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  1. Name: BigBoiOmar Rank & Callsign: PFC XR41 Activity: Semi Active due to exams What Would You Like To See Changed/added to SWAT?: Grapple hook thingy that Ender was pushing for sounds really nice
  2. he was not, i looked him up he has never been banned but he does have a lot of warns look him up this is his number 76561198940463556
  3. Your in-game name: BigBoiOmar Your Steam ID: The player's in-game name: Nodez The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_1:0:490098914 What did the player do: As EMS low command, I care for my sweet little children, so I tried to help him not be kicked from ems by reminding him to fill out the roll call, but I got a reply back saying who TF are you and I answered truthfully. But the worst part is that he said, and I quote, "Fuck gaminglight fucked zeeptin is corrupt" what made me even more mad is that he used past tense by saying fucked instead of fuck, but that's not too important. Evidence (required): What do you believe should happen to the player: Be perma banned from Police Rp and any gaminglight server if possible because he shows no interest but actual disrespect and no intent to respect the actual OWNER of the COMUNITY. Any extra information: N/A
  4. + Support +Cool Guy +Would work well with him +Creative Best of luck!! -BigBoiOmar
  5. Name:BigBoiOmar Rank:Captin How Active Do You Think You Are (Be Honest): Very (more than zage) lmaoo Why Do You Want To Stay In EMS?: I love the people in ems almost more than my friends IRL it actually brings me happiness when I talk to people like Ender,Seb,Zage. Maybe its unhealthy but if I left ems it would be because the world is ending(never going to happen) it's almost part of my life at this point. What Could Change In EMS?:The requirement that you have to be snr to join make it Ofc
  6. Its one of those more RP rules and it is stated in EMS Sop so ++Spport
  7. I am honestly puzzled about whether or not I should +Support this and that's never a good sign. Lets start with the Negatives: -For the past 2-3 weeks never saw you in any ems meetings this is a huge - Never saw you on EMS as a job Things that puzzle me: -Why did it take so long to apply? Positives: -You have a vision and we need people like you -I'm curious in a good way to see how you will do I wish you the best of luck and I think ill give you a chance +Support PS Don't close the poll
  8. I hope to god you get this rank You are one of the if not the best PD command I've ever had the honour of serving under. I HOPE YOU GET THIS RANK SO MUCH YOU DONT UNDERSTAND.
  9. 3 Words are all I have to say YES YES and Ummm YESSSSS Major + Support -Personally know the guy very chill and fair -knows how to lead as seen in PD command -I want to see him as LT -I think he is a great fit BEST OF LUCK BigBoiOmar
  10. Major- support you are the only person that I had to warn 3 or 5 verbally and actually warn you in the times in the span of 2 hours, you are a minge and I'm glad you got permabanned because you deserve it. (sorry I am harsh but you really do deserve it, you cause a lot of chaos on the server).
  11. Overall Rating: ++++++++++++++++Support One of the best staff on the server,he is chill and funny but serious when it's time to rumble. He has been on the server for as long as I could remember, and I am absolutely sure he deserves this rank. BEST OF LUCK ~BigBoiOmar