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  1. SCP-093, interdenominational related subjects interest me greatly
  2. Please make sure suggestions are pertinent and relevant! What you want to see? - The following discussion is being brought up due to the fact that guidelines, rules, or regulations are being breached, and multiple people find it quite unfair that said regulations are being exploited. Below are going to be some rules and regulations that I will quote, and otherwise provide suggestions to prevent these rules and regulations from being breached, or otherwise exploited. So, as all of you know by now who are well-versed with the weaponry in the server, that we use the TFA engine for our weaponry, this engine includes all sorts of ports that will be mentioned. We have a TFA CSGO pack which is a direct port from the weapons in CSGO, and then the Murderthon 9000 (more commonly known as M9K). The issue that has begun to arise has to do with some of the custom classes that have been purchased within the SCP RP server. While I understand that some people do pay a significant amount of money for certain custom classes to not only support the server, but to have a diversity from other standard classes that can be earned through playing on the server (i.e. Gensec, MTF, etc). But despite all of this there are some guidelines that need to be followed, and said guidelines that will be mentioned have been set in place for a specific reason. As some of you may very well know, there are some custom classes that are extremely overpowered to a point where combat is unfair, and favored towards those using said custom class due to them having weaponry they aren't supposed to. What is more unfair in some people's cases is that the custom classes in question are directly related to a branch so they will be able to side with whatever branch that they so desire. Most of the weapons that are in question I am quite familiar with, and those weapons being TFA ports from the M9K pack. There are some weapons that are well-balanced, and then there are some weapons that are extremely unfair in combat due to it being one-sided for whoever is holding one of those weapons. The issue starts to arise when not one, but three people are holding one of those weapons that are extremely unfair in combat, making it highly unlikely for anybody to contest them no matter the circumstance. Some of these weapons that I am about to list are some of the most broken weapons I'm in regards to damage and efficiency that are these custom classes. I will include both versions of the weapon code, that from the M9K pack, and that from the TFA M9K port pack. TFA (M9K ports): tfa_usas | tfa_striker12 | tfa_jackhammer | tfa_spas12 | tfa_famas M9K (Unported): m9k_usas | m9k_striker12 | m9k_jackhammer | m9k_spas12 | m9k_famas The weapons that are mentioned above are mostly automatic shotguns, although there is one Assault Rifle as well which is the most broken of them. I, nor do other people believe that it is fair in any stretch of the imagination that people are not only requesting the most broken guns out of the M9K pack, but requesting more than one of them, and having multiple people play on said classes that have the unbalanced weapons it. On top of that it is a violation of the custom classes weaponry guidelines due to the fact that it's states that there are supposed to be no M9K weapons included on the job, which I will post below. Weapons NOT allowed: Decoy Grenades High Explosive Grenades Any unrealistic melee weapons All M9K weapons No SCP SWEPs Any weapons deemed invalid by the manager or owner. (Original post provided below) Not only are some of the custom classes getting out of line with fairplay, whether it be due to weaponry or otherwise, there is now more than one player using said class, and more to come from what I am informed.+ Why should we add it? - I believe that we should remove the weapons in question (Mainly being the Combat Shotguns) due to the fact that they are extremely overpowered, and only gets more so the more you're up against. It isn't fair to anybody on the receiving end of it because the person holding it is unstoppable, and on top of that it is demoralizing because it's just outright unfair. This goes for all broken weaponry, and I think that a bit more moderation in regards to this should take place. What are the advantages of having this? - The advantages of removing the combat shotguns from custom classes will not only fix the rule violation, but also make it more fair for general combat and encounters if the custom class is branch based, bringing balance back to role-play combat scenarios. Who is it mainly for? - All CC owners
  3. Daedran

    Iceman Staff Report

    +Support I understand that the server population was low, but your fellow staff member asked you to stop because he is doing his job. I personally find it quite immature to a certain degree that you would continue to do something like that, it was unnecessary and was only making Trae's job harder than it needed to be, you should only have to be asked once. Although I believe that a strike would be more reasonable considering that you not only proceeded to grab a fellow staff member who is doing his job properly, and continue to spawn props for a few minutes proceeding, but you also killed 2 people with said prop. I don't really condone behavioral mishaps and I believe that it should be dealt with accordingly.
