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  1. thats gonna be hot to see ingame hope it gets approved man
  2. In-Game Name: As of now Teds since someone took Teddy while changing in-game but on steam still Teddy SteamID: STEAM_0:1:189126971 Server: SCP-RP Custom Job Name: Ethic's Committee Member Color of Job: 128,128,128 (any type of grey) Job Description:Level-3 Personnel, make sure all SCP's are being treated with respect, hopefully your keycard application has been accepted to check, on research tests, and many of the SCP's we provide in our foundation. Toam the Foundation for any unhappy SCP's or Staff. Ethics are not be to ordered around by basic staff, but security personnel including MTF the rank of CPL or above. Model: models/player/suits/male_07_closed_tie.mdl Weapons: tfa_csgo_sawedoff, and tfa_csgo_usp Medkit or lockpick: Medkit CI or Foundation: Foundation if im able to spawn where 999 or the janitors spawn it'd be much appreciated.