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  1. This may not matter such as I'm not high command but +Support - Generally got a good reputation -Very calm collected and kind if she knows some things she's a quick learner as well being very professional when it comes to situations within for example gensec . - She honestly got really good activity,very responsible and respectful. -She has shown her loyalty within the scp community and has shown great mannerism Generally she would make a great edition to the staff branch give or take if she makes it either way she'll have my support make us proud
  2. +support It should suffice honestly don`t have much to say until we get the hands on experience other then that not bad
  3. Name: MTF Omi9 LCPL Benito LC10 Rank:LCPL Any concerns: I do wanna address some of the concerns I've been seeing when I tend to get on recently there has been a general influx of slacking coming from some of are fellow soldiers maybe improving the activity more mandatory events to occupy most of the regiment. Another big problem I have been noticing is the consistent friendly fire happening with most of the group I would wanna reccomend we do some type of firing drills and ops to train to squads and to better improve there accuracy and improving the leadership and organization of the squad. There are a couple of minor problems such as minging here and there and people forgetting to stay with there assigned squads,as well as not engaging in battlecomms within teamspeak. I would say couple of ways to fix this would probably enact some form of permanent permission to speak unless absolutely necessary when speak in teamspeak. When addressing the squads maybe do some form of squad training exercises for the troops Nco's to monitor troop activity when following around and maintaining code of contact. One other issue I do wanna address is people briefly whining and complaning about there health armor and weapons one way to fix this strip all weapons give them something that does one or no health and strike any or all personnel who complain about what there give there lucky they get something to play with instead of nothing adjust and adapt to the weapon and class. Thank you for giving me the opportunity for addressing some of these issues and hope to continue being loyal to omicron 9 as well as my other comrades on gensec and such.
  4. Name: Benito Riccardo Rank: Sargent First Class FTO Rank (If Applicable, SGT+): N/A Why should you retain your rank (WO+ must respond | 150+ words): N/A  Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: Just need more peeps to please pay attention to surroundings other then that Nien
  5. Name on roster:Benito Riccardo Rank on roster: Warrent Officer How active are you:I can get on to 4 or 5 days everyweek for 7 hours What can Security CMD improve on? More harsh activity within gensec due to the lack of enlisted and ftos not training properly i come on time and time again one week its good the next it goes to hell this needs to end at some point because it is unacceptable where no ones closing doors no ones staying at dblock no ones listening to higher ups at this point many of our troops are just being mingy and insubordinate maybe some stricter guidelines and hardening up the troops is the best option such as yelling at them screaming at them forcing them to learn or threaten them etc Why should we keep you as GENSEC command [150 words+] No ones better at understanding the situation between gensec discipline and obedience we honestly need someone who's responsible enough to improve other nco and enlisted within dblock or other various situations with the regiment
  6. Name on roster: Benito Rank on roster: Sergeant How active are you: I try to get on after work since i work 8 hours a week irl What can Security improve on? Trigger disciple,drills , more squad training better communication etc Why should we keep you in Security? (30+ words) I know I can lead men and guide them as is since I have 4 years of mrp experience and know what to do During despite situations