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  1. Clearance Level 2 Required to Access Access Granted Begin Log Lore Name: Snapcat Rank: Jr. Researcher Clearance Level: 2 List of Personnel involved in testing: Jr Researcher Snapcat, Executive Researcher Corner, 1 Security staff Level D Personnel involved: 2 D Class subjects SCP: SCP-966 Hypothesis: To test 966's strategies and habits of prolonged exposure with multiple subjects Observation: 2 D class administered a drug known as [REDACTED] to keep them awake and alert, D class also given 3 days worth of food and water as well as glasses mounted camera's to catch audio and video recording. D Class forced into the room under instructions to stay awake no matter the cost or face termination to further their cooperation. Note monthly feeding of scp 966 was halted for this test. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Day 1: 0600: Subjects grew very agitated due to lack of recreation they then requested mental stimulation which was granted in the form of a chess board. 1100: D class consume 10ml of their water, and consume their food no abnormalities reported 1200: One D class reports the hearing of faint breathing in the corner of the containment chamber. Inspection of audio yielded no auditory sound loud enough for researchers to hear. 1900: Slight fatigue is starting to weigh in by this point but no further abnormalities reported. End of day 1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Day 2: 0300: D-9021 is seemingly very fatigued he reports that more intense breathing is coming from the same corner yesterday and explicitly louder today, upon inspection the breather was heard by researchers but showed no signs of aggression or fatigue from SCP-966 0930: Both D class report mild headaches as well as mild sweating during this period. D-2245 also states he is starting to see shadowy people which is normal for this level of sleep deprivation. 1100: Nothing more reported in today although both D class resemble traits of sleep deprivation and fatigue no further abornmalities found. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Day 3: 0700: D-2245 trips and falls to the ground, due to lack of sleep. D-2245 is unable to get up and lays on said floor for an hour. 1100: D-2245's body remains on the ground, both D class stay silent rather than expelling the remaining energy they have. 1130: D-2245 physically assaulted by 2 or more entities, thermal scans yield no results. 1200: D-2245 unresponsive, D-9021 told to disturb him, upon inspection of D-2245's body it is shown that his front half had been torn off and bite marks around the body were visible. D-2245 shows no life signs. Thermal scan resulted in a clear viewing of one instance of SCP-966 who vanished after a brief moment. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D-9021 continued to stay awake against severe circumstances, he was then released from the cell due to lack of food/water. Class B amnestics administered. D-9021 later expired under unknown causes in his cell. Visuli Stimuli: Initial testing: SCP-966: Errors and/or Safety Hazards: None. Conclusion: SCP- 966 instances hunt their prey faster and seem to cause more distress in one subject rather than taking down multiple. It seems one or more may have focused D-2245 as a target rather than affecting both. Also in most cases 966 was recorded as not causing physical injury until their prey was too fatigued and forced to sleep. In this instance SCP 966 attacked a subject who was awake. SCP 966 also kills it's prey in a silent demeanor due to the researchers not being able to see the physical attacks or deduce from video feed where they came from. END LOG
  2. Clearance Level 2 Required to Access Access Granted Begin Log Lore Name: Snapcat Rank: Jr. Researcher Clearance Level: 2 List of Personnel involved in testing: Jr Researcher Snapcat, 4 Security Staff Level D Personnel involved: 2 D Class subjects, One in his mid 50's (D-3214) with the other being in his 20's (D-2231) SCP: SCP-173 Hypothesis: Dual test of the limits of SCP-173's strength and preference in victims. Observation: Two D Class individuals were brought to 173's containment cell, Said cell was opened and the D class were blindfolded and tied to one end of the room. Guards ordered to keep eyesight of 173 and to warn all parties involved when they were about to blink or break vision. SCP-173 forcibly moved to the other end of the room and tied to a post in the wall with class III plasma rope rated to withstand 90 tons of force. Containment cell was evacuated of staff and the door closed. 1900 frame rated camera recording shows SCP struggled with the rope at first, then instantaneously tore through it immediately heading towards the younger subject (How this was achieved is [REDACTED]) D class individual neck snapped within [REDACTED] seconds of containment cell being closed. 173 was then seen standing directly next to the older man but chose to spare his life instead of terminating him, test concluded. Visual inspection of the containment cell showed the rope was frayed but still intact and that 173 had tore a hole in the wall resulting in a 2 meter concrete opening (Repairs scheduled for 3/16/19). D-3214 terminated after showing aggression towards security staff, furthermore upon bi-weekly cleaning of the containment chamber D-2231's remains were found despite being incinerated at the conclusion of the test. Visuli Stimuli: Rope used: / D-Class: Errors and/or Safety Hazards: SCP 173's structure Conclusion: SCP- 173 prefers younger aged individuals, and may have sentience. 173's strength is unknown and more structurally sound walls requested for further testing. Further observation and/or testing requested to discover the source of D-2231's remains being [REDACTED] END LOG
  3. Clearence Level 2 Required to Access Access Granted Begin Log Lore Name: Snapcat Rank: Jr. Researcher Clearance Level: 2 List of Personnel involved in testing: Executive Researcher Corner, MTF Chad, Captain Lance, Jr Researcher Snapcat Level D Personnel involved: A D Class SCP: SCP-049 Hypothesis: See how SCP-049 would react to food, See if he has a digestive system etc. Observation: A D class subject was brought to 049's chambers with a granola bar in hand, D class told to give the specified food item to the SCP to observe it's interaction with food/organic matter. After about 30 seconds 049 was given the granola bar and turned away from all spectators. It is assumed he removed his mask at this point to consume the food. After he had ingested the food 049 began to hack and cough at the granola bar, falling to the ground. Ultimately after 2 minutes 049 regained his posture producing the wrapper for the granola bar provided. Furthermore 049 decided not to "cure" the D class subject after 049 also took to guarding the D class after the test had concluded and had to be removed by force. Test concluded, D class administered B class amnestics. Visuli Stimuli: 049 Guarding said D class after test had concluded- Errors and/or Safety Hazards: None. Conclusion: SCP 049 Responds very negatively to conventional food, which in turn could be used to re-containment or transportation. Furthermore he appreciates kind gestures "humans" give him whether they be a negative impact on his health or not. END LOG