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  1. Hi Guys SOP: Application: Must be Platoon SGT+, DO NOT ASK TO BE PROMOTED in Britain or you will be suspended from applying. Apps will be looked at soon and other changes may come to need a rework to FRC. Stay updated Commander Echo
  2. What is your in-game name?: Echo What is your steam name?: [GL]Echo What is your steam ID?: STEAM_0:0:71697976 Do you have any other experience with staffing?: (If yes, explain) Yes, Previously on gaminglight before I left and on antoher darkrp server before I came to gaminglight What date did you start playing on the community? (roughly) 05/23/17 What date did you make your forums account? 3/25/19 (old one with steam got hacked) Current rank on server (This is a ULX rank ONLY! Not a RP Rank)? Member How many warns do you have on the server (Show proof with a screenshot)? N/A Have you donated? WIll do What rank are you applying for? T-mod Are you staff on another community (BE HONEST)? Nope Have you read the staff guidelines at ? You will be tested on it: Yes Timezone: HST Permission (Senior Moderator+ need this):N/A Why do you believe that you deserve the rank? (150 Word Minimum) : I believe that I can help the new server and help be a reliable on member on staff with this server. I am a well known on the community as reputable person. In the server I can support the staff that are above me and with their RP events. Also my time-zone is HST so im usually on while others aren't. In addition I would like to help further the community and assist them to have the best experience ever. I believe that my high command rank in state police helps me to learn how to lead and understand others. An example for staff would be a player simply doesn't know the rules I wouldn't warn them I would just explain the rules and let them off with a verbal warning. I know that this is a new added responsibility and I am ready for the challenge of staffing for a new server. How would you handle someone that is Mass RDMing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you? Either jail or mute them and Contact Senior Mod+ for a ban or an extended minge. And then calmly explain their warning and ban.
  3. Its been fun but I gotta run to ARU, Thank you to the people below Bambob- My favorite Lad and a great Major. See you on 1944 RP North- Thanks for getting me interested in SRT Jeffe- Whos this ??? Stackable- Thanks for being my A1 when I was patroling on SRT - Echo
  4. Same here but it could be due to time zone +/- Support
  5. +/- Support Your app is nice but I would like to see application with others as a team and how you would lead them. So I would recommend a NCO position for this person - MAJ Echo
  6. Name: Echo SteamID: STEAM_0:0:71697976 Current rank: SM How long you have been in your rank (The rank you currently are) : 15 months Rank Wanted: LT How many warns do you have? 0 Do you have a Working mic? Yes Permission(Not required If applying for Lt-Cpt): Dane Why should you be promoted? : I should be promoted because I know how to lead correctly with respect towards everyone. I am active on the server and command in state so I can further the police department. Also there is a need for LTs so I'm ready for this added responsibilities. And I'm ready to help out those above me and further my career in PD. When Im in PD i can assist with RP events and training. With the training I can bring some of our tactics that I know to teach others how to ROLEPLAY correctly and I know others will follow suit. Also tactics I can bring would be advanced traffic maneuvers and advanced raiding tactics when there is no tac units on. With these trainings I would like to add a higher level of maturity to the force. You agree that complaining or breaking any rules put down by High Command will result in your complete removal from PD Command(Yes/No): yes
  7. +support Mature Leadership Potential Good Luck -Maj Echo
  8. Send help please SMT
  9. +support However they cannot follow the same rules as SPMU Ex. Shooting someone when they hit your motorcycle (cough RDM for Civs)
  10. No like schedule one soon. I know we have them but we haven't had one in a long time.
  11. What you want to see? - A community meeting in TS Why should we add it? - People should have their voices heard by Staff, JMT, SMT, and other players What are the advantages of having this? - People get to talk about issues on the server and get an answer directly. Also people get to out in their input and see how others think Who is it mainly for? - The POLICERP community Links to any content -
  12. How would one stop innapropriate things from being played ? If you demote them then they can comeback and spam later I suggest making this a payable job to be whitelisted to so if one does abuse this then they are removed and to stop minges (hopefully) +/- Support
  13. 1st off have y'all ever tried rp with state police ? 2ndly Agreed that something needs to be done but I've seen people role play border rp better than they do regular rp. Keep in mind it's just something we do for fun but it has better role play than 99 percent of the time soo thats saying something. Cough nicolasss cough And to criminals when was the last time you role played something out this server isn't cops vs robbers it's POLICERP minus the do as of now So +support