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  1. DSD Dogz is not allowed to host a "kek or cringe" without atleast 5 MTF accompanying him at all times. (no seriously the last time i was there it had Molotovs, grenades, flares, dynamite thrown
  2. bruh see you chief hope you have a fun time!
  3. ^ bruh anyways sorry but i'm going to put a -support i know you to be usually a trustworthy guy who keeps minging low you cant just go and press that multiple times let alone one! I agree with shortening the ban and removing 343 for you but I do not want to see you get kicked off the server for another stupid accident cause you didnt learn anything by somehow sliding by this ban so please do either 2 things. write a better report that doesn't seem like what a collage fratboi would write in 5 minutes before class thats on a wicked hangover. or 2 wait the ban feel how long 2 months without a great place to chill and have fun on is and learn that you shouldn't do that so we can welcome you back hopefully without being known as the new minge. Look. I don't know what I am trying to say but please it would be nice to see you back on the server so either write a better appeal so it can get +supported or serve your sentence without any ifs and buts so it isn't longer. I have had so many fun times with you so get through this!
  4. +support hosts the best kek or cringes
  5. +support duh it already got accepted apparently
  6. killermankey

    Armory Move

    this would also help as gensec wouldn't have to hold a 4 pathway hallway instead they can hold at medbay door since is a large killzone
  7. -support it makes sense in RP for a PK it adds a punishment that is meant to act sorta like real life. if you get firing squad-ed and you comeback the same person it doesn't make sense but if you change your name (aka new person) that fits into rp alot better.
  8. can we get a defcon 1 to this post and start again? ill start Crepper, Awww man
  9. gota pickax swinging from