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  1. R&U Name: Sergey Ubermann Rank: Hauptscharführer
  2. Support + * Outstanding leader, wonderful people skills. Selfless and eager to assist others. * Dedicated commissioned officer to the 501st, pretty active. * All around swell dude, very good roleplayer. * Show's 100% competency in the mist's of battle leading and instructing troopers. 501st MT SFC AVL Orion 8346
  3. Support + * Dedicated to his battalion and to his comrades, representing a prime example of what it truly means to be within the 501st Legion. * Outstanding leaderships skills in and out of the battlefield, maintains to keep key concepts of general tactics fresh in his head. Independent, innovated, and very optimistic. *Very active from what I've seen, shows up to most or all of the events, but everyone has things to do IRL. * Very selfless soldier, willing to put forth his own life for his fellow comrades. Shows utmost respect to his superior at all times, and never leaving a trooper behind. * Has great potential to be a fantastic commissioned officer within the 501st. 501st MT SSGT AVL Orion 8346
  4. 1.) In-Game Name: 501st MT SFC AVL Orion 8346. 2.) Current Regiment: 501st Legion. 3.) Current Rank: SFC 4.) Playtime on the server?: Officially two weeks in total, around 4 days worth of playing time, not much of that is AFK. 5.) How many warns do you have?: I currently have no received an administrative punishment on the server. 6.) Why do you wish to become an officer within the 501st Legion?: I'd like to simply state that a series of unfortunate events have occured with the 501st, these incidents have been happening for the past week I've played and have been actively playing with the 501st. I do not believe in boasting but, I wish to become an officer within the 501st for a many reasons, this includes the dire need of active and dedicated leadership within the battalion. Secondly, I have 6-7 years of experience with serious roleplay type server's in and out of garry's mod, those may include Arma 2 & 3 milsim units, nutscript serious roleplays and clockwork. I am very confident in my skills in how to properly lead, organize, and structure an effective and efficient battalion. I am just now getting started with forums and have been doing my best to stay active, giving my input on applications to help better the entire flow of the server and it's leadership. I am a quick thinker, I learn fast at most of anything, dedicated, and eager to put others in front of myself. Most or all of the active 501st Legion know me by now, they respect me and I respect them. I want nothing more then to make this battalion something that we can be proud of, if I'm given the chance I will take the 501st as far as I can possibly take it and it's comrades. I am aware on how to act professionally in all manners, while maintaining a complete relaxation state. I'm stern and forward with my decisions, I will never go back on my words and especially will follow through with what I say. I want the privilege and opportunity to become more proactive and hands on within the battalion, and I feel that the behavior and attitude I bring to the table is exactly what the 501st Legion needs. 7.) Why should you be trusted with the rank of 2LT?: I should be trusted with the rank of second lieutenant for many reasons. I am very active within the server and the community, doing my best to help and assist others in daily tasks. I am skilled and experienced in what I do, and how I perform such daily duties; adding a spin to most thing's to get the best out of whatever I do. I am clam, collective, and a swift thinker; respectful in all manner to all battalions, and service members of the Galactic Republic. Leadership is something I excel at, I sometime may be shy but when a job needs to be done; I will go to extreme lengths to get that task accomplished the best tactical way possible. I have experience in the field I work, always striving to help achieve my comrades personal goals, I listen to my fellow brothers in arms and hear what their goals, problems, issues, etc are. I am social, and am always trying to find the route of a pending issue. 8.) What changes would you like to see and will work for within the Battalion:? Most of the thing's have been addressed at 4-14-19's meeting we had, I have a couple more things in mind. I'd like to see the usage of chain of command be used more, simply issues shouldn't be brought directly to CO's or NCO's. The chain of command is established for a reason, for information to be passed up that chain to be properly handled and communicated on. I'd like to see less talk, and more action. The issue with minging is unacceptable and should not be tolerated at all, I want to help by proposing new policies to help discourage soldiers within our legion to act like children.. I want to start seeing more NCO's and CO's on, without those crucial people there won't be a 501st, it's our jobs to get on as much as we can. And remember, IRL issues and things are always top priority. And finally, the issue with the outdated SOP; a lot of the information no longer pertains to the present of the server, I'd like to help and assist with simple administrative tasks that people seem to not have the spare time for. 9.) Officer Recommendations?: N/a 10.) How often can you be on the server with this job:? Every day, as much as I can squeeze in. Be aware I am an adult and am very busy when I am busy. I do my best to balance out time on here and IRL. 11.) Do you have a working mic?: Yes. 12. What is your timezone?: (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada) 13.) Have you read our SOP?: Yes dozens of times. 14.) Do you agree to dedicate yourself to the 501st, to be professional, and follow all server and regimental guidelines.?: I swear that I will uphold my professionally while in and out of the server, I will follow all server and regimental guidelines; I swear it. 15.) Do you understand that upon being accepted, you will be subjected to a minimum one week, trial period and extensive training?: Yes, I understand these policies.
  5. +Support * I think this would be an amazing addition to the 501st, and attack battalions as a whole. With the recent influx of new 501st legionary's, we may be able to assist ground forces more in events, this has a lot of good thing's to it but... - DC-15a wouldn't make much sense to add, probably not enough space in the aircraft to cram one in ICLY anyways, also instead of 100 armor, I'd suggest 50. Considering that air assest's usually like to stay airborne.
  6. Huge Support + * Continuously shows complete dedication to the 104th Wolfpack Battalion, always under promising and over exceeding expectations. * Good soldier and an even better officer, showing complete and utter respect for others in and out of his battalion. * Takes accountability and responsibility for his actions, even to the point of taking a fall for one of his fellow comrades, a true brother in arms. * Respectful, kind, stern, but most of all an outstanding person. * Extremely active, shows dedication in and out of server taking action without question. * Very experienced and serious roleplayer, with the occasionally flip side of fun :). 501st CPL Orion 8346
  7. Name: 501st MT SSGT Orion 8346 Rank: SSGT Activity Status: Active Specialization: Combat Medic**
  8. Loving that 501st lifeeeeeee #501stCPLOrion #8346