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  1. North You will always be Remember as a great warrior and such a great friend. The Community will miss you but we wish you the best of luck in school and hope you will be very successful in life. Love you man ~USMC CPT Atom
  2. + Support -Really great guy -Does well with people in game - Mature (Non Minge)
  3. Name:Atom Rank:LCPL Which Server do you play on mostly? (US or EU):US Why should you retain your current rank? (WO+ must answer this): Any Concerns?:None
  4. AtomGamer

    Atoms LOA

    June 22nd and July 13th with be in a different State working no stop til 9pm I will return Summer Camp
  5. AtomGamer

    Atoms LOA

    June 22nd and July 13th with be in a different State working no stop til 9pm I will return Summer Camp
  6. Name:Atom Rank:CPT Time on the server: (unsure) Roster Status: LOA Concerns: (not a mandatory question to answer) None
  7. AtomGamer

    Atom's LOA

    I am staffing a Daycamp this week so i will be inactive From today-Friday and return on Saturday. I could get on but i am really exhausted after day camp (8:00-6:00 EST) Name:Atom Rank:CPT
  8. Name:Atom Rank:LCPL Any Concerns?: None
  9. +support -Really Nice Guy -Friendly -Love to see him as Tmod
  10. In-game Name:Atom Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:115810928 How many active warns do you have:0 Recommendations if any: Marcus Do you have any experience in high command: No but have had experience as a CPT for the marines in MilRp and now the CPT of US infantry On a scale on 1 to 10 how much do you know about WWII: 8 Why do you want to become a Infantry Staff Officer ( 70 words or more): Marcus is the only staff Officer and i though that i could help him with the job. I am free many days am fell that helping him is not a problem because he has done a lot for me and i want to return the favor in helping him so he is not the only staff officer. Also i fell that this is a great chance for me to advance in help my branch Why should we trust you with Infantry Staff Officer (70 words or more): I believe that you can put your trust in me because i will not fail the people that trust me. I am a very trustful person and have not broke any trust that someone has given me. I used to be a staff member and have not abused my power so i believe that trusting me with Staff Officer would not be a problem. I ask that you put your faith and trust in me as i will not let you down Are you able to think quickly and act in a moment's notice? Yes What do you believe US Infantry's main focus is (50 to 150 words): I believe that Infantry main focus is to deal the heavy blows to the axis. The infantry work on dealing the most damage and dealing it quick. There main targets in battle are those that are big groups as they will use the squad there are in to spread the fire across the playing field. There are also the ones that take the most casualties to draw the fire while the are cadets fire upon them. Would you be willing to set aside your personal time to make sure your branch is the best branch: i am How much time do you have on Garry's Mod: 770 Time Zone: EST What time are you available to join the server: Any time i am free Would you be willing to attend a team speak interview for the position: Yes
  11. -Support -(65 words or more) Why do you want this position in Infantry (65 words or more):to train rcts when they join and keep the server going and to give the infantry a more active officer through the day expt Friday Saturday Sunday(27 word) - Cpl to 2LT - Rush