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  1. I'm going to miss you man, all the good times we've had together. Take care in your future endeavors!
  2. -Support I have not seen you at all, nor do I think you are fit for RRH due to the fact that you were removed from Alpha-1 due to mass inactivity, just because you were in the department before does not mean that you were fit for it. I'm not one to decide whether or not someone has changed, although this does not change my standing. Geeman | Inappropriate video in discord | Strike | None | 10/28/2019 | O5 | A1 | Infected Geeman | Inactivity | Removal | None | 11/19/2019 | COL | A1 | Arium [These can be found on past punishment records along with a few others things should you have roster access]
  3. Denied The following request has been denied due to reports of mingery and simpage, please reapply in 1 week Imma miss you man, love ya no homo
  4. +Support They are very active in GENSEC and know how to lead even when the tough gets tough, I don't get to interact with them much in MTF anymore due to them being in GENSEC, but I've had great interactions with him in the time that I have known him. They know how to protect themselves along with other people to a rather acceptable degree, and I feel they are fit for the position.
  5. +Support Shows dedication and great activity on behalf of MTF and Omi-9 Operation, along with being a good, respectable member of the community that treats others fairly. That aside, they also know well how to PVP effectively and protect a designated VIP. They used to be in Alpha-1, I say they should be again because they are fit for the position.
  6. [The following resignation was requested on behalf of Red Cross due to them not having the means to post on the forums] Name: Red Cross Rank: MSGT Reason for leaving: It was fun being on the server as MTF but after a while I kinda wore it out by not takng that many breaks and it's not as fun anymore, I have had great times as MTF but it isn't the same anymore. Do you agree to stay active for 48 hours?: Yes
  7. -Support I have to deny my support for this application due to the fact that while yes you may be improving yourself, you also lack self control and do not seem to pay any mind to boundaries. On multiple occasions I have had to deal with you breaking COC in regards to some things that a SGT could probably help you with, and it still continues to this day. On top of that, whenever combat does not go in your favor, which is most of the time, you complain and act in an unprofessional manner, and due nothing to improve your PVP skills. On top of that some things that you lack common sense at times, and I don't think that would be good for when you are protecting someone. Being as how this was my primary job in the past, hesitation and lack of common sense do not mix well at all, and will result in you and O5 staff getting killed. While I do acknowledge and respect that Kilo is improving as a person to make themselves a more reputable community member, which I am proud to see, I cannot support something I feel you are not fit for at this time. I hope you understand.
  8. -Support Not going to sugar coat it but I don't believe that you are fit, nor are you competent enough for any O5 position. Not only did you release the names of Experimental Personnel on public Foundation communications, but you are pretty mingey from all the encounters I've had with you. I personally don't think you would represent RRH/O5 Staff correctly, and honestly I feel that you would abuse this rank. I will list a few more reasons below as to why I believe this should be denied, which can be found on the punishment sheets. Concerning attitude issues Unable to communicate in a professional manner Abuse of open comms to the point of punishment
  9. +/- Support While you may be active on the server, you do at times have a little bit of trouble balancing your departments. While I believe you are fit for the position, I fear that the imbalance may worsen if it isn't worked on.
  10. +Support Very active and dedicated to the research department Has very interesting ideas and overall great lore knowledge Is creative and includes other people in RP Not going to lie but I am surprised that this person has not gotten the position yet, I think they will be a perfect fit for the O5 researcher position, not only are they more then well versed in RP and SCP lore knowledge, but they are very creative and overall professionally composed.
  11. +Support Active and dedicated to their designated branches. Shows a lot of experience and interest with RP. Proposes interesting ideas and concepts. Knows how to be a proper medical staff. Not going to lie but there is no obligation whatsoever to being active as a medical personnel that is not command. It does not count as a life therefore this should not be credited against them. Myself am not active on medical whatsoever most of the time, and I don't see anyone complaining. I think they would be a fine candidate for the O5 Medical Staff team due to their overall interesting, and RP friendly behavior. I feel they can represent O5 in a positive manner with professionalism, and efficiency.
  12. I don't mind the CC but those guns are busted asf ngl so idk if they'll get accepted.
  13. -Support Model change would be decent to see, considering it's the old Alpha-1 Special Forces model** **Second model will be denied on my behalf due to it already being used in active duty in my regiment. The weaponry on said classes are balanced according to SMT's standards, on top of that the weaponry is pretty powerful, so I do not see a need for a change. MTF Donation classes are currently, as mentioned before, balanced by SMT due to them being a donation class, and while I understand a lore aspect to some of them, they will be thrown into an imbalance if there is more than 2, it's the same reason every MTF regiment has only 2 Explosive based classes. 2 is the limit, and has been for a few years for a reason. Did not test the models at all, nor did they check to see what regiments have said models. Along with the size of files, which exceeds the limit. Another reason as to why not many people choose the MTF pack over a bronze rank, is due to the fact that you are not able to join MTF E-11 which is something that a lot of players desire, especially considering it is a regiment. I understand perfectly why MTF Tau-5 may need a bit of freshening up, but with the current weaponry the only thing I can see needing to be changed is the Model, which should be the old model if it is still available, since it fits the best.