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  1. Hello Nu7, unfortunately the same has happened to MTF that happened with gensec, I played it a lot and realized its just not for me. I also would like to put more time into research, and also join the new medical staff branch. It was really fun in Nu7 at first, and after investing so much time into gensec to finally attend the tryouts its really sad to leave, but the more I played it the more I realized security like jobs aren't my type of role. It was great serving for MTF and I respect each and every one of you for keeping our site safe from breaches and CI. Especially you Susel. Goodbye MTF and I will see you all in Site 05.
  2. Steam Name: The IRS Ingame Name: Cornn Flaek/Breen SteamID: STEAM_0:1:78650607 Ban Length: two years Admin that Banned you: th3 Reason for Ban: "Report Accepted/Racism/NITRP/Appeal @" Dispute: On Tuesday, I had filed a report against someone for the reasons given for my ban, in this post. On Wednesday th3 had accepted my report and said they will receive an undisclosed punishment. However I had received the punishment instead. Immediately upon discovering this I went to check and see if I mixed up the steamIDs, however the steamID listed as mine links to my account, and the steamID I listed as the player I was reporting links to their profile. I had notified th3 of what happened and he told me he would unban me when he got home on Wednesday, unfortunately he was not able to get on. Then yesterday I had dmed th3 twice about the ban, but I did not get a response, and some people in the research discord had pinged th3 asking about it, again with no response. So far its been almost two days since my false ban, and I have already missed an important research meeting because of this. This is why I have decided to post a ban appeal. I'm sorry if this seems impatient of me but I would hope its understood, as I wasn't the one breaking the rules in this situation but I've been the one punished.
  3. Your in game name: Cornn Flaek/Breen Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:78650607 The player's in game name: PyRo The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:1:65544022 What did the player do: Player called me the N-word hard R, and was disrespectful because I had MTF in my name. Evidence (required): What do you believe should happen to the player: Warning Any extra information: none
  4. Name: Cornn Flaek Rank: Executive Resaercher Clearance Level: 3 List of Personnel involved in testing: Security LCPL fred Level D personnel involved: Class D Stanky SCP: 194 Errors and/or safety hazards: LCPL opened the CC door before testing was ready, almost breaching 194. Question: What are the specific physical abilities of SCP-194? Background Research: SCP-194 are visually identical to Corvus corax, or the common raven. Their behavior is also identical to that of most ravens, save for how they display an abnormal degree of comfort in the presence of humans. Persons who are in prolonged contact with SCP-194 become SCP-194-1. No evidence has been found to suggest that SCP-194 have this effect on other animals. Approximately one (1) week after the feather-eating stage commences, SCP-194-1 will undergo a metamorphosis; the shoulder blades will develop thin bony protrusions that grow outwards with skin and muscle tissue growing around the bones as they extend. Hypothesis: If a class D with extraordinary physical capabilities, such as agility and strength, is put against SCP-194, then the class D might be able to terminate it. Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): 1st: The start of the battle. 