  4. Take care Goat, if you ever need me you know where to find me
  5. While I do understand your concerns here, we have a base standard for our operatives in the Alpha-1 regiment, which is having at least 175 HP and 150 Armor. I am going to have to deny your request for this seeing as how your class has been chosen to be "balanced" not "nerfed", and being as how Alpha-1 partake in operations that require the strictest of operational security, this would not help your cause at all. You need to understand these are your concerns, and while I respect them I believe that your idea of sniper is misleading to a certain point. The concerns of your commanding officers, along with your fellow division members lean towards more balance of the class as mentioned before, and being as how the majority rule heavily goes against this suggestion, along with everything already being balanced accordingly, no changes are being made. Your class has had as mentioned above, -10 HP and +10 Armor, giving them a little more protection while making them weaker. Stepping below the standard threshold for our operations would result in the division being rather useless in regards to our operation, and would result in a removal or full revision of the class. On top of that your weaponry has received a SIGNIFICANT nerf already, so unless you are trying to make the class useless, nothing is being changed. This has all been tested and balanced in accordance with weaponry that we may find ourselves up against, and it is perfectly fine the way myself, and my commanding officers have requested it. Further concerns/changes are going to be denied regarding this specialization and if any do arise, please be sure to leave me a message on discord with a followup on the reasoning behind it. (Short and simple, it is already bad in CQC since you don't have the firepower to do anything, so you'll die or get captured anyways)
  6. +Support But I do have a couple of concerns with some of the weaponry on some of the classes, whether it be due to possible balancing issues or otherwise things that I feel need to be mentioned. - This is one of my main concerns, being as how these are donation classes, you need to speak with Zeeptin (or ask SMT to speak with him) in regards to changing the weaponry before you make requests for it. This is the same reason as to why the Security Heavy was denied for change, and I feel that mentioning this now would be useful. (The model change is fine since the hit-boxes were broken) - This class is decently balanced for the most part seeing as how the M16A4 Acog has been nerfed properly, but my main concerns is with the sniper rifle. The M24 is one of the more unbalanced sniper rifles in the TFA pack, and much like the PSG-1 (while not semi-auto) it can range between doing 20 damage, but I have gotten it to do more then 240 damage as well. I think that in order for fair play to be had, it may need a nerf of some sorts, and the only that can be made for a sniper would be damage. Being as how GENSEC is planning for this sniper to be on their sniper class, it probably will get nerfed anyways being as how the TFA Assault Rifles pack received a nerf for the most part. I would recommend testing out the intervention which can be found in the same pack as the M24, it does more decently balanced damage, while it may vary slightly, in testing it isn't breaking reality when it comes to combat like the M24 has proven to do. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Overall this is a pretty good branch update! Other than my stated concerns above, I feel that this is balanced for the most part. I hope that my concerns are taken into consideration, but other than that good work.
  7. While I understand the concerns about payday, I needed to make the pay more balanced for the standard divisions, this includes ITM should it be added. They are all $165 and that is more than enough, Nu7 sniper gets a bit of a boost over their standard operative, and likewise with ours
  8. Name: Daedran Why should you retain your current rank: I'm decently active and assist with D block control when I am able, also willing to assist in any way I can Are you on the discord and the roster, correctly?: Yes Concerns: Lack of GENSEC at times, but other than activity sometimes there are none.
