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  1. +support this looks a lot better, and it is a researcher skin. So I think it does boost rp a little
  2. +support mmm yes, i agree this sign causes a lot of confusion
  3. +support I dont know how the crafting table works, but if you can add keypad crackers it would be helpful. I would recommend making them use alot of ore to craft though
  4. -support koalas are gucci, but this is unnecessary.
  5. +support I do agree about these being a little big but it would be nice to not have "trainees" running around. It would give a little decor to security as well.
  6. Name: Bubba Rank: RCF JFTO WO Why should you retain your current rank? (SGT+ must answer this): I am helpful, and I like security. I am a good leader and I enjoy my fellow security. Any Concerns?: None regarding security. Although I heated up some pasta from leftovers and it didn't taste as good as I thought.
  7. - Support This would distract security from their job and would be completely useless. I think if a security would like to play chess they would switch to D Class or Research. Plus chess is better in a quiet environment and the top of d block is a horrible place.
  8. Bubba1

    Ajax Staff Report

    + Support I took a ticket about scout wanting to be ungagged and unfroze, i thought a staff member forgot to do so after a sit. But to my surprise he was in a sit atm. From what i got they were talking about the report when i teleported. Scout was telling me to look at the report so I could see his side of the story. I looked and he posted it about 30 min ago, which means scout was put in a sit for no reason just so they could talk about the report on Ajax
  9. +support honestly I don't know chimp, but he is obviously known by other staff I am fond with so I approve. He seems like he knows what's up and can staff well
  10. Bubba1


    very cool Dr W
  11. Bubba1

    Scp 194 part one. Skela

    this was incredible, keep it up