2nd: SCP-194 coming out of hiding from the bushes and terminating the class D. Class D was chosen based on a physical exam, chosen class d demonstrated highly above average reflexes, being able to run at speeds up to 18 mph, and bench press up to 600 pounds. Upon arrival to the chamber, the Class D was armed with a knife, shown SCP-194 through the glass, and told it will be fighting it. The Class D showed great enthusiasm and was eager to fight it, even struggling to open the chamber himself, which of course did not happen. SCP-194 was sedated and the Class D was introduced into the chamber. Only a few seconds passed and SCP-194 woke back up, already charging at the Class D. The Class D showed extreme agility while dodging almost everything the instance of SCP-194 threw at him. He even started taunting 194-1. After about 30 seconds of just running around each other dodging attacks, the Class D cut SCP-194's arm, it let out a screech and hid in the bushes in its chamber, becoming almost invisible. The Class D began panicking, as seen in the recorded video, SCP-194 then ambushed from the bushes, knocking the Class D into the water, and delivering the killing blow. Analysis and Conclusion: SCP-194 is stronger than expected, and excels in physical combat. Guns should still be the method of termination. (Obviously) Do your results align with your hypothesis?: No, the Class D was still defeated by SCP-194
  5. Form Title: [SCP-096] ~ Research (5/24/19) Rank: Senior Researcher Clearance Level: 3 List of Personnel involved in testing: - Security SGT Redwolf - MTF Nu7 RCT Nomad RC9 Level D personnel involved: - Dclass Medic Slave SCP: 096 Errors and/or safety hazards: I forgot to remove the brain wave sensors at the end of the test and we had to tranquilize 096 to retrieve them. Question: Is SCP-096 actually blind like the foundation hypothesizes? Background Research: SCP-096 is a humanoid figure, approx. 2.83m tall, and lacks pigmentation all over its body, as well as its eyes. When its face is viewed by anyone, be it physically or by picture or video, SCP-096 will enter an emotionally distressed state and hunt down whoever looked at its face, while doing this it is unstoppable to the Foundation's knowledge. Due to its lack of pigmentation in its eyes, it is theorized it is completely blind, I would like to test that and either confirm it or debunk it. Hypothesis: If SCP-096 is hooked up to a brain wave scanner, and shown a complex, stimulating image on a piece of paper, then it will show brain activity that indicated visual stimulation. Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): (Caption: SCP-096 with the brain wave sensors on.) Upon arrival to the containment chamber, Nu7 RCT Nomad was already inside the room, and he agreed to assist with the test. SGT Redwolf entered the chamber and successfully bagged SCP-096, while this was happening the Class D was informed that they are to take a memetic kill agent printed on a piece of paper and hold it in front of their face, facing SCP-096, and remove the bag. This is to block them from seeing SCP-096's face and to allow SCP-096 to view the kill agent. After 096 was successfully bagged, the electrodes were remotely connected to the electroencephalogram (EEG) and places on the back of SCP-096's head, which is where the occipital lobe is. The Class D was given the envelope containing the kill agent, and the chamber door was closed. Before the actual test began, SCP-096's brain activity was recorded for twenty minutes to get a control group. Class D was then instructed to go through with the test procedure. It seems at the moment SCP-096 viewed the kill agent, alpha waves skyrocketed, indicating visual stimulation and possibly overload. All while this is happening SCP-096 is seemingly as still as a statue. Alpha wave activity kept rising, as well as Theta waves, which indicates SCP-096 started panicking, all while standing perfectly still. After about 10 minutes, SCP-096's brain wave activity seemed to level out and reached a plateau, and the Class D was complaining about sore arms, and that he cannot hold them up any longer. The chamber was opened and SCP-096 kept staring at the kill agent, and was easily bagged. The class D was extracted from the chamber, and the cell was closed. The electrodes were still on 096, so the chamber was opened again and 096 was tranquilized, and the electrodes were removed. Class D survived and given amnestics upon arrival to d block. Analysis and Conclusion: Due to hyperactivity of SCP-096's brain when looking at a memetic kill agent, it can be concluded that SCP-096 is in fact, NOT blind. It just lacks pigmentation in the eyes. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: Yes, the results line up almost perfectly with the hypothesis. Approved by the Director of Research and Security and the Head of Research. For use in Site-05. Secure, Contain, And Protect.
