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  1. command members are humans too, we arent on our computers 24 hours a day
  2. assigned for grading
  3. assigned for grading
  4. this should be in the test request text channel in the research discord
  5. Overall Grade: QUALITY Lore: Follows 049's lore well, with his thick clothing that almost seems like part of him, to him scared of guns. Creativity: Very creative test. I've never seen someone have the idea of automated weaponry to keep 049 at bay. This could be used to give 049 more freedom in his cell without having armed guards there 24/7. Good idea to try alternative ammo as well. Presentation: Looks like an official document, organized well and is neat and easy to follow. Writing: Some minor grammar errors like missing apostrophes but nothing major.
  6. Overall Grade: QUALITY Lore: Aligns with lore well for both SCPs involved. Included SCP-035's powerful influence. Creativity: Really creative idea for a cross test, many people seem to forget or even don't know how Dr. Bright works. But I have to give some credit to Trevdec for coming up w the idea. Presentation: Formatted very well and organized nicely. The audio log is a nice touch. Writing: No spelling or grammar errors and each section has descriptive sentences too.
  7. assigned for grading