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  1. Welp it's time. SCP RP has been really boring lately and I felt that I cant progress anymore from MSGT. Special thanks to: Nemesus - You were a cool guy and even tho you were in a diffrent regiment we still had good times, and you were perfect as a MTF friend. Daedran - You supported me through my Nu7 journey up to MSGT and that's what I'm thanking you for. Fool - You were always my favourite Nu7, so be the best commander ever, and make nu7 the best MTF regiment ever. May the fubar be with you. Carpenter - You were always busy doing events, but you were still a big part of Nu7, better keep up those quality events you big minge. Cock and ball torture Steppy - You also supported me when in both Nu7 and A1, and you were one of the best MTF buddies. Breen - Big minge boi, we had some good times, thanks for everything. Bread - You were a good commander and I didn't really see a reason for you to be taken down, but thanks for leading Nu7 so good at the dark times. Blackstone - Big boy E11 commander, my favourite E11 of all, I love your enthusiasm, and keep E11 in a noice state. Capfm, Deltakey and the rest of the Nu7 crew - Thanks for fighting those d-class and SCPs alongside me, I hope you guys get high and make Nu7 good. This is MTF Nu7 MSGT /MTF A1 PSC Susel signing off See ya
  2. +support R.I.P Fools Fubar F
  3. +support We really need this with 4 Reznov's online
  4. + support I have seen this person minging many times as SO being toxic towards everyone, not following orders, and of course minging, sometimes even RDM'ing.
  5. I keep getting error's from the 049 SWEP when many players are online (60+)
  6. -support Most of the time MTF have to sit in d-block and it's due to reasons like almost no/completly zero GenSec online, post riot control, (for A1) high ranking personell in d-block, d-block is also a good postion to hold aganist CI raids. We also need permission from Gensec to enter d-block if there aren't any riots. If MTF wouldn't be able to enter d-block it would become complete chaos and like always Gensec would have little to no chance.
  7. Yeah you got me there. I'm just changing my opinion to a full -support now
  8. Only make the salaries bigger. D-class don't need any more buffs
  9. Every time I meet someone as Nu7 sniper (model needs to be downloaded) I hear the same question: "Is this 066?" The ERROR model problems should be solved since all other addons are okay and don't show big errors.