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  1. Yeah, that's his profile. This doesn't harm anyone unless if you are really needy over nothing.
  2. It's his profile, lmao. I don't know why you want him to remove something off his profile.
  3. I literally chose to ping the people with the name "everyone." I pinged the people with the name "everyone," as I had the option to.
  4. It is my birthday today. Uh, yeah. That's it.
  5. No, I pinged the people with the name "everyone."
  6. Negav's have an incredible hit reg. No matter what, all it takes is just a couple of negav rounds.
  7. No. No on every account -Support. 1000 HP can be easily drained by a negav. Multiple people with a Negav = Game over for 939. That would make it extremely unfun & unfair. 939 is fine at the place he is at right now.
  8. Ah, now I remember. People were changing their name to "everyone." So as a joke, I would ping the people with the name "everyone." I remember what happened now.
  9. I don't know where to go to appeal a discord ban. So I'll go here. First off, I've had this ban for a long time. I don't remember why I got the ban though. I just now remembered that I am banned from the discord for some reason. I don't know why. I am trying to join Security again, and I cannot play without being in the discord. Can I be unbanned please? (I know it's a weak ass appeal, but I generally don't know why I was banned. Nor do I know how to play in Security if I don't have discord access.)
  10. As you can tell, I used to play a LOT of TF2. I was a scout main. I loved bonking people in the head. And I liked the boink sound he would make. So I combined both together.
  11. Damn it. Who will I chase around with a negav now?