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  1. im clinnically autistic and i was able to do a good job as staff regardless of how pissed i got just because i faced more difficulty didnt give me an excuse.
  2. -support while yes getting healed would be done at medbay in lore buttttt they would have a area to replenish armor to full if its not to full it isnt going to match rp is it? until we have a way to replenish armor to the full set for the job i dont think we should have this as it would just hinder mtf and securitys ability to not get shredded.
  3. Fear

    MFGA - Denied

    +support as long as ccs cant use it anymore then i want it back!
  4. +support look i get that sometimes you feel like the deck is stacked against you and seeing someone pay for an advantage is frustrating but you own a cc yourself. while you may be on dclass its no excuse to become rude or disrespectful. despite the fact that dclass are death row inmates in the foundation disrespect to foundation staff would not be allowed. its good to hear you understand what you did and wont fuss about getting the strike but you must stop your behavior after this if you countinue this someone will make another report and you will face further punishment so just stop the bad behavior now please.
  5. Fear


    +/- support I think they can have a set price in armory but they can only be spawned by event team/staff and should only be available to highcommand or people who cant see during a power outage and they must be able to prove they cant see during a power outage.
  6. +support yea idk why we don’t have this as a techie this would give us more reason to hop on at active hours because it’s a time with more work to do (thus a higher chance for promotion) and It wouldn’t only be a non command techie on for the whole day
  7. + support im not medical and this adds no major job changes so why not let them have this?
  8. yea..... I counted 18 police rp warns in that one photo unless the rest of those photos only have 1/0 policerp warns and no other server warns and only scp rp warns (which is unlikely) he cant be getting a permaban on this server as much as I hate to let a guy like this go. @Falxencould you please provide pictures with the rest of his warns?
  9. Fear

    Mrdm ban

    -support it says in MOTD you cant kill other dclass. if you just joined you arnt at risk for getting kicked out of a branch just wait the 3 weeks.
  10. In-Game Name: Fear SteamID:STEAM_0:1:60871822 What is your ULX Rank?:platinum What is your RP Rank?:security SM, MTF A1 LCPL What is your timezone?:PST How would you rate your knowledge of the SCP world? (1-10): honestly 7/8 out of 10 Do you have any experience as a Gamemaster or Event Planner? (If so, explain it): nope How Active are you? (1/10):8/9 out of 10 would be higher but ive had the flu and couldn't be on so that lowered it How many warns do you have? (Across all Gaminglight Servers):17 Why should we allow you to be an Event Team Member (150+ Words)?:I think I should be allowed to be event team because I care a lot about this server ive been here since febuary 22nd ive been command in 3 branches (security, research, and medical) and SGT+ in all branches (but E11) that have a SGT+ rank (CI,MTF A1, MTF Nu7, Security) ive been with this server for while which while there are plenty people who have been around longer then I have been here the vast majority of people currently on the server came after I joined im not saying im better then them for that im just saying I have more experience in the server then them. while I do jump from branch to branch this means I have plenty of experience from plenty of viewpoints while quite a few people have been around for a while not many have been in every branch in the server. being able to see from plenty of view points means I can make events that most likely wont make some branches mad while I cant make everyone happy I know I can avoid making anyone angry if I do it right but even then that's hard but with my experience in should be able to thread the needle easier then other trainees. Describe an event you could create (The more specific the better):base line: GOC want foundation SCPs/foundation info so they send in members from their psyche division disguised as foundation researcher to infilitrate and get the info/ scps needed branch A/B/C A: CI are on and in large numbers: contact CI and convice them to cause a distraction for the infiltrators to slip in admists the chaos B: CI are not available: bring in a military squad to go in and try and breach scps/cause a distraction which the infiltrators can sneak in C:not enough people on to bring in a military squad (for balance): give the infiltrators keypad crackers (non pro) and have them crack through the doors needed if they capture a foundation personell they can steal there keycard through rp (must show me proof) then I will open any door of that clearance for the one holding the keycard (you cant copy them you have to protect the guy with the keycard.) next: follow through mission goal which for the sake of this app we will go with stealing 1048. due to its ability to create more anomalies its put as a higher capture priority (GOC don't kill on the spot unless either assigned to do so or they have no ability to capture most often they capture research the scp then terminate) branch: A/B/C A: scp spotted in EZ with out being spotted: capture the scp if possible and attempt to sneak out through gate a or b depending on circumstance (if mtf are at gate a and WE KNOW they are there go through gate b if caught by mtf (or other foundation personell) hide in a office until they pass they are equipped with high caliber pistols as infiltrators (deagles) not as military raiders. B: 1048 found in hcz: capture the scp and if spotted hide in a cc (not with the scp) until the coast is clear if defcon 2/3 assume mtf nearby and hide until the coast is clear (defcon 4/5) C 1048 found in LCZ: take the scp to a testing chamber and get a few dclass in restriaints (assuming you can fool security if you cant fool them or dclass are breaching just go without the dclass) guide 1048 through the facility if asked where you are going answer a nearby containment chamber and go there until coast is clear if followed pretend to do a test until foundation personell leave you alone then resume movement (if in EZ wing it I got no plan here if need be and possible kill the questioner (if multiple you have no hope and just say it was a mistake and hope they let you go back to hcz) if with dclass use the dclass as a distraction and hide in a office. Next: (if they died at any point event over) once at surface you have a couple options depending on circumstance Branch: A/B/C A: CI hostile (odds are you wont encounter them but as they are hostile hide in docks and turn the warehouse into a testing area if they are following you get rp pictures then terminate the scp B: CI: friendly (if Ci helped you in the distraction part of the deal may have them being able to test on the scp if so let them test but under supervision a GOC member needs to kill it so they can fill out a report which CI cant use and after all is done kill the scp.) C Foundation on surface searching for the scp: unless you stole a keter (or 682) I doubt they will try and raid for something like 1048 but they may if they do try and get CI help if CI help is unavailable call in a military defense squad if (due to balance) they arnt available request a supply air drop (ill spawn a box somewhere on surface) and it must be retrived they will get basic primarys like a FAL or M14. to defend against a mtf raid if all else fails kill the scp before the foundation gets it back. after all is done I would do the vote of if they liked the event or not. this was just a basic branch of what could happen other problems could rise up but I think I did a decent job here hope you liked it! Have you read the Event Team Guidelines?:yes. What is your favorite SCP? Why?1048, the idea of a child scp intrigues me cause from a ethical standpoint the foundation imprisoning anomolies are mentally children is going to damage them mentally it would be cool to see in a event or in server a reserarcher try and help 1048 psychologichaly maybe help it learn that its bad habit of making other 1048s can be stopped and turned to another avenue like doing something that children enjoy playing with toys drawing etc,etc (i know 1048 already draws but as in making drawing more of its focus) it would be a cool test log or a cool event to try!.
  11. youll do anything? stop trying to gain our sympathys and just be better. that will get you respect.