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  1. name: fear rank: LT how active are you: on every day what can security CMD improve on: just let CMD calls full dblock lockdowns it would let us stop riots and control dclass so much easier why should we keep you as GENSEC command: I am online everyday and usually the only gensec CMD online at late nights so I keep order at the nights and before when I was NCO it was a lot harder for me to deal with rule breakers because all I could do was lecture them but now I can deliver fitting punishments and I feel like I have helped stop rule breakers that only break rules at night. I also feel like I went up in the ranks rather rapidly and it was for a reason so if I got up in the ranks so fast I shouldn't stop where I am now I should keep doing well and I will strive to keep going and I thank high CMD for getting me into security CMD
  2. name on roster: fear rank on roster: CPL how active are you: everyday I'm on for as long as I can be when I have free time which is usually from 4 hours to 7 hours on weekdays and on weekends from 7 to 13 hours if not more what can security improve on?: security can work on there aim so they don't shoot cooperating D class or shoot each other as well as communication cause when riots happen sometimes security can be shouting over each other and its very annoying. why should we keep you in security? (30+ words) I believe that being security is the best job on this server as well as MTF or NTF because they get to help the most and I really try to help people as best I can so players don't die for no reason and I try to keep the D class in line while at the same time making sure they are not mistreated so they cooperate fully with the security , researchers ,etc.