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  1. Name: South Rank: Lieutenant Why I want to stay in EMS: I want to stay because I enjoy working alongside such great people, and enjoy saving the people of Rockford In Discord: Yep
  2. (Since there's no template, I'm gonna do this, in how I'd imagine the template would be.) In Game Name: South Affiliation: Head Paramedic/ FTO - EMS, SGT - PD Why do you want to be a dispatcher?: I want to be a dispatcher because, I want to be able to assist other government officials in the field. I also want to be able to provide guidance and direction for those that need it when working on high risk situations. I know that working in PD normally can be frustrating and I believe that being a dispatcher will allow me to take off some of the responsibilities that the PD has to deal with, so they can focus on their current task. A lot of times that I work a government job, there are officers on the radio constantly asking for a "radio check" because they're not being acknowledged. I want to be there to acknowledge them so that they can feel like they are doing their job correctly. Many thanks, -South **If there's anything else you need or that you'd like for me to add, let me know, because this is all I could come up with for an app**
  3. Should actually be STEAM_0:1:63026063
  4. That Steam ID is mine, and I know I paid, working on getting the proof
  5. InGame Name: PBSpiralGamer Job Title: Tactical Paramedic Server: Police RP Player that I want added Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:192524501 Player that Paid: STEAM_0:1:13969378 Special Remarks: Permission granted for him to use this class. Already paid as of 03/05/2019 @22:02 I would also like to know how much it would cost to replace a weapon and I'll do that at a different time.
  6. Name: SOUTH Rank: Medic Why do you think you deserve to stay in the Department?: I think I deserve to stay because I am dedicated to the EMS and am willing to work hard to get everything that needs done finished. Any changes you want in the EMS?: Nothing I'd change right now.
  7. Where do I pay for it, is it just a custom donation?
  8. In Game Name: CPL South 1A24 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:63026063 Server: Police RP Title of Class: Tactical Paramedic Job Desc: This isn’t your ordinary paramedic. This paramedic is equipped with the tools to assist police officers in their duties and can react to hostile situations. Job Color: Probably Blue Skin: Tools: Medkit (Duh) Weapons: Like a glock or M92 type pistol, and a M4A1 assault rifle (Only because I think LMG's are a little much and SMG's are too little) This will be a government job. If Possible, can this class spawn at the EMS Station w/ keys and all that good stuff (And maybe just like a standard vehicle like the police charger or Taurus or something like that)? I have a few other things I'd like to suggest, but I feel like asking this is enough, and even then I don't know if this part is even allowed. Anyways, all the best and thanks! -CPL South