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  1. Polar did give permission. Traves asked him, he gave it the OK. Either way, I'm an NTF Sergeant.
  2. My custom job was just introduced today, on the SCP-RP server, and immediately, I noticed many problems. Said job is NTF Patrol Officer. First off, the spawn point is set inside of SCP 106's pocket dimension. I would like to spawn with the rest of NTF, or at least somewhere in EZ. Second, I don't have access to anything with my keycard. This makes my class effectively useless, as the point is to be able to move around the map freely to patrol. Along with that, I also have no access to radio channels 4 and 7. These are designated MTF/NTF channels, and are required to actually do my job. Also, i'm not sure if this would cost extra, so let me know if so, but I would also like the elastic restraint/tranq gun as these are part of the basic NTF Trooper class as well. Thank you. EDIT: Spawn location has been fixed by Jet.