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  1. +Support The class D deal with problems involving heavy GenSec and MTF presence in LCZ, I feel like they deserve the right to FearRP away a radio and use it, it doesn’t seem fair for all of MTF and GenSec to communicate everywhere class D are, and yet D class can’t communicate it back on any kind of comma.
  2. Fly forward brother, see you in the future and onwards past until the stars collide and the world ends, May your further adventures fair thee well.
  3. +Support This can add the ability for D Class to actually utilize D block for more than running around and punching each other, this gives researchers more need to be aware during tests, as well as gives the GenSec more time to prepare against more organized riots. -Support However, this system would need a lot of balancing and it would increase Class D RDM cases, now yes it can help weed out problem causers, but items such as guns My be too far fetched to craft, as a gun in the right hand can essentially kill the entire guarding GenSec. +Support The latter is more unlikely but still possible, maybe just the melee weapons, or a keypad cracker as the hardest to achieve and such. This gives people more incentive to escape instead of being stuck without having donors or Level 30’s and up online.
  4. Name: Scarlet CR6 Rank: Corporal Branch: Alpha 1 Length: 8/11/19 - 8/15/19 reason: I am currently sick, I’ve caught a bad virus that’s going around and my throat has gotten to the point it’s so raw, I am unable to speak at the moment, as well as drink or eat items that are not warm.
  5. +Support The new balance ensures a better future! underground! Now then, responding to the Sniper Update, I do enjoy the balancing, however it seems too greedy, and I’d personally ask for less HP and keep the armor the same from before, at about a ratio of 125:165 making the need for a sniper to be as it is, long range, bad in CQC. I do hate you cutting my glorious pay check, but it is fair and reasonable. Also, can I get a like for cleaning up the Handbook and warning system even more after your help Daedran? signed - Head Sniper Scarlet
  6. IN-GAME NAME: Scarlet STEAM NAME: [GL] Hello, I'm Baka WHAT IS YOUR STEAM ID?: STEAM_0:1:170728898 DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER EXPERIENCE WITH STAFFING? (IF YES, EXPLAIN.): Yes, I have served as an administrator on RP-Land Dark RP, as well as Senior Admin on a Trouble in Terrorist Town server known as Frosty-Gamers. I was a Super Admin on the Superior Servers SWRP. As well as staffing on SCP-RP for GamingLight. WHAT DATE DID YOU START PLAYING ON THE COMMUNITY? (ROUGHLY): January 19th, 2019. WHAT DATE DID YOU CREATE YOUR FORUMS ACCOUNT?: March 31st, 2019. CURRENT RANK ON SERVER? (ULX RANK, NOT RP RANK): Moderator How many warns do you have on the server? (Show proof with a screenshot): I have no warnings on the server. HAVE YOU DONATED?: Yes, I've donated for a custom class before, as well as donated for a second custom class. WHAT RANK ARE YOU APPLYING FOR?: Senior Moderator ARE YOU STAFF ON ANOTHER COMMUNITY? (BE HONEST): I was, after taking this job, I resigned. HAVE YOU READ THE STAFF GUIDELINES AT YOU WILL BE TESTED ON IT: I have, and still do for changes, Almost memorized it! TIMEZONE: CDT PERMISSION (SENIOR MOD+ NEED THIS): Infected [ Admin ] | Dogz [ Admin ] | Chief [ Senior Admin ] | Bread [ Admin ] | Blackbeard [ Senior Admin ] WHY DO YOU BELIEVE YOU DESERVE THE RANK? (150 WORD MINIMUM): I have been a moderator for about a month now, and I have been active every day, I do my best to advise our new oncoming staff and I take the time to look at both sides of the story. The server is booming and it's amazing how far I've come from the simple user I was gawking at these new ideas and roles to be filled. I've come to find new friends and people who think the same as me on the server, and to keep going further up until I can make some peoples dreams better, than I shall. I like to dedicate everything I do to a life goal that, eve if you're lower, always strive to be higher, strive to make whatever it is better for not just yourself but, for everyone. Even though some sits can be, irritating such as people screaming and cussing me out, even once attempting to disregard what I'm explaining and directly telling me with quote "You're a shit Mod, get someone else, even I could do better than you." I haven't cracked, and I still gave him what was fair and what I was told to give him. This server is what I've dedicated my free time to, and I'd love to push myself to go beyond whats needed, and bring my tastes into the server if it can help it thrive further than it has due to our great staff team. I do find myself capable and willing to accept the responsibility that it brings, as I've recently been giving another position as an Alpha-1 Division Head. I look forward to seeing what this server brings, and if possible, what I could bring to this server that can better it. I have officially done my best to show calmness, and lack of abuse on staff, as it shows and makes players understand, that we are here to help, not harm. How would you handle someone that is Mass RDMing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you?: I would begin by bringing him to a Sit Room, and explaining to him why he was there, giving him the details, and if needed bringing the reporter, before explaining the warning he will receive and punishment that is given to that offense. I will call for for a higher up to administer the set minge timing. If he shows any kind of true remorse and apologizes, his minge which for MRDM can be from any time as it is the Higher Ups decision, might be lessened. Now if he begins ranting on and cussing the staff member out, I would gag him and tell him to calm down, ungagging him after a minute or so when he may have calmed down, if he spams the chat mute him for some time until it stops as well. Explaining the reason for the Gag and/or mute, while explaining how he'll be warned for disrespect. Warning him from any thus rulebreaking he performs during the sit, and wishing him a swell day as he either returns to RP or accepts his punishment.
  7. Still chilling, needs more fire...
  8. Quite well done, anymore?
  9. Reply to the link they give you, easy as pie cutie pie! ~Scarlet
  10. 049?!?!! WILLING TO RP A INTERVIEW!!! Color me impressed and amazed, well written and well done!
  11. Scarlet

    SCP-096 Amnestics Test

    Over the top, not sure the result was good enough.
  12. You impress me greatly with the skill of typing Sir!
  13. Well written, you did good!
  14. Scarlet

    SCP-343 Power Test

    Ah, yes, the powers of god himself revealed!