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  1. + support I would love infiltrator buff, maybe a better weapon other than the Mac 10 because it's a diamond rank class
  2. I'm pretty sure clearance for a Jr researcher is level 2 though, overall a good test
  3. This is pretty nice, it was an interesting test. The detail in the video was great.
  4. + support I am CPL and still get confused on who's higher than who sometimes because I never got something that showed it as simple as this does
  5. Bubba1

    682 Buff

    + support basically everything he said
  6. - support I can see this being easily abused and maybe a little overpowered considering it could be used over and over again.
  7. Bubba1

    SCP 049 4/7/19

    Thanks Man, I will work on detail
  8. Bubba1

    SCP 049 4/7/19

    Form Title: [SCP-049] ~ Research (4/7/19) Lore Name: Bubba Johnson Rank: Junior Researcher Clearance Level: 2 List of personnel involved in testing: Junior Researcher Bubba Level D personnel involved: MyNameIsMason SCP: 049 Hypothesis: SCP 049 has an emotional connection with the beings he creates Observation: 049 followed directions when I told him to "cure" the class d, the zombie like being stared at 049 and groaned. I took the being away and told 049 he wasnt going to see him again. 049 then proceeded to shed a tear as he held his hand up against the glass and said goodbye. 049 called it his son. Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): N/A, the being is a zombie like figure with rotten flesh and a deformed head. Errors and/or safety hazards: The "cured" subject is not hostile when uncuffed, he followed directions well. Has very sharp claws that can harm you when cuffing it. Conclusion: SCP 049 does show emotional connection to his subjects, he has the state of mind that they are his son. When dealing with 049 and his "cured" subjects, 049 may get angered if you harm or treat his "son" badly.
  9. I met Devitt once in game, and I liked him the first time he talked to me. Its really a shame I couldn't enjoy any more time with him. Rest In Peace
  10. Name on roster: Bubba Rank on roster: Corporal How active are you: Mostly on weekends, weekdays when have free time What can Security improve on? The new Security that have just been trained dont shut doors and try to order higher ups, the other security do a great job. Especially the higher ups. Why should we keep you in Security? (30+ words) I think I should stay in security because I follow all security rules. I shut doors, listen to higher ups, ask permission to leave to anywhere, and I am very active when I have free time. I love working security and respect my higher ups.