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  1. So I bet your wondering. who the fuck am I? welp I am Jared Fogle. CI rocket engineer, explosives maniac professional, d-boi advocate, this fogle started by becoming a d class for child pornography (of course). Some how through insane bullshitery and the sexual assault and subsequent murder of a Security CPL John Battony (first character somehow didn't get cpl WL removed.) he Impersonated and rose to the senior command of it. at that time trouble stirred he joined the MTF Nu7 but lost interest in it and left. then when he was through with it he jumped in the acid lake. And once again became a D-class. now it being more then a couple of month he was free of termination cause of the bureaucracy being mildly fucked from the absence. he managed to escape in a riot and due to a massive robot tying up all the mtf ( cryolast ) he was able to crawl into the arms of CI being a escapee by himself he was trained into CI. he rose the ranks becoming a LT at his highest. during the time spent he was diagnosed with so many mental illnesses the proper procedure for when he was off his meds was to dump an entire pill bottle into his throat after being restrained. the pills were usually carried by a CI member named Silver. during the brief moments of him being off his meds Jared Fogle crafted and tinkered. from entire warehouses being turned into horrid torture rooms where he made a tv show call cooking with the bodies. (of which there are 8 episodes the premier being making a truffle and E-11 Cmdr Ghopit leg) these videos where uploaded to youtube and saved on a sim card buried among the island and has not been found yet. other things that have happened where: Elevator inventor, fort constructor, Missile Scientist making quick fire unguided missles that would hit Gate A in 5-10 seconds (have the advdupe 2 of it) with a seat able to carry up to 8 people without to much problems, and elastic powered kill devices, and built age of sail schooners. There are reports of Space craft being built by him reported as: as a bunch of random shit, duct tape, and red paint. he was reported to be acting as a Ork during the episode saying " IF ITZ RED IT GOEZ FASTA GITZ. " through this disciplinary actions led to him leaving CI and stealthing back to d block due to he would be hunted by CI for leaving. in a recent turn of events a complicated undercover and then improv breach men in CI had been promoted and extracted Jared Fogle from the foundation and has joined back as CI... new stuff will be added as the story continues. mind the spelling and i hope you like the little story of me on the server!
  2. big nerd minge you should've know better
  3. + support the problemio with the dispensary is if you want to get tested and get xp your not gonna know 1 or the other untill its too late. if your cuffed you cant change job or anything either you have to 1. reconnect or 2. beg the mtf to uncuff you so you can switch off. and chances are they arent going to
  4. yeah i can vouch for that. ive had many times before i was sen ET that i had to ask a sen ET + to use the Damascus blade because of the absolute dumpster fire the hit reg is. i tried 1 time to use the 076 swep and that person got about 3 kills with 2K hp (shoot to kill) vs the Damascus blade's 16-20 kills for the event.
  5. wat? @Bor he isnt but still + support
  6. What you want to see? - The Negev nerfed in either damage or fire rate Why should we add it? - The Negev has always been a heavily over powered weapon with the ability to not even need to take cover due to the amount of damage spewed out of the weapon. requiring a large outnumbering to make it fair. this weapon has 14K at the armory, a blacklisted weapon for ET , and is only on 1 vip job that REQUIRES PLATINUM VIP and it only has a max limit of 3 people. What are the advantages of having this? - make the gun used more tactically instead of being the suicidal rush weapon that can wipe out mobs of anyone in there way. Who is it mainly for? - the entire server Links to any content - N/A
  7. you were a good guy in your time with steak sauce (jk) have a great time with your life!
  8. + support good man when i was in Gensec with him good enough (jk) of a shot it would be pretty cash money to see you in ci!
  9. FUCKING FINALY CHIEF + support -big minge -big fun -big b o m b s.
  10. continuing on the higher damage is fun! it makes people take cover and building forts is so much more important. also it makes bullshit (like 3+ awp rounds into a head (E11 redacted)) no occur as much! if a gun does 40 dmg per shot instead of 20 you HAVE to take cover unless you want to get minced
  11. Name: Jared Fogle Rank: SGM Callsign: XB1 Date of LOA Leave/Return:11/16/2019 - 11/21/2019 Reason (if private write N/A): burn out/ need time off
  12. + support but new idea how about we stop nerfing random weapons? cause i can assure you there is going to be some suggestion that goes along the lines of NERF SAWED-OFF REEEE / awp / vikhr / etc. can we just have the global dmg upped by .1?