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  1. we do not have access to view the document
  2. +support will fix the issue of the constant sits of "096 rdmed me" and all the other issues of having to guess if they looked long enough. Or the people who would just kill people and sprint while not enraged. Also would help with the charge time due to it highlighting who looked at you so you wont lose them.
  3. -support pointless scp only to cause audio minging similar to 066
  4. Score: 93/100 Grade: A- Lore: 18/20 A little difficult to judge based on lore, but each SCP almost functioned as they do in lore. Would have liked to see SCP-682's damage adaptability utilized in the test log though. Creativity: 20/20 You were able to make a creative hypothesis, instead of just asking "what happen if we put 682 with 106???" And the observation was creatively written Presentation: 20/20 formatting and design worked well together, information was well organized and easy to read. Writing: 35/40 Few grammar errors like missing words. Everything else was good.
  5. Fear has not been in research for a good while, and his time in it, from my experiences at least, were mingey
  6. Above grade is voided until you move this test to the proper section, which can be found here. For now this test is INVALID
  7. Score: 60/100 Grade: D- Lore: 20/20 SCP-939 would most definitely attack 096 if it made noise, and SCP-096 probably did not retaliate because it is only provoked by something looking at its face. SCP-939 does not have eyes to provoke 096. 096 Has also not been recorded responding to any damage done to it with the exception of 682. Creativity: 5/20 Very basic termination test imo. Nothing creative, just "lets put these two SCPs together and see what happens" Presentation: 5/20 Very short. Colors seem out of place. No formatting or styling, just vanilla text. Writing: 30/40 No major spelling or grammar errors. However, there is not much here and some of the sentences, especially the hypothesis, are incredibly weak. Honestly, overall this seems very rushed and you were trying to get this test log out as quick as possible.
  8. protege is now designated apollyon object class
  9. Breen


    +/- support leaning -support this requires competent players and players with intent to rp CI and MTF barely even take hostages and if they do its the higher ranking ones that take them. This would be a bare minimum RP to work on before something like this is implemented because from what ive noticed with lower CI and MTF is all they know is shoot
  10. we are literally the ones who stop its self breaching. I don't see why a job that deals with HAZARDOUS MATERIALS, with an INFINITE FIRE EXTINGUISHER, should not be allowed to extinguish a flame. It's not like 457 has a complex recontainment procedure or one related to combat. Research already has to sit inside bunks and wait for things to become safer. It is not always a situation of them "not doing their job" sometimes they are short-staffed or busy with more important issues. Research already has a specialized job that experienced researchers are allowed to use, and it's not stealing their job, it's helping them out and not burdening everything on MTF/RCF.
  11. Breen

    A smarts test

    we cant access the document
  12. -support, unneeded change and makes SCP-999 utterly useless. We have enough useless SCPs as it is; will change it to +support if you offer an alternative to a medkit. Staff exists for a reason.