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  1. +Support Good attitude and demeanor overall Shows leadership responsibility, is very capable of leading Always willing to help out wherever is needed
  2. +/- Support I personally believe that if this weapon were to be added to the public armory, it'd need to be nerfed due to the amount of complaints I see rising in the future in relation to said weapon. I think that it should remain limited the way it is now, to prevent such a scenario from happening.
  3. +/-Support I see them used from time to time, rarely though, for actual probable cause. If we could find a vehicle with multiple seats instead of 1, then I think it would be good if we replaced it. I'd possibly speak to community members who know how to modify vehicles to accommodate for the lack of seating, or look around on MilRP servers for a vehicle that can suffice and be useful.
  4. +Support Not only will this increase some incentive for surface research, this will also give CI RnD more activities to participate in.
  5. -Support No guns in the server have a modified magazine capacity due to the fact that it would cause the weapon to be imbalanced, on top of that the 12 round magazine capacity is standard just like all the other weapons.
  6. +Support I can support the LCZ Panic Room being Clearance Level 1 although I think it'd be reasonable for the one in HCZ to be Clearance Level 2, being as how Level 1 staff are required to have an escort in HCZ, who are at least Level 3 Clearance.
  7. +/- Support + Seemed efficient in the time he was enlisted in the regiment, has positive feedback from other enlisted and CO's. +/- Only expressed interest in rejoining the community and bringing activity, not necessarily what they could bring to the department. - Was demoted off of command 1/14/2020 due to general inactivity without putting in a Leave of Absence. - Previous reports of disrespect and attitude problems towards CO's along with reports of diss.
  8. I gave multiple suggestions in regards to weapons that you could add to the officer class that were balanced, but claimed they were garbage but I digress.
  9. +Support Purposefully added an unbalanced gun to a class knowing well that it would be unfair to those matched up against it. I'd recommend a removal due to the weapon being more of a SF class weapon, although a nerf will do fine I suppose.
  10. So long is this is moderated with the 10 second rule in regards to "combat healing" I don't really see I problem, although I don't really have any supports to give either.
  11. ACCEPTED You have been accepted in the Omicron-9 regiment! Please be sure to get into contact with a Commanding Officer of WO+ stature.