play it.
  9. As Of 8/1/19 I am Officially leaving gaminglight. This is not out of anger like last time. this is not fake. this is real. I am leaving gaminglight as of today. I have lost my interest in gaminglight and no longer really care for it anymore. you can possibly see me on the rust server every once and awhile. And maybe even on one of the gaminglight gmod servers. but that will just be a visit. I will no longer be apart of gaminglight. i am just making this post so people can realize i left and am not just going inactive. I am sorry to all of the people that i caused harm to. And since i am leaving. There will be no fuck ups on my end no more. hopefully peace can be made again like it was before i joined. It was a fun ride but in the end, i lost interest. Now, I will like to mention some people that are epic gamers now. Epic Gamer Wall Igneous - cheetah gang. For real one of the best managers i have ever seen. Thanks for doing all the things you do for SCPRP. th3 - You really helped me. If you wouldn't have told me the things you told me than i would've for sure left gaminglight a long time ago. You helped me be better and helped me with the times when i was wanting to leave. Thank you. a lot. Rang/Spire - it will be sad no longer being your bell assistant. it was fun bing bonging the bell on the PA System until MTF Came to capture me. But for real though, you're a real good DOURS, DOUSR, However you say it. You're good site administration. You're also a good Super Admin. I can see you getting Head Admin One Day. And remember, bing bong bring it on. Carpenter - the only thing he is a carpenter for is putting bullets in people's heads. ngl. jk love u no homo Blackbeard - nerd. Infected - You were meant to get 05. There is no doubt. i am happy you have 05. I am not happy that you refuse to play rust with me. that makes you stinky. but i am still happy you got 05 stinky man. Everyone else - epic gamers End: It was a fun ride with gaminglight, but i lost my interest and satisfaction. I no longer am satisfied with gaminglight anymore. You can see me on the rust server sometimes. but that's it. I may come around to visit a little but i don't know. Anyways. It's been fun! I may come back one day but i don't know. Until than, This is bonk, Signing out.
  10. I could answer this in 2 seconds. It's two words. More Money.
  11. Name: BonkBoeink Rank: Private First Class Callsign: XX5 Activity: Leave Of Absence. Region (US/EU): US DiscordID#: BonkBoeink#3332 What do you like/what do you want to see happen in CI: I would like to see more activity.