  9. The following regiment update is a result of multiple months of discussion and testing along with observation to things that need to be fixed. Some of the details will be included in this post so that others can see the changes that have been requested and why they have been. Those involved in discussion with the branch update understand that balance is key, and while there have been some improvement's requested, there have also been deterioration's made as well. Some other general additions are posing sweps! This adds formality to debriefs, meetings and otherwise more serious RP scenarios. These posing sweps will remain in white so they are distinguishable from weaponry. Current Jobs: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name of Job: MTF Alpha-1 Commander Models: models/maolong_operator_skin05_pm.mdl models/maolong_operator_skin04_pm.mdl models/maolong_operator_skin09_pm.mdl Job Description: An MTF Alpha-1 Commander is 1 of 3 commanding MTF leaders that are assigned at Site [REDACTED]. They oversee MTF Epsilon-11 to make sure there are no breaches of security and report directly to the O5 Council. Further information regarding commanding officers of MTF Alpha-1 is Classified Level 5. Job Weapons: fas2_ifak, stunstick, tfa_g3a3, tfa_ithacam37, tfa_csgo_awp, tfa_csgo_smoke, tfa_csgo_flash, tfa_csgo_frag, weapon_m9, dradio, weapon_cuff_elastic, cross_arms_swep, cross_arms_infront_swep, salute_swep Keycard: weapon_keycard_level5 Job Salary: $300 Job HP: 300 Job Armor: 250 Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): The AAC Honey Badger has been requested for replacement with the G3A3 due to stability/reliability issues, along with the MP9 being removed due to it serving no purpose. Also changing the Sawed-Off for the Ithaca M37 being as how there was a slight distaste towards the sawed off. All other weaponry and job statistics have remained the same for this class. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name: MTF Alpha- 1 Special Forces Model: models/player/kerry/3swat_ls.mdl models/maolong_operator_skin04_pm.mdl models/maolong_operator_skin09_pm.mdl models/models/konnie/blackopsmodel/blackopsmodel.mdl Job Description: Personnel in this division of MTF Alpha-1 are not only highly trusted and unshakably loyal to their overseers, but also some of the most coldblooded operatives when it comes to protecting Site administration and fulfilling their cause. No matter what their duty calls for, it will be done even if this means killing their brothers in arms to protect their overseers interests. Most of Alpha-1 does not truly know who these personnel are, but do not cross them the wrong way or else you may not live to remember them. Weapons: fas2_ifak, stunstick, tfa_val, tfa_mp5sd,, tfa_csgo_g3sg1, tfa_ithacam37, weapon_camo, tfa_csgo_smoke, tfa_csgo_flash, tfa_csgo_frag, weapon_m9, dradio, weapon_cuff_elastic, cross_arms_swep, cross_arms_infront_swep Keycard: weapon_keycard_level5 Job Salary: $200 Job HP: 225 Job Armor: 225 Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): The AAC Honey Badger has been requested for change due to stability/reliability issues along with it being a scoped AR in exchange for the AS Val due to it being suppressed like the AAC Honey Badger, but also because it does not have a scope, making it more usable in CQC, along with the addition of a shotgun in the instance that their AR runs out of ammo, or there is a breaching operation that requires less recon and more firepower. Other changes that have been made are +25 Armor along with +$25 to job salary to separate it from the standard operatives. All other weaponry and job statistics have remained the same for this class. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name: MTF Alpha-1 Officer Models: models/maolong_operator_skin04_pm.mdl models/maolong_operator_skin09_pm.mdl Job description: Officers in the MTF Alpha-1 regiment are typically comprised of low command and a CWO if they are trusted enough with the position. Typically you would want to approach an officer in regards to gaining access to standard operative assignments and general training. Further information regarding commanding officers of MTF Alpha-1 is Classified Level 5. Weapons: tfa_csgo_m4a4, tfa_m3, tfa_model500, tfa_csgo_smoke, tfa_csgo_flash, tfa_csgo_frag, weapon_m9, dradio, weapon_cuff_elastic, cross_arms_swep, cross_arms_infront_swep, salute_swep Keycard: weapon_keycard_level4 Job Salary: $200 Job HP: 200 Job Armor: 200 Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): Replacing the MAG-7 with a Benelli M3 due to mobility/reliability issues along with changing the R8 Revolver with the S&W Model 500, while more unstable in regards to recoil, it is more suitable when it comes to combat scenarios due to it being able to aim. All other weaponry has remained the same. Other changes that have been made to the job are -35 HP, -25 Armor and -$10 Salary pay. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name: MTF Alpha- 1 Heavy Gunner Models: models/maolong_operator_skin04_pm.mdl models/maolong_operator_skin09_pm.mdl Job Description: While differently equipped from their fellow operatives in the regiment, they share the same end goal, they are not afraid to get down and dirty if that is what their duty calls for. They are equipped with heavily armored gear, and comprised of some of the most physically fit personnel. Despite their overall heavy loadout, they are the fastest, and most brutal standard operatives to respond to the scene if they are needed to protect their objective from a mass force. Weapons: tfa_pkm, tfa_csgo_usp, tfa_csgo_smoke, tfa_csgo_frag, weapon_m9, dradio, weapon_cuff_elastic, cross_arms_swep, salute_swep Keycard: weapon_keycard_level4 Job Salary: $165 Job HP: 250 Job Armor: 225 Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): No weaponry changes have been made to this job. Only changes being requested are -5 Health reduction, +25 armor addition along with a -$15 reduction to salary. