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  1. As a good boy, trial mod, and owner of the class, I accept thee into my class!
  2. -support It should be said RP wise yes it COULD have hurt you but did it? You killed a player for throwing a prop at you, then proceed to mock a staff member, that doesn’t seem like your warn should be appealed.
  3. MTF Omega 7 Pandora’s Box owner: Scarlet(Me) An error was made with the model pathway, we weren’t given the correct pathway, which is models/ninja/mgs4_haven_trooper.mdl instead we received the payday2 cloaked model, we just found out today, do I still have to pay to change the model?
  4. IN-GAME NAME: Scarlet STEAM NAME: Hi, I'm Baka WHAT IS YOUR STEAM ID?: STEAM_1:1:170728898 DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER EXPERIENCE WITH STAFFING? (IF YES, EXPLAIN.): Yes, I have served as an administrator on RP-Land Dark RP, as well as Senior Admin on a Trouble in Terrorist Town server known as Frosty-Gamers. I am also a current Senior Moderator on a SWRP that will remain unnamed for reasons regarding privacy, and am willing to resign from said position on said SWRP server if it means putting more time into the Gaming Light community. WHAT DATE DID YOU START PLAYING ON THE COMMUNITY? (ROUGHLY): January 19th, 2019. WHAT DATE DID YOU CREATE YOUR FORUMS ACCOUNT?: March 31st, 2019. CURRENT RANK ON SERVER? (ULX RANK, NOT RP RANK): User How many warns do you have on the server? (Show proof with a screenshot): I have no warnings on the server. HAVE YOU DONATED?: Yes, I've donated for a custom class before. WHAT RANK ARE YOU APPLYING FOR?: Trial Moderator ARE YOU STAFF ON ANOTHER COMMUNITY? (BE HONEST): Yes, I am, and again the server will remain unnamed for privacy reasons. HAVE YOU READ THE STAFF GUIDELINES AT YOU WILL BE TESTED ON IT: Yes, I have read over related punishments and the chain of command, as well as skim read through warnings and procedures for a sit. TIMEZONE: CDT PERMISSION (SENIOR MOD+ NEED THIS): WHY DO YOU BELIEVE YOU DESERVE THE RANK? (150 WORD MINIMUM): I believe that this rank is a stepping stone towards a better understanding of the server and the players on it, to see a server one must climb its ranks, using time and dedication, as well as taking full responsibility on any questions you need answered. As a player of role-play servers for more than two years now, it seems that no one ever talks about how staff does their jobs right, and they believe that their opinions are what should shape staff, this however can lead to problems between staff and player relations, I seek to do a job impressive enough that others find it good, so other players can look up to these members who've taken the time to moderate and ensure that every player has a good time on the server. It is never my intention to disrespect others or look down on them, rather I seek to become like a big brother, and guide them on the right path so they can have fun without having to deal with others who want to harm their fun. I believe with my time on other server staff that I fully understand and accept my role as staff over role-player fairly well, and I am willing to dedicate all time I have ensuring that others can have peace if necessary. Staff's job is to be the shining example of Respect, Discipline, and Patience, never letting their anger show to their players, or annoyance giving in to a minging player. They must also be able to calm down others and show tutor-age to those who require it. I show signs of calm and patience in these areas and have an aptitude for giving players a better idea of the game, this is why I believe I deserve to become a trial moderator for Gaming Light's SCP RP. How would you handle someone that is Mass RDMing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you?: My first approach would to calm the player down, and have them stop, advising them with a verbal warning as well to not repeat previous actions, as well as verbally warn them to not disrespect and degrade staff, we are here to do our jobs, not to personally attack players. After the player is verbally warned take account of server guidelines and proceed to punish the player as such, Mass RDM being a 10,000 second minge, therefore I would need to call a higher staff position to assist me in the sit.
  5. RIP CHIKEN, best CI
  6. Pretty average, nice headset, and sorry, I'm strange yeah?
  7. Name In-Game: Scarlet Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:170728898
  8. Bless those who have fallen.
  9. Well, Hi, I'm not to good at speaking, but here we go am I right? So, Hi, I am Baka, SCP RP players may know me as Scarlet, I'm a 19 year old Navy Brat who lives in the great state of Alabama, and I play of LOT of RP on Garry's Mod, now I enjoy games so much that I got into programming and coding to learn how to make my own, scripting was hard and challenging but it was worth it in the end, I help develop sometimes for mods but that's about it. I would say I'm pretty chill until you know me, I can be CRAZY ANNOYING, seeing as I talk a lot. But hey, that's just me, if you guys have questions feel free to ask away, and I'll answer them if I see them!
  10. I would say, when you're the only MTF on, CI are raiding, and the Fishhead opened every door in the facility and shuts off the power, leaving you the sole person to defend the facility.
  11. The time SCP 049 offered me 420J and let me live, a good quality minge moment.
  12. +Massive Support It should be allowed with a limited cooldown, as well as both sides recieving the right to weaponize an SCP as long as proper procedures are set to make it not as powerful as it was before.
  13. +support The doors in lore are extremely thick, and in the server they are too, RP wise a normal person shouldn't be capable of hearing through it, it doesnt seem right that MTF can "Hear it" and eradicate CI because of it.
  14. Name: Scarlet Rank: RCT Call Sign: None Given Steam name: Hi, I'm Baka Discord ID Name: The Big Baka#4231
  15. I am said Baka, and Scarlet, Creator of the class, and I approve this strange one!
  16. In-Game Name: 0619 SteamID: STEAM_1:1:170728898 Server: SCP-RP Custom Job Name: MTF Omega 7 Recon Units Color of Job: 208, 20, 229 Job Description: Mobile Task Force Omega-7 is an experimental task force specializing in the acquisition and containment of anomalies utilizing cooperative anomalous humanoid entities, particularly SCP-076. This unit specializes in long range reconnaissance and operations, providing over watch for their infantry units, Specially trained in Information gathering and Interrogation for capturing CI or POI's. These Units are to be feared and revered. Under command of [REDACTED] until further notice. Model: Weapons: tfa_aw50 , tfa_colt1911 Medkit Foundation Job, Problems with Keycard access before, making a seperate Omega 7 unit for more people to enjoy.
  17. As the maker of this class, I give him full writes to shoot me when he joins! Approved! +1
  18. As the man who made this class, I approve of this man ;-;