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  1. Just wanted to say thank you to Zeeptin for add signatures back to profiles. As well as let people know that they are back... I know there are many people that appreciate it!
  2. + Support +Great app +Constantly in game +Trains A LOT +Professional +/- Haven't seen much of him prior to this last month 44 warns (Even though appealed) is a lot. I hope you have learned... Good luck ~ CPT Adams
  3. Really? I had no idea they only allowed a certain amount. I love how I still get permission though. Haha
  4. Rank You are Applying For: Major In-Game Name: Cpt Adams 1L57 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:96164252 Current Rank: Captain How long have you been in your current rank?: Just over a month What timezone are you in?: MST/MDT How many Warns do you have?: 1 Permission: PD Commissioner Snar Why should you be promoted (200 words Minimum): This first reason I believe that I should be promoted over some other applicants is because as I have stated before in some of my previous apps, I believe that I have shown a very high degree of maturity and work ethic in my time as Captain. I prefer to do things the right way rather than the quick way or the “easy” way. When a problem with an officer comes to my attention, I like to talk with people about what they have done wrong and how we can look forward to fixing the problem in the future. Only when it becomes a consistent problem is when I decide punishment is needed. Although I know a lot of people might not take this server 100% seriously, I think it is a lot more fun if you look at it from a real life perspective, so I like to treat every situation as I would in real life. Secondly, Without sounding too condescending, I am a great asset to have when it comes to command work and leading a division. For the last 3 years I have been going to school to get my masters in Criminal Justice. I have learned many things from all of my classes including how to run a department both logistically or politically without running it into the ground. I have also spent 2+ years working with police administration and organisation directly with the police department where I live. All of this experience makes me into a pretty valuable command member that could add many fresh ideas into the PD command. Finally, I feel that I have been very consistent with my play time as Captain as well as holding meetings. I try to hold a meeting everyday that I get on (which is usually every day as well.) I also hold meetings where important things are actually talked about rather than just mumbling around for 15 minutes before doing promotions. I like to make sure I have a list for topics that need to be brought up before a meeting starts to insure that we get all officers informed and released quickly so they can get back to their normal duties. Because as most people believe, PD meetings are exhausting unless you are leading them or getting promoted. With my playtime, I am almost always on at least once a day, So I am always aware of what is going on in the server and what needs to be addressed and fixed. (414 Words) You agree that disobeying any rules set by High Command will result in an immediate demotion (Yes/No): Yes
  5. Overall +Support + Active + Good App + Helpful + Well Known - Usually on a lot more as ARU than PD
  6. Name: Adams Rank: SAIC Activity: Semi-Active
  7. Rank You are Applying For: Cpt. In-Game Name: LT Adams 1L57 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:96164252 Current Rank: LT How long have you been in your current rank?: 1 month What timezone are you in?: CST How many Warns do you have?: 1 from 3 years ago. Why should you be promoted (150 words Minimum): A lot of the reasons that I felt I should be promoted from SM to LT still apply when I am talking about this promotion. I believe that I have a level of maturity and experience that very few others have on this server. On more than 1 occasion I have been commended for my work, maturity, and conflict resolution in game by powerful officials including the Director of the FBI. I know that as a command member within the Rockford PD I need to set an example for the entire PD while also making sure that our supervisors and officers are doing the same. I choose to go the extra mile in situations like these. Where most supervisors write off an incident as not that important or don’t even address the incident at all. I view those moments as learning opportunities where I can sit down an officer and what them what happened, where the think they went wrong, and what we can do moving forward to make sure the incident does not happen again. There are a lot of people within the PD that will just tell someone not to do something and let them go. Then that thing happens again and again. We as supervisors and command only look as good as our worst officer. So, I plan to make a change in officer behavior so civilians can see the the Rockford PD isn’t incompetent or full of children. (Not my words, just what I know people think.) As I stated in my LT app, I have over 6 years of Police Rp experience in not only low, but high command positions as well. This is not only in Garry’s Mod, but also other games like Arma 3 and FiveM. I have held almost any position you can think of within a police department from Corporal to Chief as well as I have experience running subdivisions such as K9, TEU, Detective, and so on. Finally, as far as experience goes, I have 2+ years IRL experience in Law Enforcement Organization and Administration so I know what I am doing and feel I can be very beneficial to high command offering suggestions and input. I am also on the server almost everyday whether it is 2am or 2pm. I try to hop on for a few hours and get some work done.I think we could use some more Cpt.+ online during those dead times to deal with any incoming problems that lower officers might not be able to deal with. With that experience, I have seen just about everything there is to see. Which means I know how to handle situations when I am under pressure from command and higher-ups or when I am working against the clock. Those are the situations where I thrive. I feel that I can get a lot more done when projects are set with a deadline that must be met. This also means that I have seen about every officer that you can think of and I have worked with them. I know how to work with lazy officers, officers that don’t want to do what is expected of them with their respective rank, and straight up just incompetent officers. To make sure that they feel appreciated and valued so that they can strive for promotions and work harder within the PD because they know that what they are doing matters. I feel that one of the biggest problems within the PD is that officers just don’t care because they don’t think that they are being watched or that they have a say in the PD. But as Captain, I want to make sure that all police officers know that their actions affect all officers within the PD even though they may feel like they are just a small step on the promotional ladder. I am very excited to hear some feedback so I know what I can do better in the future and what everyone thinks I am doing good right now. (671 Words) You agree that disobeying any rules set by High Command will result in an immediate demotion (Yes/No): Yes.
  8. Thank you for the input Matthew, I'm glad to hear the Command is currently working on solutions. I'm sorry if anyone feels this is confrotational. I am just trying to explain how I would go at it and get a clear idea of what people think some one the problem are so they can be fixed. I am not trying to start fights. Haha
  9. I also think that is a good way to help the training problem. However, scheduled trainings are also a solution. Overall, I think that we really need to work on the all around training more than just one aspect. So are you for some sort of academy that trains both cadets as well as FTO/FTA's? Because I don't think someone should be an FTO just because they reach a certain rank. That's not how it works in almost all departments in the U.S. I don't think that's how it should work here... Can I ask how and why you think this? I do believe that there are some problems that we will have to overcome, but that's what we will have to do. Overcome those obstacles.
  10. That's what I want to fix with starting an academy getting SGT's that actually want to train. Also, people are constantly leaving because we have SGT's that just ignore them because they don't want to train or, just train for 5 minutes and call it good. Which is where we get all of out bad officers that don't know anything from. First, my solution to the timezones would be having a Head FTO that if this were to happen would be me (or someone in the US) that is in charge of recruiting FTO for EST patrols, then we would have an Asst. Head that would be in GMT and in charge of hiring all GMT FTO's. Second, from my experience of being on at 2-5am which would be peak time for other countries, the server is almost always dead. Third, I really don't think that people would leave a server and not just come back in an hour or 2 if they knew that they would 100% get trained as opposed to sitting in a room call for a SGT for an hour. Finally, I don't think it would be hard to get a lot of FTO's because they know they only have to do 2-4 trainings instead of 20 in 1 day. All in all, I think it would be something neat to try out just for a few weeks or a month just to see what happens.
  11. I can explain a lot more with my voice obviously than I can on a forum. So, if any Low/High Command or anyone in general would like to hear more about my action plan, how I plan on dealing with different timezones, the possibility of opening a brand new department (I can't stress enough POSSIBILITY... Depending on what High Command/SMT says, I am not saying that I am opening a new department), and any other questions or problems that you have that I can answer feel free to PM me and I would love to talk with you personally.
  12. Sorry about that, I asked if I should, and they said it probably wouldn't even make a difference.