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  1. +/- Support Activity is Spotty at times, Be more consistent High Warn Count Event suggestion is some what specific but sounds fun Decent Application - Good Luck
  2. Hotshot New Manager ????????? He mentions us at every meeting
  3. In-Game Name: Echo Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:71697976 ULX Rank (Donator Rank/Staff Rank): GOLD How many hours do you have on the server?: 10 Weeks x 7 days per week x 24 hours per day = 1,680hrs What is your general knowledge on the rules?: Very Well How many warns do you have? (No more than 15): 2 Why do you want to join event team? (150 words+): I would like to join the event team because of many reasons. The first reason being I would like to introduce more fun events to the community and build relationships with players. I feel like I could host or co host a really good RP event for some players and that would make them enjoy their time on the server. In addition to this I would like to support other Event Team members in hosting their events. I feel like teamwork is a must when working on events and planning them. With teamwork, I love working in a team with others to accomplish a goal and see the goal thru to the end without stopping. I have had multiple experiences with working under someone and working above people an I think that strength that I’ve gained from multiple departments such as State Police on PRP as a LT COL to my time on MilRP/1944RP as a COL in the FRC (First Royal Commandos) and RU CORE VCMDR. All of these departments have made me a reliable person who works hard and is ready to learn more and help others. And for my final reason for joining the event team is connections made with players to the event team. I feel my time playing Gaminglight for the past 2 years has gotten me to learn what the community would wish to see done and in a way that everyone can participate and have fun. I can bring my building skill to help build areas for events to happen in and for players to go through in a series of events. These builds can either be RP type of environments or a simple course for playing on. In addition to that I know how to RP to the fullest extent possible in any scenario. With RP scenarios I know how to shift events based on what should happen for the players in events. Also RP events will not be the only events I will co host. Some ideas to host events would be Arcade and NonRP events such as a bowling alley, soccer, or rocket league type of games. Another thing I can bring is communication with the other participants or a fellow Event Team Staff. This is important because we cannot have people going around and doing their own thing when they would be working together. Finally I have had experience with being an event team member on other GL severs. I was a gamemaster under Caboose when Gaur was in charge of CloneWarsRP before it shut down and was a Wardog for MILRP and 1944RP. I have had heavy experience with RP events and some Non-RP events thanks to these two experiences. So in total I am very flexible when players can change the outcome of events and can support other’s ideas with building or assistance. Describe an event you could create (Be specific): I would do a murder mystery event in RP. I would start out with collecting players at a location for them to be ready for them. Then I would have taken over a house and put props and hints inside the house leading to another house. In both of these houses there would be hints for where the killer would be located. Also there would be no guidance from me because I would want it to be completely based on what the players act. If they miss a clue then they miss a clue but if they can't find any I would then start to give hints. From them finding clues they could either miss the killer for a part 2 event or find the killer and bring him to justice. Different parts of this event may have different actions the participants will need to do. Some of these would be defusing bombs or searching the forest for clues to a useless clue to distract them from the killer's trail If accepted, what time(s) are you available to hold events? (Must be in EST timezone) Monday - Friday: 5PM EST to 5AM EST Saturday and Sunday: 5PM EST to 5AM EST Have you read the Event Team Guidelines?: Yes
  4. please include individual prices for the additions and the total overall.
  5. Not my son, but welcome to the reserves team !!
  6. So in this scenario it was Torty who had the "inner of the base". At this time Torty was on GOV which GOV are not allowed to have bases with raidables in it. As you may see Torty was brought and returned by Jimmy and he deleted his part of the base. Once the props were deleted , Players RAIDED the base which you and another player were sitting down which is FAILRP. Im surprised you left this out of your report because to a staff member it made you look AFK. Sitting down during a raid is FAILRP/Loopholing. Your props are models/hunter/plates/plate6x16s which are not even sizeable for an inner of the base. Your props were on the outside of the base only. Which if there is a bunch of big props it causes lag on the server. And SMT has just rolled out the double money surge. So I think we would want to keep players on the server and not have them leave because big props are lagging the server. The area you had your props was the outside of multi-level parking garage. So none of the props that were yours were part of an actual base just the outside useless. Torty had the props that were on the inside. To end your props you also had a reflectivve material on your props which is look downed upon due to performance issues In addition to this you were very hostile towards Jimmy which could have been borderline staff diss. A professional person would have just made a complaint on the forum instead of berating him. Also next time make sure you include the full report on what happened. In the end I would've like to see the full spectrum of what happening from all players involved. This being Jimmy, Torty, And Musty So in total, - SUPPORT due to reasons above
  7. Also to get a car changed it needs to go thru EMS command and then thru SMT
  8. - support In RP Gov could steakout a bank that they know will be robbed. And if gov waits outside then they are at a disatvantage. Have you ever gone in a bank raid as a TAC unit ? If not then you shouldnt really be talking till you know both sides of an argument.