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    SCP-173 Testing

    (OLDER TEST) Lore Name: Benjamin Walker Rank: Junior Researcher Clearance Level: 02 List of personnel involved in testing: Junior Researcher Ben Walker; SCP 173, Unnamed Security Officers, Junior Researcher Lamarr. Level D Personnel involved: Jslchatt, Daz. SCP: 173 Hypothesis: SCP-173, the "you blink you die" statue is prone to neck snapping if no retained eye-contact. The test on SCP-173 was to conduct if it would indulge in human parts after death or further more kill them on general attitude, generally, I suspect it would be nothing more than a couple of minutes till both die. Observation: After putting 2 d-class in, blindfolded and set to a wall, the door was shut and given a proper solitude. The room now empty and quiet, the d-class voiced to the statue in the room a deal or proposal that they had done nothing wrong and shouldn't be killed as if they could work things out. Reluctantly, both were kept alive until the test conceded and had to end; which both broke free and had to be put down. Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): Not available. Errors and/or safety hazards: Two D-Class personnel broke containment causing a small fuss, but nothing more. Conclusion: Thought, and/or feelings are seen to be prevalent in 173; it could be confusion or a curious state of mind to why it didn't execute both of them, but it was quite a remarkable exploit. If worked with further, the SCP could be labelled "SAFE". It's only a vision, but a strong one to de-weaponize for the safety of the foundation.
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    SCP-066 Testing

    (OLDER TEST) Lore Name: Benjamin Walker (Ben Walker) Rank: Junior Researcher Clearance Level: 2 List of personnel involved in testing: Junior Researcher Benjamin Walker/Ben Walker Level D Personnel involved: Jimmy SCP: 066 Hypothesis: Being given the info I have right now, I believe to the best of my ability it is most likely Eric's Toy/SCP-066 will blare Beethoven's 5th Symphony after instructing the D-Class to read out the SCP's name from a piece of paper out loud. Observation: SCP-066 and Jimmy both were quiet for a little while until Jimmy jumped on it. 066 started saying Eric a whole bunch and the D-Class refused to say the name out loud. 066 and Jimmy conversed to each other in some sort of fascinating way through jumps and random moves; this was noted. Asking the D-Class why he wouldn't say it, he looked at me in a cold contempt. I was left on a silent streak of what seemed like a minute until the D-Class started picking at the yarn which I told him to stop and ended testing. Medical induced amnesia was administered and the D-Class was returned. Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): None, currently. Errors and/or safety hazards: Range of 066's Music. Conclusion: The D-Class either of intimidation, or fear is unknown why he refused to talk and went silent; possible medical issues/mental issues could be present. Further research and my time will be put into SCP-066, as I find it interesting on how it formed a mutual relationship.
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    SCP-096 Testing

    Test Document: -Dr. W
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    SCP-076-2 Interview

    INTERVIEW With SCP-076-2: -Dr. W
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    SCP-035-1 Interview

    INTERVIEW: Been doing a new format that I find to be more organized and a lot more lore friendly so I hope you all enjoy it.