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  1. +Support _ -Very kind -Very Friendly -Awesome Roleplayer -Know the rules -Definetly deserves a chance -Respectful -Awesome Person -Super Active Good luck, I hope you get this you really do deserve it man!
  2. i would seriously appreciate it if someone can either dm me what happened or why i was blacklisted on forums or dm me on discord @xApianzal #5634
  3. so yeah i go on the forums, have a message from ramon saying i’m black listed, i check my rank, member, what happened while i was gone, what have i done, is this an accident?
  4. Active Has not been in trouble for over 1-2 months •GOODLUCK BOYSCOUT BUDDY -Your boyscout buddy, Apis
  5. Apis

    apis report

    The 'proof' he had is unavailable meaning he deleted it. Just FYI
  6. Apis

    apis report

    Willy I am pretty sure.
  7. Apis

    apis report

    That makes this a department issue not a staff issue. I think it was Joe or Eternity or Willy
  8. Apis

    apis report

    Was told to not get on staff if it is under 20, As the ratio starts as 1/20. Also the SM would not stay in the room he was supposed to, as he was under gunpoint. You can see in the video, I might have done 1 thing wrong, but I am not in anytrouble here in my eyes. Ratio was never needed to be filled, under 20 players, 1 staff per 20 players, not 1 staff per 15 players. Physgunning was necessary as he would constantly minge and trespass. He showed no value for the SM. And I was saying kicked from the situation not server. He got to far out of proximity. And david I fill ratio way of a hell more than you and you have never came to me to fill ratio ever. This entire situation pisses me off as he is reporting me after him being a minge and everyone is nit picking the smallest thing I have done, and if I get a strike I don't know what I would do, I haven't done anything wrong in my eyes and I just wanted to do a situation for pd and the minge had to barge in, ruin it, and then report me. This is very upsetting for many reasons and I was very tired last night I was going to do the situation and get off, but no I have to respond to a report at 3 am and get no sleep thinking about the report all night.
  9. Apis

    apis report

    it was more like training or like practice for the pd, the sm and me thought we should try a hostage situation, in which CPL Jesus was being immature and did not value the SMs life
  10. Apis

    apis report

    Am I allowed to respond multiple times? -Support _ If so I thought we had less than 20 players, it was late I didn't mean to say I would kick him nor do I recall saying such. Also the 'propblock' was not actually propblock the fence was walkthru once you shot the lock and the gate would be walkthru. I have not been afk on staff, when someone tps to me and asks me in chat if I am there ofcourse im not going to respond, I am spectating someone or in logs or on forums looking for proof of a custom car usage, which I was doing both the two times you demoted me. I was doing something about the crim after the video cut I was shooting the crim. And physgun abuse, no, the crim wasn't supposed to be in here, jesus was neither, jesus decided to propclimb and cheese the system and I put him back to the side he was meant to The event or little mini situation was mean't for PD, when one of them respond in a bad way, especially if I am holding their SM hostage it pisses me off and I am gonna use my physgun to get this event done, especially if me and the SM and the lcpl(some other guy not jesus) wanted to get this done.
  11. Apis

    apis report

    Don't intervene in a event where you don't rp at all, im trying to rp a situation and you decide to continue to intervene and no other staff are on to assist me, I will do what's best for rp, may I add you continued to failrp and propclimb my fence after the video ended... And I never noticed a sit and if i ignored one i am sorry, i was in the middle of a situation and didnt notice.
  12. GIANT +SUPPORT The three V's Very active _ Very mature _ Very friendly _ Knows the rules _ Trust worthy _ Helpful _ Definitely deserves a chance like all of us at tmod _ Really hope to see Trial Moderator next to his name very soon _ -APISSSSS
  13. +Support Atfirst I did have a +Support and then he was rude and I changed to a -Support, but i’m back to +support because he has been really respectful and has been following the rules and reporting minges. Good luck cole! Hope to see you on the team! -Ya boy Apis
  14. and i mean, come on he tells people to behappy when he warms them and bans them