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    Name (as it is on the roster): Bubba FTO Rank: JFTO How Active Are You?: Every week almost everyday for a couple hours Any Concerns?: nah g
  2. +support this is an understandable suggestion because mtf do rush to recontain scps alot and when 682 breaches it would be alot more fun if he/it has a chance. The tranq can be used from long distance so its a big disadvantage.
  3. +support I havent seen him on the server before but he has experience with staffing on gaminglight. He is in a good timezone that could benefit us and our times to be on the server. But I say give him a chance for scp
  4. + support funny dude even tho that has nothing to do with staff. but ive seen him do his job and he works hard. Ive seen him pretty active when im on the server. hes just good at staff
  5. What do you want to see? - A cooldown or set time for lockdowns. Why should we add it? - Lockdowns are sometimes abused and are in effect for way too long. Dclass complain about it alot, and they call rdm for it a lot What are the advantages of having this? - dclass dont complain as much, and it gives new players time to adjust and not just think this is what the server is Who is it mainly for? - dclass and security Links to any content -
  6. +support this looks a lot better, and it is a researcher skin. So I think it does boost rp a little
  7. +support mmm yes, i agree this sign causes a lot of confusion
  8. +support I dont know how the crafting table works, but if you can add keypad crackers it would be helpful. I would recommend making them use alot of ore to craft though
  9. -support koalas are gucci, but this is unnecessary.
  10. +support I do agree about these being a little big but it would be nice to not have "trainees" running around. It would give a little decor to security as well.
  11. Name: Bubba Rank: RCF JFTO WO Why should you retain your current rank? (SGT+ must answer this): I am helpful, and I like security. I am a good leader and I enjoy my fellow security. Any Concerns?: None regarding security. Although I heated up some pasta from leftovers and it didn't taste as good as I thought.
  12. - Support This would distract security from their job and would be completely useless. I think if a security would like to play chess they would switch to D Class or Research. Plus chess is better in a quiet environment and the top of d block is a horrible place.