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  1. A1 wont be the same without someone like you hope for the best
  2. + Support Will make it easier for MTF not to accidently shoot CI doing business or simply going to the meeting room
  3. Well here's my story At first I played on a SCP RP server which shut down and me and a couple other dudes from that server wanted to start our own SCP RP server which almost happened but we had alot of infighting so 3 dudes who had most of the resources left so it never happened. While this was happening I just played as a D class on Gaminglight and said fuck it let's going security for lels. Soon after I escaped as a D class and joined CI and later Nu7. Playing in both branches was awesome at the time and I was pumped as the previous server I played on was super serious as if you talked during tryouts even saying yes sir you would be kicked from it. Soon I started ranking up in both branches spending more and more time on the server. Eventually I was able to get low command in both branches and by that time I had seen many people get promoted,removed, and some who even left the server entirely. Stuff was going great for me and I really enjoyed playing on the server. Eventually things started getting a bit tough for me as Due to me being low command in 2 branches it was really hard for me to manage my time as I had almost no time for myself. I eventually decided to leave CI as I wanted to focus my time on Nu7 as I believed I could get the most out of that branch. Nu7 was great and I was even able to get to the rank of major but around my 1 month anniversary something changed. The server never got boring for me but I wanted to invest my time into other things such as school, sports, and hanging and talking with my friends. I always loved the server and know that the people behind it are great and work really hard but I had to make a decision so I decided to resign from Nu7. If something in my life ever changes or if I ever get more free time in my life I will come back as not only is the gameplay awesome but the people on their are amazing and I already miss so many. But until then ya boi out here chillin. I still talk on the discord servers if anyone ever wanna PM me but ya that's my story of gaminglight.
  4. Damn hope the best for you carp
  6. Rang Don;t forget their is also the Nu7 medic so it isn't just the medic branch
  7. Thank you Mike very cool still in use till this day
  8. Welp it's been a long ride and I had a hell of a blast. I absolutely loved playing on the server and it was so much fun meeting new people and going up in the ranks to end up where I am. I will still try and talk to all my buddies in TeamSpeak as the main reason for this resignation is that I simply want to invest my time into other things as school is starting and to work toward my medical degree I can't afford to put time toward the server. Now time for the special thanks for everyone who I've met and known Infected- Never got to kiss you on the femur F, Also a great friend and best 05 no cap Fool- Was a great friend for me and deserves the command rank he is in now and I know he will do a great job Carpenter- Roblox with you and blackbeard was something else Blackbeard- TBH I see you around the site often 6/10, but on a real note an OG Nu7 member and a great DOC Nimo- Was really funny and a great guy to talk to when you needed someone to cheer you up Daedran- Genuinely one of the best people I know on the server and one of the most dedicated Jeffe- Talking to you in TeamSpeak was always lit Kales- Probably the funniest person on the server It was a pleasure being your Nu7 Major Lucky out
  9. I will miss you habibi