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  1. It's New Life Rule (yep, made a mistake with the acronym). Basically you cant go into the same are where you died for three minutes.
  2. Please make sure suggestions are pertinent and relevant! What you want to see? - Small reminder of the NLR rule in spawn rooms, specially for security. Why should we add it? - New players sometimes forget/don't read about the NLR rule. This leads to situations like security getting killed and immediately appearing behind your back on D-block. What are the advantages of having this? - New players would know / not forget about waiting three minutes before getting out of the spawn room. Who is it mainly for? - Security, research. Mainly security as many times I've seen poor D-bois killing the door guards just to get immediately massacred from behind. Links to any content - n/a
  3. +support 343 is basically God, why wouldn't he be allowed into D-block? As it is a donor job, enforcing rules should be fairly simple. I play 343 quite regularly and to be fair half the server is usually there, or more. Not being able to interact with these guys when nothing else is happening in the facility is quite frustrating. And I disagree with the statement that RP SCPs are only for researchers. They are part of the fun for all of us. D-class spend most of the time in D-block getting shot at and get really excited when something unusual happens, like God appearing. D-class also have the right to RP, not just to be used as SCP food.
  4. Just the title. I is such a cool feature yet nowadays it seems no one is allowed to use it. While I wouldn't just incinerate a D-class for fun or to recreate a holocaust shower (and I support striking people for doing this), punishing a test subject who ruins a test or rejects taking the amnesiac seems like a valid reason for me. So, what is the procedure or the valid reasons for using the incinerator?
  5. woops, you are right. Corrected! and thanks!
  6. Form Title: [SCP-343 resistance test] ~ Research (14/04) Lore Name: Yao Rank: Junior Researcher Clearance Level: 1 List of personnel involved in testing: none Level D personnel involved: none SCP: 343 Hypothesis: SCP-343 is not immortal, just extremely resistant to injury and pain, and can be damaged by a strong enough weapon/tool like a Tesla Gate. Observation: I asked SCP-343 to stand in the active Tesla Gate on the D-block entrance. He agreed on the test, referring to me as "my son". He proceeded to stand at the Testa Gate on his physical form, receiving multiple electric discharges for more than 2 minutes. After the experience, he didn't showed any sign of injury of pain, instead telling me that, as he is master over space and time, he cannot be harmed. When asked if he lost even 1% of his health, he responded "I don't need to heal as I cannot be harmed. I don't even loose health, nor have any way to measure my health status". He then proceeded to excuse himself, telling me than "he needs to keep company to the SCP's on HCZ". It seems SCP-343 visits the containment chambers on the HCZ. When asked if that was allowed, he told me "sure, its not against the rules as far as I know". He then disappeared. I was puzzled of what rules does SCP-343 was referring to. Also, I felt unusually happy and content after the experiment, probably due to exposure to 343. Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): n/a Errors and/or safety hazards: During the test, a D-class tried to escape and I received minor injuries in the crossfire with GENSEC. Conclusion: So far, no weapon or tool has been able to damage SCP-343. While the effect of weapons on 343 is well documented, I was surprised that even a Tesla Gate, able to kill a normal man instantly, doesn't do any harm to him. It was also unexpected that even him seems to follow some set of rules. This is a repost, somehow both my test posts where deleted in the morning.
  7. Form Title: [SCP-173] ~ Research (14/04) Lore Name: Yao Rank: Junior Researcher Clearance Level: 1 List of personnel involved in testing: Janitor (name unavailable) Level D personnel involved: Speedy Security [...] (don't remember whole name) SCP: 173 Hypothesis: when presented with limited choice, SCP-173 will prioritize the elimination of aggressive targets. Observation: I introduced two D-class into SCP-173's containment chamber. Each D-class was given a different task: Subject A professed his love for 173, Subject B professed his hate. Then, both test subjects where blindfolded and tied at opposite ends of the chamber at the same distance of SCP-173. The door was closed by Janitorial Staff for ten seconds. After opening again, Subject A (the one professing his love) was dead in the floor, his neck broken by SCP-173. The surviving D-class was extracted from the chamber, given an amnesiac and set free on D-block. Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): n/a Errors and/or safety hazards: Intent was to continue testing SCP-173's priorities but test had to be interrupted due to activation of DEFCON 3. Conclusion: When presented between two mutually exclusive targets, SCP-173 will kill the one showing affection instead of the aggressive one. One reason could be that hate and fear is a more familiar reaction to SCP-173 than love, thus love might appear as more unusual/threatening. Further testing is needed to confirm this conclusion. This is a repost, somehow both my test posts where deleted in the morning.
  8. Yao

    Hi, I'm Yao

    Hello my name is Diego, in-game name Yao. Just want to say that I've been playing SCP-RP for a couple of days now and I love it! Only downside is the very low number of researchers when I'm around, currently learning how to contribute to the server by becoming a researcher :)