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  1. Due to the circumstances I don't believe that a punishment is needed as it was simply creative thinking to a situation
  2. + support Definitely mature enough for the position activity could use a bit of work but other than that this man is prepared
  3. Rip bro I remember that day when we integrated rang and you tranqed me and killed me when I offered the XK end of world scenario amnestics I'll miss you dawg
  4. Name: Lucky Branch: Janitorial Rank: Junior Janitor Rate your Activity from 1 to 10 (1 being very low 10 being incredible) : 3
  5. I believe that 682 was more in the wrong here but he shouldn't have tried to make a deal with 682 knowing that he will kill everything
  6. What branch were you in SCP RP and what rank just wondering?
  7. Mining shouldn't have ever been in the server and it also causes extreme lag and doesn't make sense in rp at all
  8. I know where this is coming from and if the weapon were to be removed then the CC should get a replacement but shouldn't have to pay for the replacement because that's the biggest issue I might have as I don't think the CC's should have to buy another weapon if one of their weapons get's removed.