  6. *LEVEL THREE CLEARANCE REQUIRED TO VIEW* Property of the Foundation //-----------------------------------------------------------------// Form Title: [SCP-076-2] ~ Research (4/27/19) Lore Name: Cornn Flaek Rank: Senior Researcher Clearance Level: 3 List of personnel involved in testing: - MTF Nu7 LCPL Lucky LC01 Level D personnel involved: - Class D [REDACTED] SCP: 076-2 Hypothesis: If a Class D is introduced into SCP-076-1 and attempts to befriend SCP-076-2, then SCP-076-2 will have a different reaction when "challenged." Observation: Class D was escorted to the LCZ armory and instructed to buy a glock then immediately put it away, then was restrained. Before entrance to SCP-076 cell Class D was checked to see if they did put the gun away, MTF agent instructed to put away their gun, and to only use it as a last resort. Class D instructed to start a friendly conversation with SCP-076-2, then after a period of time take out the glock and shoot at SCP-076-2. SCP-076-1 was opened and Class D stepped inside. The following could be heard from outside SCP-076-1: --BEGIN LOG-- Class D [REDACTED]: "So.... uh... 076 is it? How has your day been so far?" *SCP-076-2 sits and thinks for a few seconds* SCP-076-2: "Abysmal" *The two sit in awkward silence for a few minutes* Class D [REDACTED]: "So do you like murdering people or.....?" *SCP-076-2 remains unresponsive* Class D [REDACTED]: "Ok, do you like fighting?" SCP-076-2: "Yes, people here challenge me all the time." Class D [REDACTED]: "H-how does that go?" *A loud slam can be heard from inside the cell, along side a scream* SCP-076-2: "As you might expect, pathetic, boring, and oh so frustrating" Class D [REDACTED]: "I-I'm sorry, p-please don't hurt me I w-was sent by them." *Another crash can be heard from inside the cell* SCP-076-2: "YOU WORK FOR THEM? THE ONES WHO KEEP ME HERE ETERNALLY, LEAVING ME WITH NOTHING TO DO? GIVING ME THE PATHETIC CHALLENGES THAT LAST LESS THAN A SECOND?" Class D [REDACTED]: "N-NO NO I-I-I'm a prisoner p-please I d-don' t have a choice!" *Eight gunshots are heard, paired alongside a loud slam against the eastern wall and choking coming from Class D* SCP-076-2: "ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC, YOU COULDN'T EVEN HIT ME ONCE? EIGHT SHOTS AND YOU MISS ALL OF THEM. I WILL BE DOING YOU A FAVOR BY SLAUGHTERING YOU" *SCP-076-2 grunts, and a loud slam can be heard from the western wall, it can be assumed SCP-076-2 threw the Class D across SCP-076-1* Class D [REDACTED]: *coughing* "P-PLEASE DON'T DO THIS. I CAN GET YOU OUT OF HERE, PLEASE DON'T, I WILL DO ANYTHING" *A slicing noise can be heard from within SCP-076-1, Class D can be heard struggling, then it stops after a few minutes.* *SCP-076-2 can be heard slamming the Class D against the floor multiple times, sounding increasingly angry after each blow" SCP-076-2: "feeble worm...." SR Cornn Flaek: *Whispers to MTF agent* "I, uh, think we should leave, quickly. Have your tranq ready just in case" --END LOG-- Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): Class D right before SCP-076-1 was closed. Errors and/or safety hazards: SCP-076-2 grew extremely irate during the test, we feared that a breach might happen. Conclusion: SCP-076-2 cannot be befriended, and attacks much more violently than usual when challenged if already in a state of emotional distress. Approved by the Director of R&D and the Head of Research. For use in Site-05. Secure, Contain, And Protect.
  7. *LEVEL THREE CLEARANCE REQUIRED TO VIEW* Property of the Foundation //-----------------------------------------------------------------// Form Title: [SCP-035-1] ~ Research (4/19/2019) Lore Name: Cornn Flaek Rank: Senior Researcher Clearance Level: 3 List of personnel involved in testing: MTF Nu7 RCT Rhythm Level D personnel involved: Class D Mohammad Alef SCP: 035-1 Hypothesis: If SCP-035-1 is questioned about SCP-106, then it will provide proper information about it, as I believe it is related to SCP-106 Observation: Class D is unblindfolded, and introduced into the chamber. --BEGIN LOG-- (yell) Senior Researcher Cornn Flaek: please ask him about the liquid coming from the mask *Class D then asks 035 how his day is, in a very shaky voice, while approching the table* Silver| SCP 035 E: bad.. Silver| SCP 035 E: its boring