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name: MTF Alpha-1 Shotgunner Models: models/maolong_operator_skin04_pm.mdl models/maolong_operator_skin09_pm.mdl Job Description: Shotgunners in this division have proven that they are not afraid of taking a few bullets, shrapnel, or otherwise for the sake of their cause, making them highly respected and recognized as a division. They are one of the frontline units used for mass SCP breaches, organized raids, or rapid defense and response. They are not afraid to take danger and tackle it head-on, while they may not be the most rapid mobile division, they make up for this with brute force and remarkable execution. Weapons: tfa_mossberg590, tfa_csgo_usp, tfa_csgo_smoke, tfa_csgo_flash, tfa_csgo_frag, weapon_m9, dradio, weapon_cuff_elastic, cross_arms_swep, salute_swep Keycard: weapon_keycard_level4 Radio: dradio Job Salary: $165 Job HP: 200 Job Armor: 175 Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): The MAG-7 has been removed due to lack of need for a second shotgun along with it rarely being utilized. Another change is replacing the Tec-9 with the USP-S due to better reliability, but also matching the standard operative loadout. Some final changes are +15 Health addition along with -15 Armor reduction and -$5 to salary. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name : MTF Alpha- 1 Sniper Models: models/maolong_operator_skin04_pm.mdl models/maolong_operator_skin09_pm.mdl Job description: While not commonly seen, they are known in the Alpha-1 regiment. Their long, isolated training in the cold of the [REDACTED] valleys have rendered them some of the most patient, yet effective operatives. Personnel in this division are typically used for assassinations of high ranking personnel in GOI’s, no matter the targets status, one bullet is all that is needed for the job. Weapons: tfa_barret_m82, tfa_mp9, tfa_model500, tfa_csgo_smoke, weapon_m9, dradio, weapon_cuff_elastic, cross_arms_swep, salute_swep Keycard: weapon_keycard_level4 Job Salary: $165 Job HP: 175 Job Armor: 175 Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): The SCAR-20 is being requested for change due to it being a fully-auto DMR and not a bolt-action sniper rifle. Other changes include -10 Health, +10 Armor and -$25 to salary along with the addition of a low powered SMG in the instance that CQC cannot be avoided, as well as a general playermodel change to match the other standard operatives. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name: MTF Alpha- 1 Operative Models: models/maolong_operator_skin04_pm.mdl models/maolong_operator_skin09_pm.mdl Job Description: Personnel in this division of operation are typically the most common that one may encounter if they do encounter Alpha-1 personnel. Their main duty as a standard operative is to guard the Entrance Zone of the facility unless Site Administration is elsewhere in the facility. While they may be noted as standard, they are not to be underestimated and contested. Weapons: tfa_acr, tfa_csgo_usp, tfa_csgo_smoke, tfa_csgo_frag, weapon_m9, dradio, weapon_cuff_elastic, cross_arms_swep, salute_swep Keycard: weapon_keycard_level4 Job Salary: $150 Job HP: 175 Job Armor: 150 Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): The AUG has been requested for change due to it having stability/hitreg issues along with having a scope with too extreme optics, making it rather useless in CQC. It’s requested replacement will be the ACR, while doing less damage than the AUG, the ironsights feature along with better stability will make up for the loss. Another small change is switching the Health and armor from 170/155 to 175/150 along with a +$25 increase to salary. New jobs: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name: MTF Alpha-1 ITM Specialist Job Model (Model Paths): models/maolong_operator_skin04_pm.mdl models/maolong_operator_skin09_pm.mdl models/models/konnie/blackopsmodel/blackopsmodel.mdl Job Description: The ITM Specialist are highly trained and certified personnel in Alpha-1 when it comes to interacting with personnel from a GOI or otherwise traitorous personnel. Through their long, cold training, they are taught how to break the body, mind and soul of someone they are torturing, making them very useful when hostile personnel are not compliant. Job Weapons: fas2_ifak, tfa_f2000, tfa_ithacam37, tfa_m29satan, tfa_nmrih_etool, weapon_m9, Dradio, Weapon_r_restrains, cross_arms_swep, cross_arms_infront_swep, salute_swep, Keycard: weapon_keycard_level4 Job Salary: $165 Job HP: 200 Job Armor: 175 Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=932776314&searchtext=Spec+Ops This operative is not going to be directly involved with raids unless the intention is to capture hostile or otherwise traitorous foundation personnel with the intent to gain information of operations, hence the name ITM Specialist (Interrogation, torture and manipulation). Any abuse of included equipment in this class has been talked about with SMT, and will result in a 2 rank demotion, permanent strike to your record along with a permanent blacklist from the job.
