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  1. Changing to big - support Reasons above
  2. Say sike right now Take care, we'll miss you
  3. +/- support I can see you not being a complete minge, but RDM and FailRP show something, and you even said you have a lot of warns. I think 7 days is the most fair ban I can see for breaking the rules
  4. -support Epib format Dblock is boring so you wanna make the rioters get closed up just to get freed by other class? And you want gensec to do what is basically RDA on dclass.
  5. Would be way too OP since when you tranq them they run away and hide
  6. -support I dont see this as a good adittion since E11/Nu7 are level 3, and a1 are 4/5 and thats why they are REDACTED, implementing this would just add more minge with people going around screaming MTFs names for fun so they kill/arrest them
  7. -support With a lvl 3 keycard bright would just become a minge job, wait it already is
  8. SuselMaks

    Steppy's Report

    +support Right after the video ended I got on and experianced the minge, my opinion is just yeet them off the server, they dont seem like they'll stop or change anytime soon