here Silver| SCP 035 E: you humans never give anything to do Senior Researcher Cornn Flaek: please ask SCP-035 about the liquid in his mask *Class D takes a seat at the table mentioning being stuck in the foundation for years* Silver| SCP 035 E: atleast you aren't stuck in one place forever *Class D brings up previous suicide attempts* Silver| SCP 035 E: cool Silver| SCP 035 E: you should try it more *Class D seems shocked* Silver| SCP 035 E: yes Silver| SCP 035 E: its fun Silver| SCP 035 E: you should try again *Class D is in disbelief, most likely due to lack of knowledge of 035's abilities* Senior Researcher Cornn Flaek: if you don't ask the instructed questions you will be terminated *Class D recollects, fearing his life, asks me to repeat the question* Senior Researcher Cornn Flaek: ask it about the liquid in the mask Silver| SCP 035 E: its none of your concern Silver| SCP 035 E: its too complex for your puny brain. Senior Researcher Cornn Flaek: hmm Senior Researcher Cornn Flaek: ask it if it knows anything about SCP-106 *Class D asks the question, despite not knowing what SCP-106 is* Silver| SCP 035 E: 106 eh Silver| SCP 035 E: thats probably the most unlucky fella ever Silver| SCP 035 E: poor guy couldn't even rest before it happened *It is believed SCP-035 whispers something to the Class D* *SR Cornn Flaek turns to MTF* (whisper) Senior Researcher Cornn Flaek: i think 035 is whispering to the class d Gold| MTF Nu7 RCT Rhythm: permission to execute Senior Researcher Cornn Flaek: not yet Senior Researcher Cornn Flaek: ask him if he knows the name, "Corporal Lawrence" *Class D repeats the words to SCP-035-1* Silver| SCP 035 E: you're asking enough *SCP-035 terminates the Class D* *SR Cornn Flaek slams his fists against the window* Senior Researcher Cornn Flaek: NO! Senior Researcher Cornn Flaek: god damn it 035 I know you have something to do with 106 Senior Researcher Cornn Flaek: you bastard Senior Researcher Cornn Flaek: I WILL get that information out of you Silver| SCP 035 E: n e v e r *SR Cornn Flaek takes a deep breath in, trying to calm down, then turns to MTF* Senior Researcher Cornn Flaek: we are done here --END LOG-- Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): Class D sitting with and conversing with SCP-035-1 Errors and/or safety hazards: SCP-049 breached during the test, making the trip back to LCZ dangerous. Conclusion: SCP-035, the mask itself, knows something about SCP-106 we dont, due to his reluctancy to talk about 106. Note: I know he knows something about 106, and I will get him to TALK god damn it. We are so close to piecing together 106's past, and right now 035 is our key.... Approved by the Director of R&D and the Head of Research. For use in Site-05. Secure, Contain, And Protect.
  8. colonelchronos

    SCP 999 Test

    Good test, but please remember any tests with Class D need a security escort.
  9. Lore Name: Cornn Flaek Rank: Senior Researcher Clearance Level: 3 List of personnel involved in testing: -MTF Nu7 RCT Chill -MTF Nu7 CPL Jack Phillips Level D personnel involved: -Class D [REDACTED] SCP: 096 Hypothesis: If SCP-096 is introduced to a blindfolded Class D, then it will show discomfort from being around a person for an extended period of time. Observation: SCP-096's cell was opened, and SCP-096 had a bag placed over its head, blindfolded Class D was introduced into 096's cell, bag removed and MTF extracted safely. SCP-096 was shown to be pacing across the east wall while Class D screamed in distress. After 2 minutes and 30 seconds, MTF was sent into the cell, 096 was bagged, and the blindfold was removed. Class D showed extreme distress upon viewing SCP-096's body. Class D instructed to maintain eye contact with SCP-096, with threat of termination of they did not within 1 minute. After 45 seconds, SCP-096 could be heard shuffling around the cell, then it started screaming and crying, assuming it entered its enraged state. Class D terminated by 096. Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): N/A Errors and/or safety hazards: Almost had a slip up with bagging 096's head, but bag was placed properly and safely. Conclusion: SCP-096 has no perception of its surrounding entities outside of its enraged state. SCP-096 took no notice of blindfolded Class D until he looked at it.
