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  1. In-game name: USMC 2LT DI Flax Steam Name: AtomicalTires Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:119022134 Server: Military RP Issue: (USMC: Demolitionist) I’m missing the AT4 which I paid for. I should have the Stinger, AT4, Grenade Launcher, M14 EBR side note: if you don’t want to give me the AT4 With the stinger just give me SLAMS (hl2 weapon installed w/ gmod). Link:
  2. @zeeptin if you could give me an estimate for the completion date that would be nice.
  3. Hey AWG you can use CW 2.0 Crates or FAS ammo kits. Just not the ones spawned from your F4 menu.
  4. Name: Flax Rank: SGTMAJ Active
  5. I’ll grab another gimme a second. I have the new PM in there tell me if it needs swap.
  6. Can I just give you an extra 90? Also the primary was supposed to be the stenchin aps pistol that the tank crewman has. Ok I donated the extra. :D
  7. In-Game Name: USMC SGTMAJ FLax SteamID:STEAM_0:1:119022134 Server: Gaminglight Military RP Custom Job Name: USMC: Demolitionist (For 1st rocket battery, 11th marine regiment) Color of Job: any just pick Job Description: The tough guys who come in and blow everything to pieces. Don’t get in their way. Model: Weapons: Stinger, AT4, M14 EBR (CW 2.0), Grenade Launcher Lockpick or medkit: Medkit VEICHLES: NONE Subtotal: 200
  8. If I wanted to make a Mortar crew for military rp would I be possible.