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  1. Nemesus

    Nemesus' loa

    Name: Nemesus Rank: CPL Callsign: XA1 date of loa: Unkwnown (i will let someone know) reason: i have so much doctors because many stuff happened and i just want a break and plus the doctors
  2. Nemesus

    Nemesus' loa

    Name: Nemesus Rank: CPL Callsign: XA1 Date of LOA Leave/Return: i will be on loa a week+ Reason (if private write N/A): i just wanna play other games and cheer up since my sadness is growing and my sanity is lowering
  3. +support friendly active Mature Gl my friend
  4. + support Very friendly Active Good luck
  5. +support it gets very annoying when you're trying to do you thing raid it and then E11 just watching GATE A adverting CI raid because theres one CI unit and then enters the facility to flank the CI
  6. to be honest i think it doesnt manner that much i was AFK in place that i wasnt supposed to be but it wasnt 5 minutes it was barely 4 so i think knuckles did good atleast reaper didnt had to bring me all the way down there
  7. oh yes i do believe i was in the wrong there since i didnt had enough evidence for it i am very sorry for the inconvinience it wont happen again
  8. Nemesus

    Emoo's Resignation

    i will miss ya lad was a pleasure to play with ya
  9. Name: Nemesus Rank: PVT Call Sign: XZ16 Steam name: Nemesus Discord ID Name: Nemesus#4049
  10. Nemesus

    Nemesus' LOA

    Name: Nemesus Rank: RCT Time (please specify): i am sorry but unknown Reason (if private write N/A): i feel terrible and feeling like i will throw up any second