  10. Lore Name: Cornn Flaek Rank: Senior Researcher Clearance Level: 3 List of personnel involved in testing: -Security LCPL [REDACTED] Level D personnel involved: -Class D [REDACTED] SCP: 049 Hypothesis: If SCP-049 is introduced to two class D, one HIV+ and one AIDS+, then he will detected and act upon these diseases. Observation: Class D were introduced into SCP-049's chamber, SCP-049 greeted them and approached the them. He then swiftly terminated one with a blow to the throat, and proceeded to do his normal operation on him, resurrecting the Class D into an instance of SCP-049-2. SCP-049 instructed it to leave the other Class D alone before swiftly terminating the other Class D as well, resurrecting her into SCP-049-2. SCP-049 seemed to not take note of anything strange or off about the two Class Ds. SCP-049 then proceeded to instruct the two SCP-049-2s to break the door down. Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): 1) SCP-049 converting the first class D. 2) SCP-049 converting the 2nd class D, moments before breach. Errors and/or safety hazards: SCP-040 breached containment, but was quickly recontained. SCP-049-2 killed 3 faculty in the process. Conclusion: SCP-049 has no knowledge of any disease but the pestilence. This concludes my testing with SCP-049 with our known pathogens. why do the pictures keep dropping in quality reeeeee
  11. Name: Cornn Flaek Rank: Researcher Clearance Level: 2 Date of Incident: 4/19/19 Describe the incident: SCP-049 broke out of his containment cell during a test along side two SCP-049-2. List classes of SCP(s) involved: Euclid Immediate complications due to the incident: 1 (one) Researcher death, 1 (one) LCPL death, and 1 (one) MTF death. Long-term complications due to the incident (if applicable): N/A Type of response towards incident (MTF/NTF/Security/ETC): MTF responded almost immediately, RCing 049 and terminating the two instanced of SCP-049-2 very quickly. Resolution towards incident: Only one 049-2 may be present in 049's cell at once. How dangerous was the entirety of the situation?: minimal-moderate, 3 staff deaths Extra Information: N/A
  12. Lore Name: Cornn Flaek Rank: Researcher Clearance Level: 2 List of personnel involved in testing: -Security LCPL Echo Level D personnel involved: -Class D AlexGreenYT SCP: 049 Hypothesis: If a patient confirmed to have a strain of the H1N1 virus is introduced to SCP-049, then SCP-049 will have a reaction to the virus, potentially trying to medicinally cure it. Observation: Class D was taken to 049's containment chamber, after being confirmed by medical staff that the Class D has the strain of the H1N1 virus, H3N2. Upon entering the 049's room, he seemed interested with the Class D. SCP-049 advanced on the Class D, terminating him instantly, unfortunately 049 went along his standard surgical procedures on the terminated Class D. Upon resurrection 049 reverted the changes as best as he could, and muttered with an annoyed, disappointing tone, "Ils sont tous les mêmes!" (They are all the same!) then turned to me and requested better patients to be brought in. SCP-049-2 was extracted safely from the containment chamber and briefly incinerated. Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): Class D moments after the surgical procedure Errors and/or safety hazards: N/A Conclusion: SCP-049 has no knowledge of this world's pathogens, possible conclusion is SCP-049 is from a different dimension. Further testing required with other pathogens to confirm this 100%. wow that picture dropped heavily in quality during the upload
  13. Lore Name: Cornn Flaek Rank: Researcher Clearance Level: 2 List of personnel involved in testing: -Security SM Dinonova -Security Sergeant [REDACTED] Level D personnel involved: -Class D [REDACTED] SCP: 966 Hypothesis: If SCP-966 is exposed to a Class D with vision described as "Superhuman", then the Class D can see shimmers of SCP-966. Observation: Class D introduced into SCP-966's containment cell, obviously distraught because he was blindfolded, then enters a panicked state and flailing about the cell. It can be assumed that 966 brushed up against him or touched him. This continued for about 1 minute 30 seconds, until SCP-966 revealed itself and terminated the Class D. Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): Seen below, 1st picture is the Class D in a panicked state, 2nd picture is the terminated Class D. Errors and/or safety hazards: -SCP-049 was seen on the opposite side of HCZ as us, MTF was sent in to re-contain. Conclusion: SCP-966 is just too far out of our sight spectrum that not even superhuman vision can detect them while cloaked.