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  1. How to improve on the post: The post has great Grammer, and literally pops with the color added in.
  2. Yeah. That is true. I am a SM and I have access to everything below Mena's well as subdivisions.
  3. I support Jared on this. How about we buff weapons and make it tactical. I hope that the server becomes more tactical.
  4. +Support Reason: Now this will be a useful tool for us to use. The ideas we can use around this thing is expansive. How to improve the post: Good post overall. Grammer well done. Not too many issues.
  5. What you want to see? - "Among many smaller changes and improvements, this update brings back the HEV suit functionality from Half-Life 2, including limited flashlight, oxygen and sprint energy. By default the suit systems are disabled, and you can enable this when starting a new game on the panel above "Start Game" button, or while in-game in the Utilities tab in Sandbox's Spawnmenu." I believe we should have this mode activated on the server. Why should we add it? - I believe it allows for better balance and more emphasis on strategy when it comes to running, using the flashlight, and more. I believe that this can be able to allow people to outsmart others when it comes to sprinting and put more importance in teamwork, patience, planning, and skill rather than brute force and numbers. What are the advantages of having this? - This will affect everyone, so it will apply a nerf to everyone, however, this allows people to predict and counter other attacks, or run better when dealing with high numbers of people. If you are being chased by D Class, and you have distance, you may be able to outrun them or prepare for the assault better since they are in a good enough distance. But, if the D Class are close to you, and you are almost out of stamina, then they can have the advantage. This will force people to think when engaging, and allows people to actually plan some good attacks, rather than deal with death because D Class can still run while you are still opening a door. This also applies to some SCPs. If SCPs have escaped, they will have to prioritize trying to lower the other groups stamina before engaging others or having to hide a bit better in order to survive the number of people who are wondering about. The only issue I can see is when the foundation goes dark, but that doesn't happen too often, and only really happens during events. Plus, that will affect everyone, not just foundation personnel, so CI and D Class will have a bit of a hard time trying to fight as well with the lights being off. Who is it mainly for? - Everyone in every branch. Links to any content -
  6. +/- Support Reason: Sure, it will be difficult to keep an eye on, but the idea of some D Class holding someone hostage and demanding something through comms, forcing Foundation staff to act, is a interesting concept and could allow for better roleplay. We should allow staff to tell D Class to stop minging on radio if they are minging on radio, and allow us to OOC punish them if they are minging on radio. How to improve the post: Pretty good post. Grammer is on point and format remains what it should be.
  7. -Support Reason: She is not O5. If she is, then that is going to cause issues. How to improve the post: Fix the format please. Get some actual links to playermodels than just providing a description of what she looks like.
  8. Well my OCD has been triggered at the fact that my Steam profile on this server doesn't want to change in the slightest only on my profile.


    Also yay status updates.