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  1. Thank you so much for the Fix to the 104th! -104th Commander Wolffe 3636
  2. +Support -Good Leadership -Not a minge -Very Active -Keeps Troopers in order -Nice Person, but is strict when needed -104th Commander Wolffe 3636...…..Good Luck!
  3. Denied No Officer Slots Available, Also Please make Application More Detailed.
  4. Denied Another Trooper Has Been Picked....
  5. Accepted Talk With Me, Plo Koon, And Alpha For Training
  6. -support 104th models, they look almost like a bright purple, however the look looks nice, but the color scheme is really bad -104th Commander Wolffe
  7. Pending Waiting For More Feedback.....
  8. +Very Supportive of Others +May Be Biased But a Great Friend
  9. 1. What is your ingame name?: 104th HVYL SFC Sinker 3021 or Kofax  2. Rank within the 104th?: SFC 3. What speciality do you think a officer of the 104th should have: I think an Officer of any battalion, not just the 104th, should have the trust of there brothers, in the battalion and outside of the battalion, and good leadership skills, know the right choices to make, show a good example, and help others when and where help is needed. 4. Why should you be a officer?: I believe that if I was bestowed upon by the rank of officer, that I would do my job in the best possible way I could, and that I could train new recruits (with the right permissions) and make the 104th more active and more enjoyable (even though it is already very enjoyable already). 5. Should you be trusted? If so, explain: I believe I should, I have never been kicked from anything, banned from anything and stuff like that, I believe that following rules are a good example of trust and also I try to be a very trustworthy person and most of the time I am honest and I stick to my word.  6. Timezone: EST   7. How often can you be on?: Mostly everyday unless IRL stuff occurs, or if I'm sick ( and Sunday's I'll be on later)