  10. I can say proudly that you are a Commander in which I respect highly along with everyone else. You remind me of myself in some ways, and I don't usually say that to other people. You have done a damn fine job not only leading your regiment, but also respecting them and bonding with them.
  11. I gotta be up there somewhere in the top 5
  12. What is your in-game name?: MTF A1 CMDR Daedran CO64/Security CS SFTO Daedran 1A08 What is your steam name?: Daedran What is your steam ID?: STEAM_0:0:191338037 Do you have any other experience with staffing? (If yes, explain): I have not had any past experience staffing on Gmod servers. What date did you start playing on the community? (roughly): 2/27/2019 What date did you make your forums account?: 4/1/2019 Current rank on server (This is a ULX rank ONLY! Not a RP Rank)?: Platinum How many warns do you have on the server (Show proof with a screenshot)?: 0 Have you donated?: No, the donations I have received were from Fireman as an 18th birthday present on May 31st. What rank are you applying for?: Trail Moderator Are you staff on another community (BE HONEST)?: No, I am not Have you read the staff guidelines? You will be tested on it: Yes, I have read the guidelines Timezone: EST Permission (Senior Moderator+ need this): N/A Why do you believe that you deserve the rank? (150 Word Minimum): I believe that I would be a valuable asset to the staff team on the Gaminglight SCPRP server, and I would assist in any way that I am able that is within my rightful jurisdiction. I believe in fair play and respect, being as how I possess and express both of these I believe that I would be quite effective in not only guiding players that may need assistance with how the SCP community works, but also assisting those in need of help due to a disturbance in the community, punishing those who do cause a disturbance fairly if a punishment is needed, or otherwise advising them as to what they did wrong. Not only that but I also want to be able to assist the community in which I have come to grow attached to in ways that I wouldn’t be able to before, and I believe that making the Gaminglight SCPRP a better community to be in one step at a time would make it not only more enjoyable, but also fair and justified. How would you handle someone that is Mass RDMing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you?: Tell them not to swear in a sit as it is highly disrespectful, and gag them if they do not stop for the duration of the sit (or warn them for disrespect depending on what they say, i.e player/staff diss or otherwise). Then I would tell them why they are being warned for Mass RDM after evaluation, and refer them to the MOTD if they are confused in any way regarding RDM. I would then administer the warning for Mass RDM and wait for an Admin+ to administer the 10000 second minge on the player, as I cannot do that myself as a Trial Moderator.
  13. - Support Realistically the SCP's aren't getting paid to be there in the foundation, much like the D class, hence why they are receiving $50 per payday in most cases. On top of that $200 is way too excessive for an SCP even if they were to get a raised payday, I would say 75-100 at most, considering that 200 would be more pay than most of my, and all the other operative jobs including CI, make in a payday This would also encourage more people to go AFK on SCP slots, or otherwise minge on the class and not participate in RP because they want to get the payday, and that is not fair to those who want to actually roleplay.
  14. -Support: Jackhammers are not allowed whatsoever do to them being severely overpowered in both accuracy and damage, on top of the fact that it is a fully automatic shotgun, not a semi-auto. Other than that I truly do not see a reason as to why you need a branch update, everything in regards to your weaponry or otherwise seems to be perfectly fine. I personally think that you should just keep the things the way they are because not only are they fine the way they are, but it kind of seems as if this update is trying to make yourselves even more powerful than what you already are, whether it be you swapping out the M249 with the PKM on a job that already has a rather ridiculous amount of health, or otherwise making revisions. I understand the notion behind wanting to be powerful, but there is also a fine line between powerful and overly so, and it seems that this update would make it overly so. Not only that but it just seems as if some of the job additions would take away from the specialty of other regiments, whether it be Nu7's Sniper or my Special Forces, it isn't special if everyone has the same thing and that isn't fair. I know E-11 and I have played on many of the jobs through updates in the past, and in comparison from then and to now, your regiment is well off, and you should be thankful for it. It is not like anything is broken on the classes, but more of people not wanting to profess the weapons that they are given on the classes provided to them, not everything needs to have a PKM or a M4 Iron or some other insanely powerful gun, you need to keep things balanced not only with your classes, but with the other regiments as well, and take into consideration the weaponry they have, and WHY they have it. Further discussion can take place in PM's if you so desire to talk about more reasonable weapon updates, but until then I am going to have to leave a -Support for this.