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  1. You too huh. I had a lot of things thought out for what we could've done for Research after Jeff resigned but seeing this is hard to accept; I'm glad you are moving on Tick. The words you gave to me for my test really made me a better person and motivated me, telling me that I could work harder in the type of stuff I do and get a real professional for doing it was what made my days a lot. Stay safe, Tick. -W
  2. This is a pretty interesting interview, I noticed a lot of indifferent questions from other 035 interviews which you could always improve on! Brainstorming/thinking out more complex and new concepts that could be brought up to 035 is what I am looking for, so reach out there and think big Bonk. I know you can be a little bit mingy sometimes but, you have potential. I rate this Standard. -W (Dr. Everett King)
  3. I can see the effort put into this, and quite frankly, I quite liked it. The idea was interesting although it being short and what not. I'd love to see more of this from you, Soviet. This type of effort and work is what research needs at the moment; so I'm giving this a Quality rating. SCP-173 is tested on pretty widely, but this caught my eye due to the accessories used and that different eye-gear would cause small movements; keep it up man! -W (Dr. Everett King)
  4. Scout

    1048 Noise Response Test

    The concept is extremely interesting, using its own defense mechanism against 1048. Sound. I would keep in mind not to redact some stuff so its easier too read but the detail and effort is always appreciated in research Keep up the great work man! -W (Dr. Everett King)
  5. Amazing work, Corn Flaek. Seeing you as an Executive Researcher makes me pretty happy, knowing you put out phenomenal work! Reading over this, the whole idea and outcome was fun and intriguing. Watching the video as well, and noticing a D-Class that could bench press 600lbs could not defeat this beast was quite the show. But, anyways, back to the original testing. This test is very well detailed, and I enjoyed every bit of it; keep up the good work! I rate this automatically a Quality test. -W (Dr. Everett King)
  6. This a great test, Youtube! Background Research was pretty alright, seeing it describes just what he reacts to. The hypothesis lined up with your results which I found pretty unique and could possibly help with future re containment procedures and what the bear can and cannot react to. For the future, you could try future testing with amount of force applied and etc over-time. Creativity was also great, I've never seen anyone test the levels of pain. Nice job, keep up the good work! I rate this Quality. -W (Dr. Everett King)
  7. As for reverting the effects of NWV, it would take quite a bit of effort; I put research into what would be the common factor in what is the cure, but it is interesting to find a real cure for "the cure" haha. Thanks for adding your note onto this! I'll take into account finding a substance that can reverse effects of 049.
  8. Dude, some of the only reasons I continued research and put so much effort in was because of you. You changed me so much as a person and made me reflect that I need to put more effort into things which is why I did. I wanted to out-best everyone, and show that I really had true potential and reading this I just hope you know that you'll always have a special place in my heart. It's a damn trouble to see you leaving us. Best of luck to you and hope that things only get better in the future! -W. P.S love u
  9. I turned a corner in HCZ while playing as Senior Researcher to find a scary amount of CI; out of instinct I played "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" over a soundboard and, well. Follow up was me being gunned down relentlessly by Heavy's and RCT's.
  10. bruh i straight up thought this was you
  11. What I constructed is not for any likes for that a test, neither is it an experiment. This was simply just research into an epidemic which if you are interested in SCP-049, I suggest you look at tihs. Ever wondered what that cure is exactly? Well check this out. I'm a big nerd for making this, but it was my efforts. Signed, Dr. Everett King.
  12. walrus, I always loved you.
  13. Scout


    -Dr. Everett King. Me being actual level 4 clearance in the Research Department, let me assure you one thing. I myself don't even have high enough clearance to order such a test as the Site Administration are the ones who put it though. What you just did, was redundant. It also stands that if you don't have a rank in research automatically, and play as Dr. Bright, you essentially tested on 106 as a JR and lied about site permission. And once more, another thing. What you did is the equivalent of using Dr. Bright as a JR to get clearance which you probably used to manipulate others to allow you to do the test. Which is unforgivable. One more small P.S, "How dangerous is 106?". That question alone, stands at out to me as pure stupidity and laziness. A lot of people already know damn well that 106 is to not be taken lightly, that's why it requires site admin perms in the first place. The SCP mentioned, is even labelled Keter for both how dangerous it is and the unknown properties it possesses. This is a Research Issue, as well as a staff one. It'll be made sure that staff are aware of this and staff get a blacklist for Dr. Bright to restrict your use.
  14. Visual/Stimuli: (This is entirely fan-made, and not official in Research. I was just hoping people would enjoy what I put effort and time into, and possible thoughts.) Enjoy!
  15. Scout

    079 Interview

    Visual/Stimuli: Document: (Document if you cant understand some dialogue.) Enjoy.