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  1. Miss You BB, Good Luck Im Gonna Miss You Being My Vader ;-; I get why you're leaving, server corruption is a VERY terrible thing, Good Luck and Enjoy Your Life My Friend!
  2. My time as Zorg was a fun one. It had its ups and downs but i'm happy I was able to help revive Stealth into what it is today. Before we had about 4 people in the discord, including a general and jedi General. For my boys that I'm leaving, I will remain as a COL in Stealth and I just wanna see where you guys can go and give Kowalski a shot at Zorg. If needed, I can always come back and help. As my only BXO, Kowalski will become the next Zorg and I believe he will do well with this rank. A reason I am leaving is because my work is interfereing with the time I can play on the server and I have been deemed 'inactive' for it. Also HC is kinda in a bad place, just saying. But yeah, this is my second leave from Zorg. Hope whoever is reading this has a good day and thank you for taking time to read this resignition post.
  3. +Support -We can just make EOD a CT Class again -No one is really active in the 38th anyways -Galactic Marines would be really cool to see in game -Could also have the addition of Keller's Unit
  4. +Support But they should add Doom's unit to use them since they used them in lore as well -it would help so much -lore friendly
  5. We've been trying to get that approved for a long time and it's most likely not gonna happen sadly
  6. Nemo

    Commander+ Build

    This will be waaaaay more convienient for both parties
  7. Only issue with that is that it took us forever just to get the Knight+ requirement to be more active
  8. Oh Hell No You have no idea how much fucking work I've put into stealth to get where we are right now just for them to remove it And even if we removed the donation thing, then the 41st will pretty much go dead
  9. Nemo

    Stealth Pilots

    I get where you're coming from but it's the only actual thing we have in lore
  10. Nemo

    Stealth Pilots

    Job Name: Stealth Ops Pilot Model Path: models/reizer_cgi_p2/spec_pilot/spec_pilot.mdl (In the content pack already) Weapon Kit: weapon_tfa_dc15ashadow, weapon_swrpcloak, dc17m_shotgun, and repair_tool_evan Health: 150 Armor: 50 Description (Optional): Stealth in canon flew an experimental aircraft during the Battle of Christophsis. And basically we could be the recon pilots of the server, while the 501st, 212th, and 104th are the main attack pilots.
  11. Nemo

    212th Pilots

    +Support -We need more battalions with pilots