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  1. You are a loose cannon, cryovichlast, but you are a damn good cop!Pootis 2/17/19 Stay calm and pootis on cryolast... pootis on.
  2. killermankey

    I’m sorry.

    aibnsv djfgavksjebhrnaliwushvfngiuxdbyfgbnaoisumhbt 87aiewgfazerg..............................
  3. but yeah put this in as a bug report
  4. bruhhh no fake alpha (JK) gonna miss you when im a d boi
  5. gg illagers FTO program is hell and you did your time in it
  6. totaly original event idea get teh feces in here now!
  7. + Support makes sense that there would be more then 2 939s in contaiment at Site 05. + really easy to recontain. step 1 find, step 2 crouch and quick draw tranq step 3 chase if they run, step 4 profit!
  8. ~ support haven't seen you on much but im prob just big inactive good staff member like bread said Q15 doesnt really work on why.
  9. can Vouch first hand experiance of boris doing dis