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  1. so something happened to me recently it wasn't a test but it was something to report on. lets go with.... a incident report im making my own format for this but feel free to edit it to your liking it and posting it in the comments here! Name: Rank: personnel involved with the incident: does the incident involve a scp if so which ones?: incident background: incident: post incident testing (did you do any sort of test during or after the incident on things relating to the incident?): concluding thoughts on the incident:
  2. - support only Super admin+ should be nukeing or site admin you seriously over stepped your boundries and if it gets shortened I will demote you back to JR under having servalience as well as a at minimum 1 week dnp.
  3. +support if it stops riots it will calm dclass down letting research take them for testing and give security a bit of a break between riots and mtf can have one more thing to not deal with. also certain components could be bought with real money for some extra revenue for the server.
  4. chief come on man..... even after getting war off site with it you kept using it. if you were going to use it for this reason it should have been deleted once war was on the ground and evaced.
  5. so for my side of the story for the rdm I just had a lack of knowledge on the SOP and thought you weren't allowed as a surgeon to attack dclass unprovoked (even though the going into dblock and shooting dclass that are violent but attacking someone away from you im not sure if that classifies as self defense or not) but I did after this learn about how I should have just brought it up to higher ups so I apologize for warning for SOP violations and I think the rdm should be removed but. for the failrp I think should stay I had seen you and the dclass travel with 682 for a while (I think I did warn the 682) so while yes you followed the rules with the dclass you broke the rules with 682 as you went from hcz to ez all as a group not just say going on separate paths and ending up at the gate no you went all together as a group the failrp warn isn't for the dclass its for travelling with 682. the rule does state *don't attack other scps* while yes this is true this rule doesn't intend to let you just travel with the scps in a group unless sentient scps like 035 or 079 while 076-2 is sentient yes 682 hates all humans and 076-2 looks very much human. while they cant fight and kill eachother in server you are to avoid eachother unless given no real other option like say waiting at a check point or waiting at a gate to escape you were travelling together with 682 aside from the checkpoints or the gates.
  6. hi there! Dr Ruby here and im gonna do a keter group test (682 not allowed) with anyone from research who wishes to help just reply to the post saying you wanna join it! due to it being keters JRs will only be able to watch Researcher1+ however will be able to assist in anyway possible! I will head the test(s) and we will take a keter scp (not 682) and test on it with a goal in mind if need be we will do multiple tests the goal being to find a way to benefit the foundation (using the scp, better methods of recontainment,better methods of containment,etc) the two scps that we will not be testing on are 682 and 106 cause those scps are too dangerous. just reply if you wanna join! the test will take place in 30 mins to a hour!
  7. your dead? alright that's good amen. -soldier tf2 in all seriousness I will miss you ya crazy bastard and a toast to research! ill make sure this place doesn't fall to shit even if it means I die.
  8. seeya dude I may not have interacted that much with ya but ill still miss ya
  9. well I told the able and 939 then I got to you and after getting to you I warned you cause you had already killed me.
  10. should we add more memes to this? oh and uh +support btw
  11. from my point of view I was going to investigate a report of scps teaming I got killed by 682 I was kinda pissed went and talked to the able and 939 I also told them to stay away from each other and take separate paths they didn't listen so when I warned you for failrp it was more so for teaming with other scps I didn't see able trying to team with the dclass (also thanks rookie for letting me know about this)
  12. +support if even 2 of these allogations are correct that's still a ban of some type so yea ban this boi.
  13. Name (In-Game/Discord): Ruby Rank (In-Game): ECM SteamID:STEAM_0:1:60871822