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  1. Name: Alex B Rank & Callsign: SGT, XC5 Discord: Tavdogg11#8419 Divisions: Military Activity: Weekends Suggestions: None really. I am glad for the R&D changes. Keep up the good work.
  2. Being a retired ET, I can confirm that the are better suited to take up that role.
  3. Not like MTF their three branches are not large and seems to be small compared to MTF. -/+ Support...
  4. I don't know on what to say anymore. Whenever this is true or not I cannot say...
  5. + Support + Good reputation + Great Best Event! + A VCMDR for Pete's sake! + Good SCP knowledge + ULX Master! + A great person to talk to. + Hella Active - CI don't work with foundation, so the Mega Event won't work well with our current rules, but Hoovy may say otherwise, and it does make sense for people to freak out about a world-destroying SCP. Nothing else. I wish you luck bro!
  6. Thank you. Let's find a way to fix this issue rather than argue.
  7. Seems reasonable. Again clarify does not equal "make this a thing," it just means "Please let us know more about how they work so that way we can understand the rules better and not minge." Clarify Definition - Make (a statement or situation) less confused and more clearly comprehensible.
  8. I am literally a part of both branches. Let's be civil about this. I am not going to even put out my opinion because of the issues presented in this argument.