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  1. Well I certainly will not miss d class and their mic spam and minge However I will miss gensec. It was a lot of fun moving up in the ranks and forming friendships with my peers. For example: Slade: I will still hop on your CC if i ever get whitelisted xd. I wish you luck and hope you get 1LT soon Russian: Good job on RCF CMDR, I know you will do good with it. Boris: LOA LOA LOA LOA LOA LOA LOA Harrison: BIG MINGE Rang, Spire, or Aktus whoever you are: The strong leader Gensec needs, firm hand but not overbearing at all TwoSix: bruh this is the second time you will see this, GJ on CPT and i hope you go higher Cryolast: Brought me up to where I am and helped me as a lower rank Duke: Dont get banned next time Everyone Else: keep d block secure and stop leaving bunks open Goodbye gensec I enjoyed my time in the branch
  2. Well bois im sad to say it has come to this and expect more to come. Even though I was only a PSC I still enjoyed every second of being in A1. I wasn't in there long so I never really knew much people well. Unfortunate I was here during most of Daedran's LOA too. Good Luck Harrison.
  3. also public poll, should probably fix that
  4. +SUPPORT +Has been admin for a very long time +Works well in the sits ive seen him in +Has improved on server activity +Very respectable guy +Friendly member of the community +Helpful with lower staff members -A little inactive on staff I give your senior admin application a solid kek
  5. +/- Support +Has matured over time +Alright application +Q16 correct -Semi-recent warns -Racism and Mass Racism warns -Repetition in the why do you think you deserve the rank, seems like you are just trying to fit the word requirement -Lots of warns
  6. +Support +Nice guy from what I have experienced +Application is good +Lots of time on community +Q16 good -Recent warns
  7. i have also punished you in the past for buying a keypad cracker as 343 and opening gate A for other SCPs
  8. Breen

    Weiss' Player Report

    also whats with the video, its like very off center
  9. Your In-game: Breen Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:78650607 The admin's name in-game: Harrison The admin's steam name (If you know it):STEAM_0:0:83925338 What warning did you receive: RDM Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: The warn was for self defense as a Class D, someone was attempting to RDM me and I fought back, which at the time was said to be OK in the MOTD. I talked to harrison about it and he said he wanted it appealed too. Any extra information: This was almost 4 months ago so I'm not sure if I'm still able to appeal it tbh.